How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business in [2024]

How To Start A Cloud Kitchen Business

Do you want to start your online food delivery business, but the limited budget stops you? The best way out is to invest in a Cloud Kitchen business.

It is easy to start a cloud kitchen with a limited budget and still make huge revenue.

So, are you interested to know How to Start a Cloud Kitchen Business in [2024]?

Read the blog to get step-by-step guidance on starting a cloud kitchen business.


Kitchens are one of the most requested services people want, but they’re also one of the most competitive industries.

According to Statista, the cloud kitchen market size was $56.71 globally in 2021. It is estimated to reach $112.53 by 2027.

According to research by Zippia:

  • Online food deliveries account for 40% of restaurant sales.
  • 60% of Americans order food online weekly.
  • Since 2014, there has been a 300% growth in online food orders, while the revenue has surged by 204% in the past five years.

When it comes to a startup business, the biggest concern can be the budget. But with Cloud technology, business owners can cut investment costs on infrastructure, expensive spaces, and much more.

Thus, Cloud Kitchens, ghost kitchens, and dark kitchens are in high demand. More business owners are investing in starting a cloud kitchen business.

You may want to delve deeper into the meaning of cloud kitchen as you are planning to enter the food service industry. The blog discusses what a cloud kitchen business is, what capabilities and skills are needed, and what benefits are available to those who start a cloud kitchen business.

What is a Cloud Kitchen?

The Cloud Kitchen is digital and is effortless to use. Cloud Kitchens operates on a delivery-only model and does not offer a dine-in facility. Many restaurants and food delivery brands set up cloud kitchens to make their food deliveries quick.

At the same time, independent cloud kitchen owners can offer customers a takeaway choice or partner with a third-party delivery agency for doorstep deliveries.

Since the cloud kitchen business does not support dine-in, business owners can save enough investment costs on fancy infrastructure or a prime location. One can set up a cloud kitchen business from anywhere, even from home.

All you need is the digital kitchen, a set of kitchen appliances, and a cloud-based app on your phone.

Why Is It Profitable to Start A Cloud Kitchen Business?

Starting a cloud kitchen business is incredibly profitable and the trend today. Let us look at the benefits of starting a cloud kitchen.

Less Investment

A cloud kitchen requires less investment cost as no dine-in facility is involved. So, you do not need a luxurious location, no fancy decoration, and no infrastructure. Moreover, you can even start your cloud kitchen business from home.

Lower Overheads

Cloud kitchens do not involve colossal overhead costs like a traditional restaurant. You do not need to pay for a large staff or other expenses to maintain the restaurant. You can rely on a few chefs, proper kitchen equipment, and delivery partners.

Budgeted Marketing

You can promote and market your cloud kitchen business via social handles. Another way to promote is through the delivery apps you have tie-ups. Thus, it is cheaper to promote and market a cloud kitchen.

9 Steps to Starting A Cloud Kitchen Business From Home

When starting a new business, it’s essential to first have a business plan in place. This plan will outline your business, including the products or services you will offer, your sales process, and the financials of your business.

However, there are other steps to consider, including branding and marketing, legal and accounting, and more. So, let us look at the detailed steps to start a cloud kitchen business in [2024].

1. Market Research

Before you start your cloud kitchen business, you must know your target audience, competitors, and current market trends. For instance, whether you want to target the younger generation or serve the whole family, including all generations and age groups.
Another question to ask is, whom are you competing with?

You must know your rivals’ strong and weak points to plan your strategies better. Thorough research about your peers and the current market trends will help you set your foot strong from the top.

2. Costs

Starting a cloud kitchen business costs almost half that of a dine-in restaurant. However, you must know how much you want to invest in your cloud kitchen business. Once you have a budget, you can decide on everything accordingly- for example, the location of the cloud kitchen, kitchen equipment, staff, delivery agents, etc.

3. Location

To start a cloud kitchen, you do not need a prime location where people can gather and sit. However, the location should be where it is convenient for you to connect with your customers and make deliveries.

Remember, the key to the success of a cloud kitchen is timely and quick deliveries. So, the location of your cloud kitchen must enable you to make super-fast food deliveries.

In addition, you need proper storage space for your cloud kitchen to store enough food ingredients and kitchen equipment. Moreover, there should be enough space for multiple chefs to operate.

4. Get a License

Your cloud kitchen business needs legal licenses to operate authentically and risk-free just like all other food-ordering businesses.

Some of the licenses you need include:

  • FASSI license
  • GST Registration
  • Municipal health trade license
  • Fire license and health trade license, and more.

The FSSAI license regulates your food’s quality, requiring a renewal every five years. You can consult a legal professional or visit government-provided websites for proper guidance to acquire licenses.

5. Kitchen Equipment

The significant investment of your cloud kitchen will be in equipping your kitchen with cooking equipment. The kitchen equipment you need will depend on the food you serve.

It may range from burners, ovens, utensils, and more to help the chef cook the most delicious dishes effortlessly.

6. Packaging Materials

Another thing of concern is the packaging. Pack and seal your food properly to avoid leakage or spilling.

Food Packaging is the only way to highlight your cloud business brand in front of your customers. You can use creative packaging to promote your brand. Further, you can offer paper cups, plates, jars, straws, and your food orders.

7. Partner With Delivery Agents

Your Cloud Kitchen business needs third-party delivery agents to let you deliver your food orders on time. For food deliveries and promotions, you can partner with famous food giants like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, etc.

You have to pay a specific commission for deliveries. However, you can also set up your own online food ordering system to save on commissions to third-party agents.

8. Set Up the Right PoS Technology

Your cloud kitchen business involves managing food orders, deliveries, payments, inventory, and more. It can be daunting and time-consuming to manage all these operations manually. You need advanced technology to seamlessly operate and manage your cloud kitchen business to stay ahead of the curve.

Cloud-based Restaurant POS software is the best software to manage your entire cloud business in one place. You can efficiently manage your staff, inventory, payments, and deliveries on restaurant POS.

9. Build your Website

With no physical contact, your cloud kitchen website is the only place your users can find more about your brand. Users can find your cloud kitchen, place orders, and share feedback.


Are you already running a food business and plan to expand it with a cloud outlet? Or plan to start an independent cloud kitchen business? We hope the step-by-step guide on how to start a cloud kitchen business will make it easier for you to start your cloud business in ]2023].

Cloud Kitchen is the recent trend in the on-demand food ordering business. The business involves lesser investment, risk, and resources. You can ace the online food delivery market if you have your cloud kitchen at the right location, experienced and talented chefs, and the right marketing strategy.

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