25 Startup Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs [2024]

Start-Up Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneurs are looking for the right business ideas for their ventures. This article will help you find your compatible startup business, and let’s find out.

There is no shortage of dynamic, brilliant minds in India, young people who aspire to earn big and become independent by venturing into their businesses or start-ups. The standard working period of 9-5 cannot satisfy every individual’s wants.

You must start something from scratch whenever you establish your own business, regardless of its investment size. In India, the wave of start-ups started booming in 2014.

Since then, multiple start-ups with different business ideas have been established to solve the major problems of the general public.

The government has initiated the Startup India Scheme and Stand Up India Scheme to encourage future budding entrepreneurs.

However, the definition of the best start-up in India remains vague, dependent on underlying factors such as the market, demand, personal interest, and democracy. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most successful Start-up ideas for new entrepreneurs.

25 Lists of Business Ideas

1. Tuition/ Coaching Classes

In school, what was your favorite subject? You only require chairs, a board, a marker, and a duster to teach a subject. If you are well-versed in a foreign language like French, you can start a small business by imparting lessons in such languages without any investment.

There is no shortage of demands for foreign language classes from students and professionals. It ensures that all your worries about the pipeline drying up as an entrepreneur are worthless.

The main aim is not only to gain higher profits with low investment but also to have a certain sense of cash inflow and demand predictability.

You can easily start with a small business loan for establishing such businesses. Also, there is no shortage of avenues stating where to take such basic loans to start this business.

2. Event/ Wedding Planner

There exist some events which never run out of fashion; a Wedding is one such event. It does not matter if the economy is rising or going recession; there is always a market for weddings.

Furthermore, different types of weddings exist, ranging from big fat Indian weddings to private gatherings.

For a brief overview, in 2017, the wedding market was estimated at around $50 billion (₹33,000 crores), and still growing at a rate of 20 % yearly.

There is a huge opportunity for wedding planners who can plan wedding themes, decorators, planners, and caterers of the place and immaculately plan and organize the entire wedding ceremony.

However, initial capital investments are required for staff and logistics. For meeting these expenses, there exist multiple small business loan options at your disposal.

Although the investment at the initial stage might be low, the returns that can make once the business scales rise are quite significant.

3. Cooking Classes

If the popularity of shows like MasterChef is taken as a factor, then starting a cooking class may be a great business idea in India. The investment is quite low, but the returns are significant.

The only requirement is to set up a kitchen and equipment, the raw materials, allied infrastructure, and cooking ingredients. Individuals need to make a low initial investment.

A wide range of financial service firms is available, providing small business loans to such businesses. The proprietor can easily run multiple batches at the same facility as soon as the cooking class is set up.

Thus, the large investment is limited, and for running the enterprise seamlessly, only a small working capital investment will suffice. But before commencing your business, you need to register your business.

4. Driving School/ Cab Service

If an individual has good driving skills, then by buying a vehicle such as a car, they can start imparting driving lessons to people.

The person can easily teach 10-15 customers with the same vehicle in a month and get significant returns for a minimal investment.

For buying a car, there is a wide range of opportunities for availing of a small business loan. A part of the earnings derived from the driving school can use to repay the loan’s premium.

The fleet of cars is expandable; more driving instructors can hire to make the business more profitable, depending on the investment. An individual can also avail of a small business loan for buying a new car.

One can also enroll in a ride-hailing service such as Ola or Uber if he has the required driving skills. If an individual does that, he can earn money to pay off his loans by offering rides through the ride-hailing app for repaying his loan and saving for further business expansion.

5. Food Catering Business

Everyone enjoys good food, and a food catering business will never run out of demand.

Regardless of the events, whether it be birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc., good food is demanded in all, which raises the demand for caterers to ensure that all the food served is delicious.

The only requirement for starting a food catering service would be to set up a kitchen and a few employees to cook, deliver, serve, and manage logistics.

