A Guide to Instagram Usernames (+510 Instagram Name Ideas)

Instagram username.

Names for Instagram with the right characteristics can make your followers always remember you and consider you above other brands.

Today, many users with various types of content struggle to get their profiles to more people. But how is it possible to stand out in this competitive space with thousands of users? The first step is to select the correct Instagram name, in order to become a brand that will remain in the minds of your users for the long term.

The key to becoming a reference in the digital world is not only learning how to use Instagram perfectly, nor mastering all the video formats for Instagram to generate quality content, you must also pay close attention to your brand’s Instagram name!

To help you in that sense, in the following lines, we will teach you what is the importance of the name for Instagram and how to choose the most suitable one without failing in the attempt. In addition, you will discover how to change the name for Instagram in case you want to renew yours, and some ideas of names for Instagram to inspire you.

So are you ready to get started? Read on and learn how to choose a creative name for Instagram in simple steps!

What is the importance of a good name for Instagram?

Before you learn how to choose a name for Instagram, we believe it is important to delve into the reasons why you should take a little more time to define which username will be the most aligned with your brand.

Currently, due to the evolution of social networks, their profiles are increasingly complete and informative, as they must make known who you are and what you offer on the network. Remember that just as the images you share have a purpose, your Instagram name also reveals information, even before someone logs into your account.

Therefore, the names for Instagram are the first impression of a profile and it must adequately reflect what the content wants to convey to the public.

So, to attract potential clients or followers as time goes by, your name for Instagram cannot be just any name. It is important to choose a name that is original, creative and easy to remember; this way, whenever someone wants to search for your profile, they will be able to find it quickly.

Do not forget that no user is the same as another, that is why choosing the correct name for Instagram is the most important opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest. So, starting from this point on the right foot, you will be ready to change the course of your company in the digital world.

Phrases For The Instagram Profile

First of all, we want to make a small emphasis on the different parts of the Instagram profile, since it is divided into four parts; name, username, website, and biography.

To edit these fields you must click on the “Edit profile” button.

The Username

If you are just starting out and still do not have an account or username, we advise you to choose the name of your company as it is, as short as possible, avoiding taglines.

For example, if your company is called “Lapisan Construction FL”, it is better to opt for a short username like @lapisan and not @lapisanconstruction. This is for several reasons, first because it is easier to read and remember, and second because it will prevent other people from typing it wrong when naming you or searching for you on the social network.

If the name of the account is not available on Instagram, you can make combinations, but avoid using numbers and symbols, they do not look professional. An option, in this case, could be @lapisanFL

If, on the other hand, you already have an Instagram account, with an attractive name, easy to read, and without symbols and numbers, let’s continue with the rest of the profile.

Names for Instagram

Here it is advisable to use the full name of the company, so you will avoid creating confusion with your customers. Do not put anything more than the name in this section, in the case of our example company it would be Lapisan Construction.

Instagram Bio

Now, the strong point of the Instagram account for your business is the biography. Here you must condense your strengths in a few words and also attract attention! so that everyone who visits your profile reads you.

Having your profile read raises the chances of turning that reading into action; follow the profile, visit the web, contact by email or call by phone.

How can you have a creative and attractive Instagram bio?

  • Use short sentences. You can use original, motivating phrases or the slogan of your business.
  • It includes the strong points of the brand, this can be “made in USA”, “traditional cooking”, and “unique reforms”
  • Do not make a continuous text, much better to use concise, clear, and direct sentences.
  • If you have more than one company with a similar theme, name it using the @sign.
  • Use color. The color attracts our eyes, for this, make use of emoticons, much better if they are related to the theme of your company. In our construction company we would use these 🚧 🔨 👷‍♀ 👩‍🔧 🏠 📐
  • Invite your followers to visit your website or send a message with a phrase to the action “Visit our website 👇” or “Contact us without commitment 📩”

Now, what would the example of our company “Lapisan Construction FL” look like then?

As you can see, synthesizing the strong points of your company in a few sentences and words makes it very clear to the reader what you can offer them. In addition to making the profile much more attractive and interesting, we invite you to put it into practice.

Catchy Instagram Username Generator

If necessary, you can use a catchy Instagram account name generator to generate thousands of catchy name ideas for free from the keywords you enter. It’s quick, easy, and a ton of fun.

