How to Start a Fitness Clothing Line [2023]

How to Start a Fitness Clothing Line
How to Start a Fitness Clothing Line [2023]

How heavy and difficult can it be to start a fitness or gym-wear clothing brand? Well, it’s not that heavy, to be honest. Not only is it easy to create a fitness clothing brand and sell gym wear or sportswear clothing lines, but starting a fitness clothing line is a fun part of the huge fashion industry.

A massive group of people is going to the gym, and anyone who is going to the gym recommends wearing a fitness clothing line to see the body shape over which they are working.

By offering the right fitness clothes, you can make your way in the market and give your consumers a sense of passion that motivates them to go to the gym and do better.

There are thousands of opportunities that you can start from in the fitness industry, but it can be a little confusing for you when you think about starting your fitness clothing brand.

But don’t worry, today we are here with a detailed guide on how you can start a fitness clothing business efficiently and take your business to success.

Is it a fitness clothing brand worth the shot?

You must consider whether it’s worth starting a clothing fitness business despite having a limited consumer market. The fitness clothing business is another major brand of clothing distributed and active.

Based on the facts, the fitness clothing industry experienced significant growth of about 11% from the year 2018 to 2023, and from time to time, it’s expected to grow much more than this.

The fitness clothing industry had a business value of $32.3 Billion just in 2018. While talking about recent research, the activewear revenue market will have reached a value of $303 Billion in 2021.

So with that said, it’s definitely profitable and worth it to start a fitness clothing line business in [2023].

8 Steps to Starting a Fitness Clothing Brand in [2023]

Here is the roadmap you need to follow when starting a fitness clothing brand in [2023]:

1. Find the niche to work on

With the vast diversity in the clothing line, fitness clothing also offers an extensive selection of products. If you have done competitor research, you might be familiar with the fact that some brands are famous for any particular kind of niche.

Likewise, you also need to pick a specific niche in the fitness clothing lines to specialize in dealing with that particular niche and tune into the market. Being a fitness manufacturer, you can branch out to a sportswear brand and work with a sportswear manufacturer, as they are experts in manufacturing both sports and fitness brand lines.

Research your niche options, and brainstorm your ideas on styling, colors, patterns, and designs. Finalize the niche in which you are the most creative and have great ideas. Research more styling and innovative options for that particular niche. Spot trends and buying patterns of the consumers.

Also, make sure that you choose a niche with less competition; the less competition you have, the more beneficial for you as there will be fewer competitors, and you can grow your brand effortlessly.

2. A strong business plan

This is the step that most startups lose and do not focus on. If you are starting your clothing business just as a side business and don’t want to expand this business, then you can skip the business plan. But if you plan to take your business ahead, a clothing line business is a must-have for you.

A business plan is not just a formal document of how you are operating your business in the clothing industry, it’s a whole plan that can have you achieve success and complete your objectives in the defined time span.

First, set an attractive, easy-to-remember, and impression-creating brand name for your clothing business and register your business.

By researching your business line, we will know much about the consumer target you are selling to.

Here are some significant factors you can focus on while writing a clothing fitness clothing line business plan:


Your business plan starts with an executive summary written at the end of the whole business as it summarizes all the features and details of your business. After that, you can mention your clothing business goals, vision, aim, and objectives. The plans you target are easier to follow.

Target market

You should define the consumer market you are targeting to sell your clothing line. You can research your consumer market by studying the demographics, age, gender, buying behaviors, and patterns of your target market.

Marketing strategies

You can mention the marketing strategies you will use to promote the fitness brand. You can set effective brand marketing strategies that include social media marketing, google ads, or email marketing. Moreover, you can list different marketing plans like outbound marketing strategies and more.

Competition analysis

The utmost critical study and research include the competitor’s analysis. Your competition can be the best source for your learning. You can study and learn a lot from your competitors selling the same products as you and targeting the same consumer market.

You can identify the main reason customers purchase from them and what marketing strategies they use to attract and retain customers.

Here is an essential business model template that you should follow when creating a business plan for your clothing line:

Executive Summary
  • Company Purpose
  • Problem your business Solves
  • Your Solution
  • Target Customers
  • Team
  • Financial Summary
  • Investment Needed
Products & Services
  • Problem Statement
  • Solution proposed
  • Competitors
  • Roadmap
Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Market Trends
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Key Customers
Marketing & Sales
Organization & Management
  • Company
  • Management Team
Financial Projections
  • Projected Profit & Loss
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Use of investments
  • Use of Funds
  • Exit Strategy

3. Get your business registered

It’s always a good practice to get your business registered. By doing so, your brand becomes a trustable resource for customers, and you also get the official rights to sell in the country. If you are launching your fitness clothing brand in the US, you should register your clothing business in the same region.

At the same time, it’s not necessary to register your business in the country you are selling to. Suppose you are operating your business from the US and selling to the UK consumer market. Then you need to register your business in the US, not the UK.

The official permits are like the state’s certificates allowing you to sell and do business. You can have detailed information about the building code, properties acquired by the business, and everything sorted in a business plan. By having a registered company, you can easily find a working space and get things started quickly.

You can register your clothing business as any of them Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, S Corporations, or Limited Liability Companies (LLC).

4. Obtain an EIN

By registering, you can get an EIN. The EIN stands for Employee Identification Number. This unique number allows you to file taxes to avoid the penalties, get your load application approved, or score a business deal and partnerships with other businesses.