Have you always dreamed of owning your restaurant chain? A food catering business can start with comparatively low investment and high return effortlessly. You can slowly build a great business by taking a loan to make large investments.

Keeping in mind our country and its rituals, celebrations, and events throughout the year, a catering service will always be in demand. In India, catering service is one of the best small investment ideas.

6. Jewellery Production & Sale

You might start this business if you appreciate fashion and have a talent for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. You may create a name in the local market and collect referrals from previous clients to thrive in this industry.

7. Fitness Centres

More than 65% of India’s population comprises individuals less than 35 years old. The youth are very health conscious, and many have taken up gym memberships in a fitness center.

Their hobby is hitting the gym and burning a few excess calories. The remaining 35% also contains a lot of health-conscious people and fitness enthusiasts.

Anyone can establish a Fitness center if they have ever trained in an area of fitness. The space or infrastructure and equipment are leasable and can also be bought.

The space could remain in use for at least 16 hours a day as different people have different timings of their preferences for hitting the gym. With a very low capital investment, opening a fitness center is quite remarkable.

There are various avenues for taking a small business loan at the disposal of an individual, even if one cannot afford to open his center despite his interest.

It gives a very profitable business idea as even though the subscribers of the center might not like to visit regularly, most of them will still end up paying for an annual subscription to the gym.

8. Yoga Instructor or Studio Owner

If yoga has improved your life, you might help others by becoming a personal yoga instructor or establishing a yoga studio.

Yoga has provided several health benefits, including stress reduction and relief from varying conditions.

Yoga instructors are currently in great demand in India. If you know yoga and can self-practice all the asanas and pranayama, you may be an effective yoga instructor.

9. Computer Training Center

Living in an era with a lot of demand for computer literacy and proficiency exists. If an individual has a basic idea and knowledge of operating the computer and works with its simple tools such as the Microsoft Office suite of products – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and, the employment chances of such a person are remarkably high.

As a result, the demand for learning computers, programming, and the areas in technology such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain, IoT, etc., are very high, and the business is booming.

Also, if you are an expert in this field, you can start by setting up a training center equipped with an internet connection, a few computers, and learning aids such as projectors, whiteboards, etc.

The business is knowledge-driven, and the subsequent investment after the first long-term outgo is relatively low. A huge profit can easily earn on a very small initial investment by starting multiple batches for college students, working professionals, etc.

10. Boutique, Salon, Spa, Etc

Personal hygiene, fashion, and grooming services are currently in high demand. Once you’ve invested in the shop and raw materials, you may turn it into a profitable business concept by focusing on sales and brand partnerships.

A small company loan for this purpose is easily available. Registration of business is not mandatory for all types of businesses, but it will benefit you if you register your business. Now is the moment to establish your own business and be your boss.

11. Real Estate Agent or Broker

Consider being a rainmaker for your own business. Sounds fascinating. A real estate firm might launch with little research into the local real estate market and an understanding of commercial and residential real estate possibilities.

You can attract buyers and sellers with great communication and people skills, and negotiating a deal will allow you to earn a large commission.

The initial investment is small, but as you build your network and participate in more transactions, the commission you get may transform this into a highly profitable business venture.

12. Web/ Social Media Agency

Most firms spend their marketing dollars on digital advertising and sponsored social media activities in the digital age.

If you have experience in marketing, communications, social media, online presence management, and branding, you may start your own company to help other firms develop a strong digital footprint.

You can start your start-up with an office, a few computers, and a few qualified employees. You shouldn’t be afraid because there are many options to acquire a small business loan to start a web or social media company.

13. Freelance Writer or Content Writing

If you enjoy writing, why not make a profession out of it? Most companies or websites these days require a content writer.

You can apply for content writing firms or consultancies if you can choose engaging language while retaining grammatical accuracy.

There are several sorts of content writing jobs available on the market nowadays. You must discuss your job and find the ideal organization or corporation with which to work.