Catchy Instagram Username Ideas List

  • Wavefest Surfboards (@WavefestSurfboards)
  • Creative Content (@CreativeContent)
  • Ice Castle (@IceCastle)
  • Interstellar (@Interstellar)
  • Hidden Treasures (@HiddenTreasures)
  • MusicMany (@MusicMany)
  • On The Move (@OnTheMove)
  • Hair We Go (@HairWeGo)
  • Just Roll With It (@JustRollWithIt)
  • KnowChance (@KnowChance)
  • Madmullet (@Madmullet)
  • Finder’S Keepers (@FinderSKeepers)
  • The Whole Tooth (@TheWholeTooth)
  • The Test Of Time (@TheTestOfTime)
  • Find Agenda (@FindAgenda)
  • Heart Beat (@HeartBeat)
  • Modestico (@Modestico)
  • Band Of Flowers (@BandOfFlowers)
  • Complete Collection (@CompleteCollection)
  • Clever Counts (@CleverCounts)
  • Absent-Minded (@AbsentMinded)
  • Accidental Kindness (@AccidentalKindness)
  • Winning Wonder (@WinningWonder)
  • Assorted Assets (@AssortedAssets)
  • Empty Particles (@EmptyParticles)
  • Feel Electric (@FeelElectric)
  • Adventures (@Adventures)
  • Cool Solutions (@CoolSolutions)
  • Random Reason (@RandomReason)
  • BreakDow (@BreakDow)
Catchy Instagram Username Ideas List

Small Instagram name ideas

  • Seemusicplay (@Seemusicplay)
  • Obsessed Opportunities (@ObsessedOpportunities)
  • ZeroClerk (@ZeroClerk)
  • Count Your Blessings (@CountYourBlessings)
  • Knick Knack Patty Wack (@KnickKnackPattyWack)
  • Compelling Convo (@CompellingConvo)
  • Pearls Of Wisdom (@PearlsOfWisdom)
  • Counted Moments (@CountedMoments)
  • Freestyle (@Freestyle)
  • Trinkets And Toys (@TrinketsAndToys)
  • Besmirched (@Besmirched)
  • Turnt Up Tunes (@TurntUpTunes)
  • Random Row (@RandomRow)
  • Supremeboots (@Supremeboots)
  • Westend Schools (@WestendSchools)
  • Trusted Assortment (@TrustedAssortment)
  • Active Assets (@ActiveAssets)
  • Random Riders (@RandomRiders)
  • Sunrisescones (@Sunrisescones)
  • First Award (@FirstAward)
  • Encountered (@Encountered)
  • Too Cool (@TooCool)
  • The Pie Chart (@ThePieChart)
  • Distinct Clips (@DistinctClips)
  • Wins Begin (@WinsBegin)
  • TV-Partner (@TVPartner)
  • The Booze Hound (@TheBoozeHound)
  • Razor’S Edge (@RazorSEdge)
  • Upsea Constructions (@UpseaConstructions)
  • XyloFurnitur (@XyloFurnitur)

Creative Instagram names ideas

  • Shearshank Redemption (@ShearshankRedemption)
  • Early Bird (@EarlyBird)
  • Blue Smoke (@BlueSmoke)
  • Spiritual Beings (@SpiritualBeings)
  • Loose Ends (@LooseEnds)
  • Coolest Cats (@CoolestCats)
  • Bluewhale Surfboards (@BluewhaleSurfboards)
  • Opulent Obsession (@OpulentObsession)
  • LiftCenter (@LiftCenter)
  • Random Wishes (@RandomWishes)
  • Kino Energy (@KinoEnergy)
  • The Nosh Pit (@TheNoshPit)
  • Voila Victory (@VoilaVictory)
  • Beyond Belief (@BeyondBelief)
  • Spray Shop (@SprayShop)
  • Bluelake Realtors (@BluelakeRealtors)
  • X Marks The Spot (@XMarksTheSpot)
  • Applicable Assortment (@ApplicableAssortment)
  • The Loyal Follower (@TheLoyalFollower)
  • Witch Union (@WitchUnion)
  • What A Catch (@WhatACatch)
  • Flossy Pants (@FlossyPants)
  • Silence Center (@SilenceCenter)
  • Supremeplanners (@Supremeplanners)
  • Dirty Mirrors (@DirtyMirrors)
  • Ethnic Shop (@EthnicShop)
  • Calm Down (@CalmDown)
  • Mulletmasters (@Mulletmasters)
  • Fentech Batteries (@FentechBatteries)
  • Traveler’S Tale (@TravelerSTale)

