The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Seller Promotion: Promos, Coupons, And Deals

Amazon Seller Promotion

Are you looking to promote your Amazon products, but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further! 

This comprehensive guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to effectively promote your products on Amazon.

Take advantage of Amazon’s promotional features such as coupons, Amazon lightning deals, and discounts to drive sales and create a successful Amazon store.

With this guide, you’ll be able to maximize your Amazon seller promotion efforts and create a successful business

So don’t wait, use this guide to start creating the perfect Amazon seller promotion plan today.

Quick Guide

  • Why should you use Amazon Promotions?
  • What are the four different types of Amazon Promotions?
  • What are the benefits of Amazon Promotions?
  • What’s the Best Amazon Discount Type?
  • Difference between each promotion at a glance
  • Keeping it simple

Why should you use Amazon Promotions?

To know the answer we have to look at the four benefits of using Amazon Promotions:

  • Offering promotions to your customers can be a great way to give them an extra incentive to purchase your products. Whether it be discounts, free delivery, or a 1 + 1 deal, these offers can be the tipping point for potential customers to make the decision to buy from you.
  • Offer special discounts when customers buy in bulk. This is the perfect way to clear out your surplus stock and entice customers to purchase multiple items.
  • Participating in Amazon’s promotional events, such as Prime Day and Black Friday, can be beneficial as Amazon actively advertises these events on the homepage and through other mediums to drive traffic to the Deals page.
  • Adding your products to Amazon’s Deals page is a great way to draw attention to your offerings and increase visibility.

What are the different types of Amazon Promotions?

There are four different types of Amazon Promotions:

  • Promos
  • Deals
  • Prime Exclusive Discounts
  • Coupons

Let’s get into a detailed description of each Amazon promotion.

1. Promos

Amazon offers customers promos that may include discounted shipping, free products, or a percentage off their purchase.

Generally, there are three types of promos available on Amazon:

#. Buy one(or multiple products) and get a new product for free

This promotion is perfect for introducing a new product as it offers customers huge discounts and complimentary items.

#. Percentage off discount

A seller can give customers a discount on a product by offering a percentage off. Customers can use a promotional code to get this discount. 

#. Social media promo code

The seller will receive a special promotional page that they can use to promote their products to customers and potential customers not just on Amazon, but through social media, influencer marketing, and email as well.

Pros and cons of promo codes

Pros Cons
Can be used for off-amazon marketing purposes (e.g. Instagram campaigns)Not included in search results, therefore no impact on click-through rate 
Provides flexibility to offer multiple promotional codes per productUsing incorrect percentages can be risky
Possibility to create single-use promotional codesSetting up can be tedious.

2. Deals

In the deals section, there are two types:

  • Lightning deals
  • 7-day deals

Let’s dive into a detailed description of both deals:

#. Lightning deals

These deals are a type of promotion available on the Amazon Deals page that offer a limited number of discounts over a short period of time. 

Customers will be able to see the offer and how many products are still available for purchase, with a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency.

These deals can run for anywhere from 4-12 hours and you can select the week for them to run; however, you have no control over the specific day and time. 

When setting up a Lightning Deal, you must specify the number of units you are committing to the promotion. 

The cost of running a Lightning Deal varies depending on the time of year, with more expensive prices during peak shopping events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. 

Lightning Deals may not be as effective on everyday items like groceries and cleaning products unless you are offering a great discount.

#. 7 Days Deal

7-Day Deals, as their name implies, last for seven days and offer more control over dates and times to the seller than Lightning Deals.

However, running 7-Day Deals come at a cost double that of Lightning Deals, starting at $300. Furthermore, a discount of at least 15% must be provided when running a 7-Day Deal.

In order to qualify for the 7-day Deal, a product must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be in new condition
  • Be eligible for Prime delivery in all regions
  • Comply with deal frequency policies
  • Comply with pricing policies
  • Remain compliant with customer product review policies
  • Not be offensive, embarrassing, or inappropriate

Additionally, you need to have a professional seller account with at least 5 feedback ratings per month and a rating of 3.5 stars or higher.

Pros and cons of deals

Limited-time deal badges create a sense of urgency, encouraging shoppers to buy.You cannot choose the time when Lightning Deals should appear.
You have more control over when should the deal appears with a 7-day deal.You must offer a minimum 15% discount to qualify. This could ultimately impact your profitability.
Lightning Deals are ideal for expensive products customers have been wanting to buy at a discounted price.

  3. Prime Exclusive Discounts 

Prime members can take advantage of exclusive discounts on Amazon. These discounts can be seen during search results, or on special days, such as Prime day. Sellers are able to offer discounts ranging from 10% to 80% in the form of either percentage-off or fixed-price discounts.