14. Restaurant

You may start a restaurant where customers can pay for food and drinks. Meals are frequently served and enjoyed on the premises; however, many restaurants also provide popular take-out and meal delivery services.

This organization requires a lot of planning and hard work. This business may establish with a modest number of skilled employees and a medium investment from any organization.

15. Mobile Sales and Repair

The mobile phone sector is exploding. If your customers who buy phones from you need mobile repair services, they will likely come to you.

It may be a very lucrative business if you run your mobile repair service effectively. The best aspect is that you can start this business with little money and no experience.

16. Package Drinking Water

Bottled drinking water is becoming increasingly popular in India’s small villages and towns.

It is an evergreen business with opportunity for everyone who wants to be a part of it. The quantity of investment required in this business is influenced by the company’s size and the number of clients.

17. Dairy

Milk and dairy products are in great demand. All you need to run this business is a small shop and a cold storage facility. You may establish a dairy business by selling milk, desserts, and other dairy products.

18. Commercial and Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental

Renting out commercial and industrial gear and equipment to enterprises like construction, mining, transportation, and forestry machinery might be profitable. These companies typically do not have a physical location.

Because heavy equipment is often fairly expensive, firms prefer to rent it rather than own it. Compared to other businesses, this requires a little initial investment yet delivers high earnings.

19. Travel Agency

A travel agency is a government service specializing in travel and tourism. You must have strong communication skills to start this business, and you may start this business from home and do not need to hire a location.

To begin, you can provide airline, road, and train tickets. In big cities, this industry is in great demand.

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20. IT Hardware Shop

Hardware stores supply anything from building supplies to plumbing materials to major electrical items. You must be conversant with these things to start this company. High-performance hardware creates a net profit of 10% on daily sales on average.

21. E-Commerce Business

By providing consumers with beautiful purchase alternatives, you may start a terrific business using a web-based business solution, such as an e-commerce business solution.

You may begin your entrepreneurial journey by selling commodities or items on your e-commerce portal and simplifying it with a smartphone and web applications.

It’s as simple as working together on Amazon. People seem to prefer online stores; hence, eCommerce is rapidly flourishing. These online marketplaces also enable you to showcase all available commodities and services in one place.

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22. Car Washing Business

Do you want to create a business that doesn’t require technical knowledge? If you answer yes to this key question, car washing can be a great way to make money.

It is totally up to you whether or not you need to put out a whole vehicle washing company application and website to make extra money each month.

23. Courier Services

To be honest and true, one may establish a courier business. It’s a money-making potential made easier by offering you direct access to e-commerce courier websites like FedEx and DHL to help you expand your business.

Consequently, consumers may dispatch a courier quickly and easily, saving them valuable time.

24. Food Ordering System

To put it bluntly, opening another restaurant is a hazardous investment; nevertheless, adequate preparation and minimum handwork may be a lucrative winning possibility in the long term.

Ready-made solutions for Android, iPhone, and web app users are necessary to run a restaurant business.

25. Online Appointment System

Civilization has evolved along with the world. Irrespective of whether or not medical professionals have neglected to include innovation in their work, they are now, however, ready to create or engage in fresh means of directly reaching out to patients.

Physical presence is not necessary in the fundamental sense; rather, virtual presence is required.

Consequently, new start-ups are creating an online application system that allows you to search for various professions and facilities based on your interests.


An entrepreneur searches for funds to help them put their plan into action. The startup ideas for new entrepreneurs are the ones that do not necessitate a large investment. Numerous small business ideas need very little cash.

If these ideas are correctly enforced, the company may prosper and be profitable. A low-investment start-up concept is an enticing bid. Most individuals, however, are unaware of those ideas or how they will fit into their broader strategy.

However, before you start any business, no matter how big or small, as an amateur or a beginner, recognize that every business has benefits and downsides.

Your skills will come in handy when it comes to achieving your objective. Be confident enough to use your extraordinary ability to face upcoming challenges.

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