Best Instagram account names ideas

  • Yellow Essence (@YellowEssence)
  • Soprano House (@SopranoHouse)
  • Lord Of The Fries (@LordOfTheFries)
  • Lord Of The Fries (@LordOfTheFries)
  • Truth Or Dare (@TruthOrDare)
  • Lion Family (@LionFamily)
  • Thai Me Up (@ThaiMeUp)
  • Dynapower (@Dynapower)
  • Natural Essentials (@NaturalEssentials)
  • Wild Irish Flowers (@WildIrishFlowers)
  • The Cod Father (@TheCodFather)
  • Run This Town (@RunThisTown)
  • Terrific Tchotchkes (@TerrificTchotchkes)
  • Rock And Random (@RockAndRandom)
  • Novel Center (@NovelCenter)
  • Random Report (@RandomReport)
  • Caps And Crowns (@CapsAndCrowns)
  • Cool And Crafty (@CoolAndCrafty)
  • We’Re Bi-Molar (@WeReBiMolar)
  • Breeze Blows (@BreezeBlows)
  • The Nosh Pit (@TheNoshPit)
  • The Bird’s Nest (@TheBirdsNest)
  • The Whole Tooth (@TheWholeTooth)
  • The Shakesbeer (@TheShakesbeer)
  • The Filling Station (@TheFillingStation)
  • Zesty Zingers (@ZestyZingers)
  • Autumn Winds (@AutumnWinds)
  • Pop-Culture (@PopCulture)
  • Slick Systems (@SlickSystems)
  • Get Craft (@GetCraft)

Unique Instagram account names ideas

Unique Instagram account names ideas
  • Light Wings (@LightWings)
  • Random Resource (@RandomResource)
  • Thesis Instagram Username (@ThesisInstagramUsername)
  • Traveler’S Tale (@TravelerSTale)
  • Weheartsandals (@Weheartsandals)
  • Flash In Action (@FlashInAction)
  • Atlas Stationary (@AtlasStationary)
  • Power Pros (@PowerPros)
  • Vappa Shop (@VappaShop)
  • Flashy Favorites (@FlashyFavorites)
  • Limner Studio (@LimnerStudio)
  • Ready Rides (@ReadyRides)
  • The Lonely Traveler (@TheLonelyTraveler)
  • Hair To Please (@HairToPlease)
  • Ferrets Live (@FerretsLive)
  • String Sing (@StringSing)
  • Arc Security (@ArcSecurity)
  • Exciting Sites (@ExcitingSites)
  • Cool Collective (@CoolCollective)
  • All The Power (@AllThePower)
  • Tall Oaks Bamboo (@TallOaksBamboo)
  • Excellent Essence (@ExcellentEssence)
  • In A Pinch (@InAPinch)
  • SecuriToday (@SecuriToday)
  • Pen And Paper (@PenAndPaper)
  • Time Flies (@TimeFlies)
  • Paper City (@PaperCity)
  • Knick Knacks (@KnickKnacks)
  • Splashfest (@Splashfest)
  • Dye Har (@DyeHar)

Clever Instagram account names ideas

  • Beyond Belief (@BeyondBelief)
  • Beyond Basic (@BeyondBasic)
  • Winter Winds (@WinterWinds)
  • The One And Only (@TheOneAndOnly)
  • Breeze Blows (@BreezeBlows)
  • The Feathered Hen (@TheFeatheredHen)
  • Light Wings (@LightWings)
  • Back To The Basics (@BackToTheBasics)
  • Excellent Essence (@ExcellentEssence)
  • Lost In The Stars (@LostInTheStars)
  • The Shimmer (@TheShimmer)
  • Aquamarine (@Aquamarine)
  • City Slick (@CitySlick)
  • The Whisperer (@TheWhisperer)
  • Saturn Wipers (@SaturnWipers)
  • Curl Up And Dye (@CurlUpAndDye)
  • The Collective (@TheCollective)
  • Zesty Zoom (@ZestyZoom)
  • The Time Teller (@TheTimeTeller)
  • The Source (@TheSource)
  • Band Of Flowers (@BandOfFlowers)
  • Crystal Clear (@CrystalClear)
  • What A Catch (@WhatACatch)
  • Clip Shop (@ClipShop)
  • Fleeting Foxes (@FleetingFoxes)
  • Random Reasoning (@RandomReasoning)
  • The Fairytale’S Beginning
  • ReadySketch (@ReadySketch)
  • Ten Fold Security (@TenFoldSecurity)
  • The Lion’s Den (@TheLionsDen)

