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So, I assume you have an amazing blog post idea, hot topic, tips, or unique insights you think will get people talking That you want to share your expertise with an active audience?

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At GrindSuccess we have been publishing Guest content for a while now. Today we want to formally announce that we have a great opportunity for thought leaders(Experts) who want to share their marketing expertise with an active audience. If that is you, then we would like to invite you to write for us.

The reason is simple: to enrich the contents with different points of view, knowledge, and experiences. Our focus is on the quality of content and you will surely have some super interesting tips, Strategies, or unique insights to share with the GrindSuccess community.

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Write for Us | Guest Post On Business, Marketing & Tech [2022]
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Write for Us | Guest Post On Business, Marketing & Tech [2022]

About Us

Why write for us?

GrindSuccess Magazine is an industry-leading business media site, the definitive digital magazine for startups, small business news, and entrepreneurial culture.

We provide accurate insights into business, marketing, Startup, and business finance. Also, we offer helpful tips and guides for small businesses.

Our audience consists of +150,000 users who visit the website every month.

Our target audience

Our Readers are founders, C-Suite business leaders, consultants, developers, marketers, product managers, and other thought leaders and decision-makers in the startup and entrepreneurial industry.

  • People who want to learn about small business, business marketing, social media, and software.
  • People who are interested in statistics and data about the business, marketing, and social media.
  • People who want to start a side hustle or start work from home.

What Content Topic Do We Accept? 📚

Business Content

The business content contribution focus on all things related to a company, such as leadership, real estate etc

Start-Up Content

The start-up content contribution allow you to write articles that inform and advise people about starting their own businesses.

Technology Content

The technology-related articles should be concise, well-written, and highly related to technology. You could write about a particular software update,

Entrepreneurship Content

The entrepreneurship content contribution talk about wisdom and entrepreneurship. You can write that share information about starting an individual business from scratch.

Digital Marketing Content

The digital marketing content contribution talk about, SEO, content marketing, growth hacking, and social media. You can write that share information about growing a business.

We also accept content contribution that are related to Money, Productivity, and Travel.

So, If you want to contribute an interesting article around any of these topics, we welcome you to submit your article with our editorial guidelines listed below.

Content Studio

Our team writes high-quality articles for you

Content Studio is the fastest way to get your insights published in GrindSuccess Magazine. Skip the editorial process by having our team write high-quality articles for you.

“GrindSuccess Magazine rocks! Great insights, wonderful production quality, and really the world’s best platform for entrepreneurs to engage share their views, and learn.”

–– Content Studio Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Get Started

Do you know what are the benefits of writing for us?

  • Strengthening your image as an expert, and your authority as a blogger.
  • Increased number of visits to your content
  • Expansion of your brand positioning
  • You generate interesting contacts that generate more content
  • You favor your domain authority
  • You strengthen your Link Building strategy
  • You generate organic traffic that is well seen by Google
  • You maintain a dynamic blog with fresh information
  • You help your audience to solve doubts or real problems
  • You promote the growth of new entrepreneurs with your content

Whom do we allow to publish content?

To write for us, you must be an Industry expert, an individual writer, a startup, or a freelancer. We are looking for content from bloggers, startup founders, and creators who have a deep knowledge of marketing or business instead of a piece of general knowledge.

Writing should demonstrate your ability to provide unique, tactical insights based on your own experience; posts sharing Insights, Experiences, How To, Innovations, success stories, etc

What to Avoid

Avoid using the blog as a personal promotion, publishing content on GrindSuccess will give you visibility as a professional. Please remember, if you are willing to write for us, it is a way for you to show your readers your knowledge and expertise in the field.

Rather than promoting specific services, offers, or companies. these are not a platform for promoting those things. Our readers come for Successful stories, Tips, and Advice on how to start and run a successful startup.

So. Please don’t send us any promotional articles as guest content, if you are looking to advertise your company or brand with us, Then you can check here.

Editorial Guidelines to Follow for content contribution

  • First of all, before you start writing, you should come up with an interesting topic for your article, the content of which has to be directly related to the content of our magazine.
  • Choose 2 or 3 possible titles and indicate the 2 or 3 most important keywords of the content, so you can see its SEO relevance and if it really fits with the blog’s audience and has the opportunity to adjust details if necessary.
  • Here it is very important that the topic you propose has not been previously published on this blog because no one is going to publish an article that competes with the original content, or exactly with yours. This point is particularly difficult to achieve, but you have to get creative to find at least one different approach; This is achieved by targeting different keywords.

    To make this point clear, I will give you an example
    . Suppose you propose to write the following post “Discover the best businesses to start from home”, where the keyword is “best businesses to start from home”, then in your article you cannot link to an article on your blog on that same topic, using that same keyword.

    Why? Simply because I could not position my post pointing to yours with the same keyword. And if GrindSuccess can’t position the post well, neither you nor me, it works for us.

