6 Technology Trends That Reshaping The Marketing Industry

Technologies Reshaping The Marketing Industry

It’s no secret that companies are now relying on technology to promote their products. The latest trends in technology have taken marketing efforts to new heights. After all, all the big companies in the world use technology in advertising.

This makes sense considering the many benefits of using technology for marketing. One of the newest trends in marketing these days is using drone services. Using drones in surveying has been common in various industries over the years.

But, these days, companies are using aerial imaging for marketing purposes. The images captured by drones are of the highest quality and are pretty useful in marketing.

6 Technology Reshaping The Marketing Industry

We’ll discuss drones and other technologies that are reshaping the marketing industry:

1. Aerial Imaging Drones for Marketing

Few people would be surprised to discover that drones are useful in the marketing sector. After all, modern-day marketing relies heavily on digital advertising. Digital advertising trends have taken the internet by storm over the last few years. The biggest companies today are using display advertising to promote their products.

Their marketing campaigns usually feature high-quality pictures and videos. These pictures are videos that are used to create interest in their products. So, it’s easy to see why they would want the best technology to capture great images. You can use drones to capture high-resolution images of your products.

The drone you use can give you different types of images that highlight your product. The images you capture can highlight the product features that viewers find interesting. In this way, the images can promote your products like never before.

It is always a good idea to choose drone services near you that can capture aerial images as well as knows your local geography. Drone photography will help you present your products in a flattering light. You can even use drone videography for the very same purpose.

Drones Photography and Drones Videography for Marketing

You can capture the best images and videos using good-quality drones. But, it’s important to note that drones are more useful in some industries than others. Some industries that find drones the most useful are construction and maintenance. These industries usually deal with products that aren’t easy to photograph.

The construction industry features buildings on landscapes that aren’t easy to access. To photograph the building, you would need to hire skilled labor and costly equipment. Besides, you would need to consider the safety aspect of capturing the images in such cases.

This is why using drones makes more sense for these industries. You can simply use a drone to capture images of buildings. The drone will capture the image at the angles you want to make it look good. You can then post these images on your website and social media pages to promote your product.

Other industries like the news and entertainment industry also find drones useful. This is hardly surprising considering these industries rely on good images. These industries use drones to promote products and services in engaging ways.

2. Virtual Reality for Marketing

Virtual reality allows people to experience a different world without leaving their homes. This technology so far has been popular in the gaming industry.

But, brands are recognizing how useful it can be for marketing as well. After all, it can give customers the feel of what it would be like to use a certain product in the real world.

Using virtual reality can help customers immerse themself in an experience. If they like the experience, they’ll consider buying the product or service in question. This is especially useful considering the general aversion to some forms of marketing.

These forms of marketing include pop-up ads on websites and apps. Customers seldom like their experience online to be interrupted by these ads. They often consider it invasive and a waste of time. Virtual reality presents a great alternative to this form of marketing.

Customers find virtual reality ads to be calming and relaxing. But, virtual reality ads are costly to make and so are limited to a few industries. These industries include the luxury automobile industry. Luxury car companies often use these ads to allow users to experience what it would be like to ride these cars.

Companies can use drone services to capture images for their virtual reality ads. This would allow them to give users a wide-ranging view of products. The experience would be so enriching, that customers might end up buying the product.

3. Visual Search for Marketing

You can also use visual search marketing to promote your products. A visual search filter allows customers to see the products they’re interested in. This is one of the reasons why it’s an effective marketing tool. Customers often focus on the visual aspect of a product over other aspects.

This makes sense considering that anyone wanting to use a product would like to know what it looks like first. Companies use visual search filters to allow customers to fine-tune their searches. They fine-tune their searches to help them find exactly the product they’re looking for.

A customer that finds what they’re looking for is very likely to buy it. If you think about it, this can be a pretty cost-effective marketing technique for you. You won’t have to spend too much money on it but it can drive results anyway.

Also, visual search filters allow you to advertise more than one product at the same time. In this way, you could make customers consider buying products they hadn’t thought of before.

You can boost your e-commerce conversion rate, in the long run, using visual search filters. You could even give customers a representation of what your products look like. So, customers would be less likely to be dissatisfied with your products after they buy them.

Remember to use platforms that have visual search capabilities to promote your products. This will allow you to make the most out of the tools available to you. In the long run, you can use these platforms to introduce new products to your customers.