Cool Instagram account names ideas list

  • Aurora Alliance (@AuroraAlliance)
  • Delta Smile (@DeltaSmile)
  • Wish You Were Beer (@WishYouWereBeer)
  • Riverbed (@Riverbed)
  • Hand Job Nail Salon (@HandJobNailSalon)
  • Hairhouse (@Hairhouse)
  • Get Buzzed (@GetBuzzed)
  • SmartSeer (@SmartSeer)
  • 7 Stream (@7Stream)
  • Circular (@Circular)
  • Razor’S Edge (@RazorSEdge)
  • Shearly Beloved (@ShearlyBeloved)
  • Cyber Monkey (@CyberMonkey)
  • Shearshank Redemption (@ShearshankRedemption)
  • BluePond (@BluePond)
  • Job (@Job)
  • The Upper Crust (@TheUpperCrust)
  • Field (@Field)
  • Just Roll With It (@JustRollWithIt)
  • Occupation (@Occupation)
  • Cake Walk (@CakeWalk)
  • Tomorrow (@Tomorrow)
  • Gone A Rye (@GoneARye)
  • Position (@Position)
  • The Booze Hound (@TheBoozeHound)
  • Interstellar (@Interstellar)
  • Loose Ends (@LooseEnds)
  • Work (@Work)
  • Pursuit (@Pursuit)
  • Hair We Go (@HairWeGo)

Smart Instagram account name ideas

  • Creative Code (@CreativeCode)
  • Hashtag Consulting (@HashtagConsulting)
  • Metricsilo (@Metricsilo)
  • Modern Web Development (@ModernWebDevelopment)
  • Medicine (@Medicine)
  • Dwellsmith (@Dwellsmith)
  • Kiddily (@Kiddily)
  • Dynamic Lights (@DynamicLights)
  • Data Probe (@DataProbe)
  • Agile Apps (@AgileApps)
  • Rentoor (@Rentoor)
  • Seekingon (@Seekingon)
  • Hardware Point (@HardwarePoint)
  • Crowdstage (@Crowdstage)
  • Fintech Apps (@FintechApps)
  • Conceptual (@Conceptual)
  • Excursy (@Excursy)
  • Quick Tech Repair (@QuickTechRepair)
  • QuickSpace (@QuickSpace)
  • Megatech (@Megatech)
  • Avantex (@Avantex)
  • Instagram Usernameing (@InstagramUsernameing)
  • Smart Data Shield (@SmartDataShield)
  • Tech Labs (@TechLabs)
  • Formonix (@Formonix)
  • MetConnect (@MetConnect)
  • Sphere (@Sphere)
  • Cloudrevel (@Cloudrevel)
  • CyberMunch (@CyberMunch)
  • SalePush (@SalePush)

Cute Instagram account names ideas

  • Hot Takes (@HotTakes)
  • Thrill Of The Chase (@ThrillOfTheChase)
  • Smooth Operators (@SmoothOperators)
  • Run This Town (@RunThisTown)
  • Obsessed Opportunities (@ObsessedOpportunities)
  • Pick Slick (@PickSlick)
  • Icy Cool (@IcyCool)
  • Will Thrill (@WillThrill)
  • Voila Victory (@VoilaVictory)
  • Let’S Roll (@LetSRoll)
  • Icy Nicey (@IcyNicey)
  • Opulent Obsession (@OpulentObsession)
  • All Systems Go (@AllSystemsGo)
  • Compelling Convo (@CompellingConvo)
  • Zesty Zingers (@ZestyZingers)
  • Wire Attire (@WireAttire)
  • Zesty Zoom (@ZestyZoom)
  • LabTab (@LabTab)
  • Dash Of Daring (@DashOfDaring)
  • BitSkit (@BitSkit)
  • Amped Up (@AmpedUp)
  • Electric Essence (@ElectricEssence)
  • Spice Of Life (@SpiceOfLife)
  • SpaceChase (@SpaceChase)
  • Gotta Dash (@GottaDash)
  • Eager Essence (@EagerEssence)
  • Get Crafty (@GetCrafty)
  • Tech Wreck (@TechWreck)
  • Software Flair (@SoftwareFlair)
  • Too Cool (@TooCool)
Cute Instagram account names ideas

Real Estate Instagram Names

  • HomeHavenRealty (@HomeHavenRealty)
  • UrbanNestEstates (@UrbanNestEstates)
  • LuxeLivingHomes (@LuxeLivingHomes)
  • DreamDwellRealty (@DreamDwellRealty)
  • PrimePropertyPicks (@PrimePropertyPicks)
  • SkylineEstateFinds (@SkylineEstateFinds)
  • EliteResidenceHub (@EliteResidenceHub)
  • CharmCityRealtor (@CharmCityRealtor)
  • CoastlineEstateViews (@CoastlineEstateViews)
  • CasaCuration (@CasaCuration)
  • MetroVistaHomes (@MetroVistaHomes)
  • ModernCastleDeals (@ModernCastleDeals)
  • NestQuestRealty (@NestQuestRealty)
  • HavenHuntEstates (@HavenHuntEstates)
  • UrbanScapeRealtor (@UrbanScapeRealtor)
  • OpulentAbodeFinds (@OpulentAbodeFinds)
  • BlueWaveHousing (@BlueWaveHousing)
  • HorizonHomescape (@HorizonHomescape)
  • InfiniteEstateHub (@InfiniteEstateHub)
  • UptownDreamDigs (@UptownDreamDigs)
  • AspenPeakEstates (@AspenPeakEstates)
  • SunlitShoresRealty (@SunlitShoresRealty)
  • OasisPropertyFinds (@OasisPropertyFinds)
  • StellarDwellDeals (@StellarDwellDeals)
  • CosmoCrestHomes (@CosmoCrestHomes)