The following criteria must be met for a product to qualify for Prime Exclusive Discounts:

  • Be eligible for Prime shipping, nationally
  • Meet all standard promotional eligibility criteria
  • Have a rating of 3.5 stars or higher, or no rating
  • Sellers must have a 4-star rating if applicable

Pros and cons of Prime-exclusive discounts

Shows strikethrough pricing and a savings message in the search results and in the buy box, which may increase CTRs and conversion ratesDiscount offered must be between 10% to 80%.
Additional badges will be displayed during Prime DayAn Excel template (Inventory Loader) must be used to activate the deal.
The offer is only valid for 60 days.

   4. Coupons

Customers can redeem a coupon by clipping or clicking it to reveal the discount. Coupons can be seen on the homepage, product details page, or inside the cart. 

Coupons can boost CTR and discounts usually range from five to eighty percent off, lasting between one and ninety days. 

When a coupon is redeemed, the seller on Amazon will pay sixty cents ($0.60) for the transaction. 

For instance, if the discount offered is five dollars, the seller will lose $5.60 for the sale. In addition, sellers may be able to restrict coupon access to Prime members, student members, or Amazon Family members.

Pros and Cons of Coupons

Increase the visibility of your product by appearing on search results pages and potentially boosting CTRs Can be scheduled for a maximum of three months.
Discounts can range from 5% to 80% off your current priceCoupons are available to all customers and cannot be selectively given to specific customers.
Promo codes need to be “clipped” in order to be redeemed, as many people may not take the initiative to do this

What are the benefits of Amazon promotions?

Amazon sellers use promotions to help their business grow and for other benefits like:

1. Boosts your sales

Offers such as discounts, coupons, and promotions are attractive to customers because they provide a limited-time opportunity to save money. This encourages them to buy the product, thus increasing the seller’s sales.

2. Enhances your organic visibility and ranking

A promotion on Amazon can help increase a seller’s visibility. For example, offering a Lightning Deal will put a product in the spotlight on the Today’s Deal page. This can lead to an increase in sales and customer reviews, which can result in a higher ranking for the product.

3. Reduces excess in-stock

Customers get the benefit of discounted prices while sellers can benefit from clearing out excess stock. It’s a great situation for both parties as customers get a deal on products and sellers can make room for new inventory.

4. Maximizes the shopping season

During the holiday season, millions of people visit Amazon in search of great discounts. The below data shows this to be true:

  • During the Christmas season, the internet significantly impacts the shopping habits of 80% of consumers. 
  • Additionally, 70% of people prefer to shop online during the holidays. 
  • Furthermore, the number of online shoppers increased by 2 million from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday in 2021.
  • Finally, 85% of people planned to include online shopping in their holiday plans.

What’s the Best Amazon Discount Type?

The level of success you can achieve in e-commerce depends on the type of products you are selling, the category they belong to, and the amount of money you are willing to invest:

  • If you want to offer a discount to all shoppers on your detail page to increase conversion? Use coupons.
  • If you have a strong social media presence? Use social media promo codes.
  • If you want to increase the per-order value? Use percentage off.
  • Need to get rid of excess inventory? Use buy one get one promotion or Lightning Deals.
  • Is it for Prime day? Use Prime-exclusive discounts

Difference between each promotion at a glance

Here is a table where you can find the difference between each promotion at a glance:

PromosDealsDealsPrime ExclusiveCoupons
7-day dealLightning deal
Where is it displayedProduct detail pageTodays Deal page and SERPsTodays Deal page and SERPsSearch result page, product detail page, Amazon deals pageHome page, search result pages, Amazon deals page and product detail page.
CostFree to run and set upStarts at $300Starts at $150They are freeCosts $0.60 per redeemed coupon
Offer DeadlineRun upto 1-year7 days4-12 hours60 days3 months
Minimum offerNo minimum % requiredMinimum 15%Minimum 15%Minimum 10% offMinimum 5% off

Keeping it simple

Now that you know the ins and outs of Amazon Seller Promotions, you are well-equipped to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available.

By taking the time to understand the different promotion types, you can create offers that will increase sales and boost your brand’s visibility. Just remember to keep track of your promotions and stay focused on your goals.

With a little bit of research and creativity, you’ll soon be a master of Amazon Seller Promotions and be able to create offers that will help you succeed on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Author’s Bio:
Arishekar N is the Senior Director of Marketing and Growth at SellerApp, an e-commerce data analytics solution.

He is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of marketing strategies, as well as increasing process efficiency by executing cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization strategies at SellerApp.

Arishekar has over 10 years of experience in marketing analytics and SEO. He has worked as a Digital Specialist for the tech giant IBM and most recently as the Senior Marketing Specialist for ZioTive Technologies where he enhanced their site structure by increasing website and mobile usability.

Previously, he worked as a Senior SEO Analyst for Star Group where he was responsible for managing SEO Audits and analytics.

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