  • The article must have a minimum of 1200 to 2,500-word written by the Client per GrindSuccess editorial guidelines.
  • The content must be ORIGINAL and not duplicate. Remember that Google penalizes these things. If you have a really good article that was already published elsewhere, you can always rewrite the article for GrindSuccess, obviously with the quality article, Not just spin the article by tools.
  • Self-promotion: You can include a maximum of 1-2 links to your posts, although always to different URLs (no links to the same post twice) and not to pages of commercial services/products. Make sure that the links to your blog articles are natural and that a forced promotion action is not perceived. And for the reasons explained in point 3, the linked keywords (Anchor Text) can’t be the main ones of the article to be published.
  • Link whenever and wherever appropriate. Also, keep in mind that we reserve the right to accept or not a link (especially if we have doubts about it) and to add others.
  • Comments. Normally, some comments are received. Please respond to all messages in a reasonable amount of time.
  • We don’t publish articles that contain solely or mostly commercial information about a person, company, website, product, or service. This type of article is considered a public note and therefore has advertising costs.
  • Once your article is published, it is convenient that you give it a “little push” by sharing it on your social networks.
  • Women images are not allowed in the article, we only focus on male entrepreneurs (updated 18-04-2022)
  • Please Note: Due to our editorial policies, we do not accept the following niches: Adult, Casino, Gambling, Pharma and CBD.

Writing style

  • Please write in simple, non-technical language so that the content is easy to read and understand. Explain any highly technical terms you use (or link to Wikipedia definitions or a good blog post that explains them).
  • Some authors have a habit of using capital letters to highlight words. Please, try not to use capital letters, as it is equivalent to shouting on the Internet what does not go with our style.
  • Remember that most readers scan the post before reading it. For this reason, try to highlight key phrases or ideas of your article in bold, but without abuse.
  • It is essential, to facilitate reading, to use several subtitles within the same post and separate the narration into not very long paragraphs (3 or 4 lines maximum).
  • Don’t be too repetitive or redundant, use synonyms.
  • Please be very careful with your spelling and wording. Check the post very well before submitting it. All word processors have correctors, you just have to enable it and indicate the language.
  • Send the article in a google doc file with the links included in hyperlink format in the words you want to link and in the same file.
  • The anchor text should fit naturally in the text of the article.
  • For other practical tips on how to write for the website, We recommend you consult here.

About Images and Videos

  • We need a featured image of the post (850x470px) that makes sense with the theme of the post. Or if you prefer, we can choose it ourselves.
  • To make the article or guide more attractive, try to include images or screenshots of very good quality and a WebP format.
  • Size of the images in the body of the article: 850px for the full width, no more than 470px in height, and the smallest possible file size (KB). If you want to use a smaller image within the post, it is possible.
  • For the videos or presentations, send us the embed codes and we will embed them in the place of the post that you want.
  • The images or screenshots of your post, send them to me as attachments in an email.
    Use a brief description text (or caption) with keywords as the name of these photos or screenshots.
  • Important: Indicate the name of the image file in the exact position you want it to appear in the post.

To End

Remember to review the requirements before sending your article to see if you have included all the information requested. If an article has to go back and forth many times because it does not meet the requirements, it causes attrition that ruins the good relations between both interested parties.

Check the list before submitting your article

  • Is the article clear and easy to read?
  • Is it the right length?
  • Is the text properly structured with relevant subheadings?
  • No misspellings and correct syntax?
  • Does it include the photos or illustrations separately and correctly identified?
  • Does it include your bio and email to link it to your Gravatar account?

You can check our editorial guidelines for more clear understanding.

content contribution Agreements

GrindSuccess has the right to reject any article or post that has been sent to us that we consider doesn’t fit the theme. In addition, we will hold the right to modify or edit the article, only to ensure that it is suitable for our audience as well as useful and searchable for the users. By submitting your content for review, you must read, understand, and agree to our Content Contribution Agreements

So, Are you meeting all the criteria we mentioned above?

Its time to submit your Guest Content

Do you want an exclusive article published on our High Authority blog?

Our website reached 500k+ real traffic monthly and is rapidly growing per month.

When you submit an article for publication, You will get 1 link for every 1200+ words of content.

Please Note: Due to our editorial policies, we do not accept the following niches: Adult, Casino, Gambling, Pharma, and CBD.

Each new request is handled manually on a weekly basis and will take time to process.

You should also allow up to 7-10 working days for us to get back to you on the outcome of your submission. We will usually let you know on a note added to your draft.

So, if you are interested in writing for us, please fill out the form below or you can directly send your article at info@GrindSuccess.com with your article ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To become a contributor to write for us, You need to

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Our writer guidelines can be found here

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Too much Promotion
Please remember, if you are willing to write for us, it is a way for you to show your readers your knowledge and expertise. Rather than promoting specific services, offers, or companies, they are not a platform for promoting those things. The purpose of our website is to provide advice and tips on how to start and run a successful startup.

Already published Content
We don’t allow that have already been published on our/other website, Even if you made some changes to make it unique. We only accept Unique and Original.

Copied Content
We don’t allow Copied or plagiarised content on our website. This violates our policy and can lead to your account being permanently deactivated and banned (if you have access to contributor account).

Misleading information
Your content shouldn’t contain any fake information or data. It’s very important to cite, credit, and quote the source of all information in the article. Always try to use reliable information from authoritative sites or sources and give credit accordingly.

Use of images
You are not supposed to add any image on your content before submission, because due to copyright issues, we don’t allow it and if it’s required, we will add from our side end.

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