Check more real estate instagram names

Graphic Design Instagram Names

  • PixelPalette (@PixelPalette)
  • DesignVista (@DesignVista)
  • CreativeCrafter (@CreativeCrafter)
  • GraphicGlobe (@GraphicGlobe)
  • ArtisticPixels (@ArtisticPixels)
  • ColorCanvasStudio (@ColorCanvasStudio)
  • VisualVivid (@VisualVivid)
  • DesignInkling (@DesignInkling)
  • PixelPerfectionist (@PixelPerfectionist)
  • PaletteWhisperer (@PaletteWhisperer)
  • ChromaCrafting (@ChromaCrafting)
  • VectorVisionary (@VectorVisionary)
  • PixelPioneer (@PixelPioneer)
  • DesignDreamscape (@DesignDreamscape)
  • ArtfulAlchemy (@ArtfulAlchemy)
  • VisualVirtuoso (@VisualVirtuoso)
  • GraphicGeniusHub (@GraphicGeniusHub)
  • DesignDazzleZone (@DesignDazzleZone)
  • ColorCanvasCrew (@ColorCanvasCrew)
  • PixelWonderscape (@PixelWonderscape)
  • ArtistryAisle (@ArtistryAisle)
  • DesignMosaicMagic (@DesignMosaicMagic)
  • ChromaticChisel (@ChromaticChisel)
  • VisualVortexStudio (@VisualVortexStudio)
  • PixelVibesGallery (@PixelVibesGallery)

Check more graphic design instagram names

Travel Instagram Names

  • WanderlustAdventures (@WanderlustAdventures)
  • GlobeTrottingSoul (@GlobeTrottingSoul)
  • RoamingNomad (@RoamingNomad)
  • JetsetJourney (@JetsetJourney)
  • ExploreEuphoria (@ExploreEuphoria)
  • TrekkingTales (@TrekkingTales)
  • PassportDiaries (@PassportDiaries)
  • BeyondHorizonTrips (@BeyondHorizonTrips)
  • CapturedWanderings (@CapturedWanderings)
  • ExpeditionEra (@ExpeditionEra)
  • VagabondVisions (@VagabondVisions)
  • UrbanExplorerQuest (@UrbanExplorerQuest)
  • TravelCanvasTales (@TravelCanvasTales)
  • TrailblazingNomad (@TrailblazingNomad)
  • EnchantedJourneys (@EnchantedJourneys)
  • OdysseyWanderer (@OdysseyWanderer)
  • WanderingFootprints (@WanderingFootprints)
  • JourneyHues (@JourneyHues)
  • RoamRadiance (@RoamRadiance)
  • NomadicFrame (@NomadicFrame)
  • VoyagerVistas (@VoyagerVistas)
  • TrekTherapy (@TrekTherapy)
  • DiscoverUncharted (@DiscoverUncharted)
  • AdventurousRoamer (@AdventurousRoamer)
  • DestinationDreamscape (@DestinationDreamscape)

Check more travel instagram names

Digital Instagram Names

  • PixelPioneer (@PixelPioneer)
  • InstaInnovator (@InstaInnovator)
  • TechTales (@TechTales)
  • WanderlustWeb (@WanderlustWeb)
  • PixelGlobeTrotter (@PixelGlobeTrotter)
  • ByteBeauties (@ByteBeauties)
  • SnapSavvySoul (@SnapSavvySoul)
  • ArtfulAlgorithms (@ArtfulAlgorithms)
  • LensCrafted (@LensCrafted)
  • ChicGeekLife (@ChicGeekLife)
  • UrbanPixelQuest (@UrbanPixelQuest)
  • VirtuosoVisuals (@VirtuosoVisuals)
  • DreamscapesDigi (@DreamscapesDigi)
  • QuantumFrame (@QuantumFrame)
  • CodeCanvas (@CodeCanvas)
  • SnapStoryteller (@SnapStoryteller)
  • GlamGeekGaze (@GlamGeekGaze)
  • EchoesOfPixels (@EchoesOfPixels)
  • CosmicCapture (@CosmicCapture)
  • PixelPanorama (@PixelPanorama)
  • ChromaChronicles (@ChromaChronicles)
  • MysticMatrix (@MysticMatrix)
  • VividVignettes (@VividVignettes)
  • PixelPulse (@PixelPulse)
  • PrismPersona (@PrismPersona)