4. Virtual Assistants for Marketing

Virtual assistants have been around for a while now and for good reason. We have virtual and voice assistants these days thanks to AI. The introduction of these technologies is slowly changing the way we use technology.

The use of virtual assistants has now extended to the world of marketing as well. People are finding it easier to find the products of their choice using these assistants. After all, virtual assistants can help you find what you want within seconds.

Having this kind of access to products is sure to boost their popularity. The number of online searches every day should tell you how popular virtual help is. Millions of people search for the products and services they want online. But, they don’t have all the time in the world to look for products.

So, they rely on virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to find the best products for them. This is what makes these assistants powerful marketing tools. Businesses can rely on their search rankings to make them more accessible. Higher-ranked results have a better chance of being found by virtual assistants.

Also, Google’s Assistant can interact with website content. This allows you to find products for customers that match their searches. Voice search optimization is helping businesses these days increase their click-through rates (CTR). A high CTR can allow these businesses to boost their conversion rates as well.

Good conversion rates are sure to result in increased revenue for online businesses. Besides, note that there’s not much competition on voice search results pages. So, you could outsmart your competitors if you use virtual assistants for marketing.

5. Augmented Reality for Marketing

Few people are aware of what augmented reality (AR) is and how it can be useful for marketing. Augmented reality allows marketers to overlay content over the real world. This in turn allows them to create engaging experiences for viewers. You can see why this would be considered useful for marketing a host of products and services.

Some of the biggest platforms in the world using augmented reality to intrigue users. A good example of this would be Snapchat and Instagram filters. Users can add these filters to their pictures and videos to create effects. The filters are known to alter their appearance in some way.

Brands can also access tools on Snapchat to create filters for promotion. Users can use these filters to create interesting visuals. Also, some large beauty websites are using these filters to promote beauty products. For instance, they’re allowing users to try out new lipstick shades using filters.

This allows users to try out makeup products without having to visit a beauty store. Customers then get to choose the product they want based on AR experiences. Allowing customers to visualize your products vividly is never a bad idea. It allows them to experience what your product would look like on them.

This in turn would make them more amenable to trying out other products from you. You can welcome user suggestions to make your augmented reality marketing efforts better. Users can let you know exactly what features they’d like to see with augmented reality tools.

Trying out your products in this way would make customers more likely to buy them. So, you can see why it would be a good idea to invest in augmented reality for marketing.

6. Blockchain Technology for Marketing

Blockchain is one of the newest technologies to take the world by storm. The applications of blockchain extend to finance and marketing. Those familiar with blockchain would know that it’s usually used for cryptocurrency.

But, it’s also possible to use blockchain technology for marketing purposes. You can transfer data securely using this technology. So, it would make sense to use blockchain to track customer data for marketing campaigns. You need some basic customer data if you want to run a successful marketing campaign.

This data includes customer demographics like their age and location. Marketers often improve their ad targeting based on this data. This is why you often see ads for products and services based on your profile. Companies are now using blockchain to track this data with no cybersecurity threats.

Customers are often wary of sharing personal information with companies online. They believe their data is not safe and could be susceptible to theft. In most cases, this is true for data floating around on the internet. But, the introduction of blockchain has made data transfer so much more secure.

So, if customers know you’re using blockchain to track data, they’ll be more willing to trust you. This would encourage them to share personal information with you. You can use this personal information for marketing purposes. You can then use their information to reach out to customers that are likely to buy your products.

This will also help you design successful marketing campaigns in the long run. Blockchain relies on a distributed ledger system that stores large amounts of data. You can access this data anytime you need important marketing decisions.

Accessing this data will also help you to foster meaningful relationships with customers.


These are some of the new technologies that are reshaping the world of marketing. Even though digital marketing is popular, not all companies are using what it has to offer. You can make the most out of marketing technology by staying one step ahead of trends.

It would help if you used the latest technology to capture images of your products. This includes using drones and aerial imaging for your products. Drones would allow you to take stunning photographs and videos of your products. This is useful if your products are difficult to capture with ground-level cameras.

You should also consider using technologies like AI to promote your products. Chances are, customers will appreciate the increased accessibility they’ll have with these technologies. You would do your business more harm than good by not trying out these technologies.

You should remember that you need to step ahead of the competition. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the competition is likely tough. All online businesses need to step up their game with marketing these days. It’s a good thing, then, that sophisticated technology is available to help you get there.

But, you should also know how to use this technology in the right way to drive results. Make sure you take professional help to leverage the use of technology for marketing efforts.