Obtaining an EIN is easier than ever. You can get it online through an IRS and get one in a couple of minutes. The EIN benefits long-term business by protecting against identity theft, avoiding tax penalties and business bank accounts, and adding credibility to your business.

By obtaining the EIN for your business, you will get rid of every paperwork you initially need to acquire when starting your fitness wear clothing brand.

5. Marketing strategy

When you are in the fashion industry, you must keep your brand updated with the latest trends and latest fashion industry things. Also, you must keep your social media accounts active and updated with the latest fashion styles and designs so your customer gets an impressive image of your clothing brand.

You can work on your clothing marketing strategy and build an impressive business profile that attracts your customers and other brands. This increases your engagement and worthwhile you in the fashion industry.

Nowadays, social media is the best marketing tool. You have to be engaged with your customers, and your social media is your safe space to post whatever you want regarding your business.

Instagram accounts are the top trending talk of the town that consumers follow. Instagram and Facebook marketing is a whole world in itself, and you can gain many customers online by marketing your brand and products within an excellent potential market. This can be a practical approach for your clothing business.

6. Mark your online breeze

Launching a gym clothing line is more accessible, but do you know what is easier than it? It’s taking your business online.

The online market has great potential as more and more customers find it easier to shop online. The online shopping value will reach $5 Trillion by 2022 and is expected to create a boom in the future.

Shifting your business allows your customers to reach you easily through the internet and connects your brand to international clients. While sitting in the USA, you can efficiently serve your customer in a different country.

Creating an online website selling store is a perfect way to boost your online sales. To launch your own website, you will need to buy a domain or hosting of the same business name. (while naming your brand, make sure that it has a website domain available.)

Thanks to the vast number of eCommerce platforms out there. With so many options, you can easily identify the best theme and customize your website based on your presence, brand image, and colors.

For example, if you are running a fashion or fitness clothing line, you’ll need an attractive website with several landing pages for your product pages.

7. Connect with a clothing manufacturer

If you don’t have a clothes manufacturing facility or don’t have a plan to manufacture clothes by yourself, then you will need to connect with a clothing manufacturer. The clothing manufacturers are the ones who can create custom clothes for your brand based on your requirements.

The fitness clothing industry is expected to expand by 147.7 billion by the year 2024, so in order to cater to this much-worth value industry, clothing manufacturers can be your best partners.

Most brands don’t have access to a manufacturing facility, so they connect with skillful clothing manufacturers who manufacture clothes for these brands based on their requirements.

The clothing manufacturers are like the clothing industry experts, and they are pro-efficient at manufacturing custom clothing lines with in-house design teams and fashion experts. They can help you in creating the best custom designs. Also, you can create your private label brand with them.

Moreover, you can ask for custom clothes that your customer wants. Customers love to wear custom clothes specially made for them, and you can get custom orders and get them, man.

There are two types of clothing manufacturers, overseas and domestic clothing manufacturers. Compared to domestic manufacturers overseas, manufacturers are less expensive.

8. Don’t be quiet about what you do

Now that you have launched a fitness clothing line, it’s time for you to tell everyone that you are running a fitness clothing business.

In short, you need a well-planned marketing strategy that keeps working forever. Retaining and getting new customers is all you need when doing the fashion business. So create a top-notch marketing strategy to maintain customers and bring.

Some Important Details That You Should Not Miss

I. Planning is the first step

When you are doing business, it is always a best practice to do planning as it is vital and helps you determine and keep focused on the end goal of your objective. When you have a solid foundation for your plan, you will be focused on your vision till you achieve it. In this regard, your business plan can be beneficial for you.

Be sure the follow the same business plan format mentioned forehead above:

II. Set realistic goals

Setting a goal that is nearly impossible to achieve won’t take you anywhere. Yeap, we know it’s true that if there is a will, there is a way, but you can’t just enter the fitness clothing industry and expect to be on top. However, you need to plan your success step by step.

Don’t focus on how many numbers of sales you are getting. Focus on growth. You can get the number of sales, but if your brand isn’t growing, it’s not beneficial in the long term.

III. Master the niche

All the major brands now well-known in the industry are known for a particular niche or started with a single niche and then grew their business. So you are advised to master the niche you are initially working on. After the market grows, you can brand out to different places and offer customers new clothing lines.

IV. Digital is the new normal

As it seems, the internet is everywhere, and you can quickly get to know about anything by sitting at the opposite corner of the world. Likewise, customers are shopping from different countries, and all of it is happening because of the newer technologies.

With a remarkable change in people’s preferences for online shopping, it’s the best time to take full advantage of social media and gather as many consumers as possible.

The best way to target, identify and retain new customers is through social media, which has more power than you can imagine. By using engaging marketing campaigns, you can boost your revenues and make great sales.


So, we can’t deny that fitness clothing is one of the most profitable businesses out there that promises rewarding growth if persuaded with the proper techniques and channels.

Moreover, when you are in the fashion industry, you have to learn a lot, as with learning and development, you can expand your business and take it further in the right direction.

So this was all about how to start your fitness clothing business in [2023] and make it a success.

Author Bio:
John Cary is a keen fashion blogger and a design consultant who primarily provides detailed guides and advice about anything that comes under fashion.

He has worked closely in the fashion industry, which enhances his experience and makes him more passionate about the fashion industry. When it comes to clothing and fashion, John Cary makes absolute sense.

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