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Fitness Instagram Names

  • FitFusionJourney (@FitFusionJourney)
  • ActiveLifeVibes (@ActiveLifeVibes)
  • StrongSpiritQuest (@StrongSpiritQuest)
  • SweatSculptRepeat (@SweatSculptRepeat)
  • FlexAndFlowZone (@FlexAndFlowZone)
  • WellnessWarrior25 (@WellnessWarrior25)
  • GymGoddessVibes (@GymGoddessVibes)
  • CardioCrushCrew (@CardioCrushCrew)
  • LiftLoveLegacy (@LiftLoveLegacy)
  • YogaZenTribe (@YogaZenTribe)
  • HIITNinjaNation (@HIITNinjaNation)
  • RunRevolutionary (@RunRevolutionary)
  • LeanMachineLife (@LeanMachineLife)
  • SpinSprintSoul (@SpinSprintSoul)
  • BarbellBloomers (@BarbellBloomers)
  • MindfulMuscleMagic (@MindfulMuscleMagic)
  • WellnessWanderlust (@WellnessWanderlust)
  • BodyByNature25 (@BodyByNature25)
  • PlankPowerPosse (@PlankPowerPosse)
  • FitLifeFiesta (@FitLifeFiesta)
  • AthleteNextDoor (@AthleteNextDoor)
  • ZenithFitnessFlow (@ZenithFitnessFlow)
  • AdventureAthlete25 (@AdventureAthlete25)
  • PilatesPioneer (@PilatesPioneer)
  • IronWillWorkouts (@IronWillWorkouts)

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Game Instagram Names

  • GameGenius25 (@GameGenius25)
  • PixelPioneer (@PixelPioneer)
  • GamerGaze25 (@GamerGaze25)
  • LevelUpLegend (@LevelUpLegend)
  • JoystickJourney (@JoystickJourney)
  • QuestCrusader25 (@QuestCrusader25)
  • PlayfulPixels (@PlayfulPixels)
  • GameGuruGalore (@GameGuruGalore)
  • ControllerChamp (@ControllerChamp)
  • PixelAdventurer (@PixelAdventurer)
  • GameOnPoint25 (@GameOnPoint25)
  • ConsoleConqueror (@ConsoleConqueror)
  • StrategySavvy (@StrategySavvy)
  • PixelProwess25 (@PixelProwess25)
  • GamingGlitcher (@GamingGlitcher)
  • VirtualVictory25 (@VirtualVictory25)
  • JoypadJunkie (@JoypadJunkie)
  • GamerGuidebook (@GamerGuidebook)
  • PowerUpPersona (@PowerUpPersona)
  • JoyfulGaming25 (@JoyfulGaming25)
  • ButtonMashMaestro (@ButtonMashMaestro)
  • GameZoneExplorer (@GameZoneExplorer)
  • PixelatedPlayer (@PixelatedPlayer)
  • VictoryVoyager (@VictoryVoyager)
  • DigitalDungeoneer (@DigitalDungeoneer)

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Random Instagram Names

  • PixelPioneer (@PixelPioneer)
  • WanderlustVibes (@WanderlustVibes)
  • CosmicDreamer (@CosmicDreamer)
  • UrbanExplorerX (@UrbanExplorerX)
  • EnchantedLens (@EnchantedLens)
  • NeonNova (@NeonNova)
  • MysticMosaic (@MysticMosaic)
  • CelestialChic (@CelestialChic)
  • WhimsyWhisper (@WhimsyWhisper)
  • VintageVista (@VintageVista)
  • ElectricEchoes (@ElectricEchoes)
  • SereneScribbles (@SereneScribbles)
  • InstaFable (@InstaFable)
  • VelvetVortex (@VelvetVortex)
  • ArtfulAlchemy (@ArtfulAlchemy)
  • DazzleDaze (@DazzleDaze)
  • UptownCanvas (@UptownCanvas)
  • StarryGaze (@StarryGaze)
  • EclecticEdits (@EclecticEdits)
  • SunlitSymphony (@SunlitSymphony)
  • DoodleNook (@DoodleNook)
  • UrbanUtopian (@UrbanUtopian)
  • KaleidoSnap (@KaleidoSnap)
  • QuirkQuotient (@QuirkQuotient)
  • EtherealEssence (@EtherealEssence)

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Clothing Instagram Names

  • ChicThreadsHub (@ChicThreadsHub)
  • TrendyClosetFinds (@TrendyClosetFinds)
  • StyleSavvyWardrobe (@StyleSavvyWardrobe)
  • FashionFlairBoutique (@FashionFlairBoutique)
  • CoutureChicWorld (@CoutureChicWorld)
  • UrbanClothMingle (@UrbanClothMingle)
  • GlamGarbGallery (@GlamGarbGallery)
  • VogueVibesOutlet (@VogueVibesOutlet)
  • ModishApparelCo (@ModishApparelCo)
  • DapperDudsCorner (@DapperDudsCorner)
  • ElegantEnsembleX (@ElegantEnsembleX)
  • StreetStyleHaven (@StreetStyleHaven)
  • LuxeAttireLounge (@LuxeAttireLounge)
  • HauteCoutureHaven (@HauteCoutureHaven)
  • RunwayReadyFinds (@RunwayReadyFinds)
  • ClassicChicEmporium (@ClassicChicEmporium)
  • BohoVibesBoutique (@BohoVibesBoutique)
  • ChicHangerStudio (@ChicHangerStudio)
  • TailoredTrendsHub (@TailoredTrendsHub)
  • VintageCharmCloset (@VintageCharmCloset)
  • FashionFusionFinds (@FashionFusionFinds)
  • GracefulGarbGaze (@GracefulGarbGaze)
  • VelvetVogueVault (@VelvetVogueVault)
  • SleekStyleSociety (@SleekStyleSociety)
  • EliteThreadsDomain (@EliteThreadsDomain)

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How to choose a name for Instagram?

To help you choose Instagram names that reflect all your creativity, we have put together this guide with a series of steps that will help you know what to do before delimiting your username on IG.

1. Identify the type of account

The first point you should consider is that there are different types of accounts on Instagram, so, depending on the purpose for which you are using this social network, both the name for Instagram and the configuration of your profile must change.

According to our expert, business accounts offer you special benefits to monitor the development of your brand on the network, since you can review interaction statistics, schedule publications, implement ads, etc.

Therefore, we recommend identifying which user you are and what the purpose of your profile is in order to choose the best name for Instagram.

2. Make a list of keywords

After identifying your brand and the objective of what you want to do and who you want to reach, to choose the best name for Instagram, you must dedicate yourself to researching fundamental aspects to conquer search engines.

We recommend you make a list of phrases that are related to your business or profile. To do this, you can start by answering these questions:

  • About us? (@Aboutus)
  • As we are? (@Asweare)
  • What message do I want to convey?
  • What do I offer my client?

Additionally, it is worth learning how to do keyword research to find out what the most searched words are that are related to your business. This will help you select those terms that engage with the type of user you want to have and include them in your name for Instagram.

Keep in mind that according to Hubspot, “when you have this keyword in your username and general name, it’s more likely to show up in search results for suggested accounts.”

So, by doing this search, it will be possible for you to find the essential words to ensure that you reach your audience and increase the reach of your brand in a sustained manner.

3. Select a simple phrase

Our expert in social networks, tells us that a name for Instagram must be easy to remember, attractive, simple and representative. We recommend you not to exceed 15 characters and a maximum of two words. Avoid using very long sentences as much as possible.

Additionally, your Instagram username should be easy to pronounce and write, otherwise your users won’t be able to find you easily on the platform. Remember that the simpler it is, the better it will be for your Instagram profile and for your visibility on the network.

4. Mention what you want to offer

The names for Instagram must be representative. This means that your user must agree with the content that you are going to publish. To do this, it is best to use words that are related to the activity on your profile. For example, if you are a photographer you can put “Miguel Foto” or if you are a chef “Eduardo Chef”.

Remember that it is important to mention what you do in your username for Instagram, in this way, users will recognize what your profile offers them.

5. Maintain order and similarity with other networks

If you have other social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, we recommend that you create a username on Instagram that is the same as those on those platforms so that your followers can find you easily.

In addition, according to our expert, by having the same username on Instagram and on all social networks, you will ensure that the public can remember you every time they need to search for information or products that are related to your company’s field.

6. Verify that your name for Instagram is available

According to a study by Emarsys, a software provider for digital marketing companies, 71% of companies use Instagram, that is, it is possible that several names that you have in mind are already taken.

So, after you have followed the steps above in our guide on IG names, it is essential that you check the availability of the username you have selected. To do this, our expert recommends using NameCheck: a page where you can check if the Instagram name you want is available.

To avoid setbacks, we advise you to have at least 3 alternative names for Instagram that meet the characteristics that we have previously mentioned.

What should you avoid in a name for Instagram?

If you thought that there are no limitations when creating names for Instagram, you were wrong! There are a few considerations to keep in mind to create the ideal username.

So, so that you do not fail in the attempt to create your Instagram username, here is a list of things you should avoid so that search engines favor your brand.

1. Numbers

If possible, we recommend avoiding numbers in your Instagram name options, as these are difficult to remember and can sometimes be confusing. In addition, users who have numbers are not conspicuous and do not appear as the first option in the Instagram search engine.

2. Seldom used letters or words

On the other hand, very rare words or rarely used letters are also factors that affect the retention of the username for Instagram in the minds of your followers. In this sense, it is advisable to avoid the following letters: ll, ch, ñ, qu or rr.

These letters are of local use, so, to have more reach, you should not consider them. Similarly, very abstract words are difficult to understand and remember, which could make it difficult for your users to find you online.

3. Dashes, periods or random characters

Finally, you should also consider that putting a hyphen (-), underscore (_), or period (.) in names for Instagram is not recommended.

The fundamental reason why it is advisable to avoid these signs is simple: most people forget where this character is located and this makes it difficult to write the username in the Instagram search engine.

Remember that you must facilitate access to your profile so that your clients and users in general find you much faster, otherwise, there is a possibility that you will lose the opportunity to gain followers.

How to put a new name on Instagram?

Now that you know the importance of the username on Instagram, you probably want to opt for one that has the characteristics that we have mentioned before, but how to make this change that will determine the success of your brand?

If you still don’t know how to do it, you will be relieved to know that the procedure to edit your username for Instagram is super easy and simple, so it won’t take you more than 5 minutes. To make this process easier for you, we will detail step by step how to do it below.

Step 1: Enter Instagram from your mobile device and go to your profile.

Step 2: Click the edit profile button.

Step 3: On the screen, the different data of your account will appear that you can modify, such as the name, presentation, website and connected Facebook page.

Step 4: In the “username” option, your current name will appear. To change it, you must click on it and write a new one.

Clever! As we told you, changing your username for Instagram is super easy. The difficult task is actually choosing the most original and creative Instagram names to captivate your audience.

It is important to note that you can repeat this procedure as many times as you want; however, keep in mind that the ideal is to define the name for Instagram that best aligns with your characteristics and stay with it in the long term to consolidate your brand.

Name ideas for Instagram

So, if you are determined to change your name for Instagram, but you do not have in mind any alternative to replace your current name, this section will be your salvation.

In the following lines, we will share with you 6 Instagram username ideas that will serve as inspiration to build yours correctly.

Take note of the essential points that can be adapted to your particular case and start shaping your new name for Instagram.

1. Use familiar words

The known will always be the most sought after. If you want your Instagram username to be easy to find, use words that people know, that they use constantly and that are related to your brand or business.

2. Create a rhyme

Rhymes will never go out of style. To get attention, use funny words that rhyme when read. In this way, users will be able to empathize with your profile and trust what you offer them.

3. Add the language or country of your brand

In many names for Instagram, you will often find a word or letters that refer to the country or native language of the brand. This helps those companies that have different profiles for each country they target.

4. “Official”

Usually, this resource is widely used by medium and large companies that have to deal with fake accounts that pretend to be them.

So, if you have a brand or business, the word “official” will act as a differentiating element in your name for Instagram, since it denotes exclusivity and professionalism.

5. Company heading

If you have a business that is just starting, it is recommended that you use a word referring to the category in which you are in your Instagram user, since this will position you among the main search options and your profile will get more visits.

6. “I am”

Sometimes, putting only your name in the Instagram user is complicated because, most of the time, these are already in use. So, if you want to promote your personal brand, this idea will be useful to you.

When creating your username for Instagram, in addition to your name, you can include the word “I am” or the phrase “I am” at the beginning of your user to make it more striking and original. In this way, you have more chances to find an available Instagram name and thus remain in the minds of your users.

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the article and now you know how to create a name for Instagram that is striking and original to gain more audience. Keep in mind each of the steps that we have described, as well as the aspects that you should avoid so that your next name for Instagram will help you consolidate your brand online.


Select an easy-to-write name and read it out loud. That is the litmus test. If you have difficulty reading it, it’s not a good name. If when you tell your friends and family and they tell you, can you repeat it? …. It means you should look for another name.

Sometimes a name looks great on paper, but when you say it out loud, it feels ambiguous. It is preferable that the name is relevant to your content. A fresh, short, easy-to-remember name takes time to find, but it will go a long way to making your Instagram account successful. Do not rush to choose it.

So we hope you find Instagram Username Ideas and Instagram Name Ideas in this article.