How to Improve Product Visibility on eCommerce Marketplaces

It’s all about the presentation – add details, align with customer sentiments, and optimize product pricing strategy

In the post-pandemic world, the eCommerce marketplace buzz like crowed Chandni chowk with a massive range of products from different sellers. All yearning for a click on the buy now button or wish would get added to the cart.

Now, try correlating with the physical shopping experience, imagine just strolling through a busy bustling market What is the first thing that attacks you? A window display of the products.

A display of the most attractive product is placed there as if it has been there waiting for you to come looking for them. Now, when you get into the shop you get a closer look check the details, pricing, or discount on offer then make a buying decision based on your set of requirements.

Similarly, ‘product visibility’ become crucial to an eCommerce marketplace seller. The top product on the search gets picked first.

What do you need to do to boost product visibility?

There are various aspects to a product’s digital visibility. All you need to do is match the customer’s requirements. According to research conducted, at least 87% of shoppers start their shopping with a search online.

So, if your product is at the top 3 shoppers will pick it up and sells it at a rapid pace. Let us not drag it on further here are some ways to boost your digital shelf and enhance product visibility on the eCommerce marketplace.

1. Optimize your product title, description, and presentation

As rightly put in the words of Catrice M. Jackson Brand need to “Step into the marketplace with some sizzle, spice, spunk, and Shazam!”.

Brand visibility is all about how the brand present and places its product in the eCommerce marketplace. Show what the product is all about, starting with your title.

What you say in the title is the first thing that attracts the customer. The title should not drag too long. Optimize with the most searched keywords and provide precise information.

The keywords should be relevant and focused on gaining visibility and conversion. As some shoppers do not take a deep dive into the details, an attractive product title could attract them and enhance your conversion rate.

But most shoppers seek their requirements in a product in the product description. According to research, 45% of shoppers do not complete product purchases if there is insufficient information about the product.

A good description adds value to the product, and that is where a seller can convince the shopper about buying the product. A bullet point in the description is the best way to present product features with keywords associated with the product.

The overall presentation of the product matters – Excellent quality images leave a strong impression on the shopper. Amazon allows to upload of high-resolution images of products, and uploads images following Amazon guidelines.

2. Analyse your product review, rating, and Q&A

According to research, about 91% of online shoppers read reviews before making a buying decision. Online shoppers want to know the pros and cons of a product before deciding to buy.

The negative feedbacks help judge the authenticity of the product, the core problems, irregularities, and more. On the other hand, positive reviews help build brand or product trust & credibility by stating the best features and clearing doubts about value for money.

It also boosts SEO and enhances product visibility.
The regular monitoring of reviews and Q&A can enhance their customer experience and develop innovative ideas or features.

An evaluation of your brand vis-a-vis the competition can help to identify the most used words by customers for related products in an eCommerce marketplace. This analysis helps in optimizing the marketing strategies.

Brands need such analysis for optimizing their marketing strategies. Brands need real-time alerts if the sentiment intensity is moving toward the extreme and keep a tab on customer sentiment. Replying to customers’ reviews & ratings in real time often results in a higher conversion rate.

3. Find a sweet spot while pricing the product

The most crucial factor to consider to upscale the product is product pricing. The price of the product should fit the buying capability of the target customer and match the expectation of the shopper.

The vendors need to keep track of product pricing and discount and find the sweet spot with respect to the market own vis-à-vis competition. It is also important to maintain the Amazon Buy box win % as pricing has a major impact on it.

The sellers need to track the change in pricing of their own and competition products to enhance visibility.

4. Optimize product listing and delivery time

Products need to be listed in the right category and sub-category to improve visibility. Other than the pricing of the product, the second thing most shoppers look for is the delivery time of the product, quicker delivery higher the chances of clients making a purchase.

The sellers need to track Delivery turnaround time and analyze it to make sure they make the on-time delivery and within the average stipulated time as compared to their competitors.

The eCommerce marketplaces consider the overall performance of the seller while elevating the product display page which increases product visibility.

How can a competitive analysis tool help you boost product visibility?

A competitive analysis tool can help brands recognize the top brands visible in the category, sub-category, homepage, etc., of eCommerce platforms and evaluate aspects that can enhance your banner placements.

Monitor share of visibility on multiple eCommerce platforms vis-à-vis competition. Find relevant aspects, such as discounts, promotions, combos, etc., that can increase brand communication on eCommerce platforms and analyze the type of promotion your competitors do, and detect whether your ongoing banners have visibility on eCommerce platforms.

How does improving product visibility help the brand?

Sellers often get muzzled up in multiple directions while deciding upon the strategy to boost their visibility on an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon.

Balancing activities to boost visibility and managing business operations tasks like inventory management, optimizing shipping, fulfillment, and tracking performance. It will be crucial to put the customer first and home in on shopper intent to drive the most clicks and conversions.

Brand visibility not just boosts your sales but also has other major benefits which include.

1. Boost Brand Reputation

Shoppers acknowledge the things they see more frequently, a very typical human behavior. When brand visibility improves it also affect other product of the brand as well as increases the reputation of the brand which ensures customer loyalty and brings in new customers.

Brand visibility help buyers notice brand product and acknowledge them as a trusted name.

2. More genuine traffic leads to more conversion

More traffic does not directly reflect a boost in sales but increases the probability of a visitor turning into a customer. The higher visibility with increased traffic may lead to a higher ranking in the eCommerce store.

3. Boost revenue

All the factors that boost brand visibility lead to a common goal the increase in revenue. Brand reputation attack shoppers, more shoppers mean more traffic, and more traffic leads to more chances of shopper converting to the customer which will generate revenue for the business.

All business operations are interrelated to yield better results which makes it important to track, monitor, and get insights on every KPI for better business decisions.

4. Makes product easily accessible

Improvement in visibility makes products more easily accessible to customers. If the product is easily accessible it makes the product more trustworthy for the customer and entices shoppers to purchase if it fits the shopper’s preference.

Final thoughts

The optimization of price and listing might not be enough to push the product ahead eCommerce platform like Amazon expects the sellers to provide high-level quality customer service, and true value for money, if a seller excels in providing such service, they could enhance their Amazon buy box win percentage which leads to a massive boost in product visibility.

Monitoring your product’s performance versus the top competitors on eCommerce marketplaces.

Author bio:
Anukriti Jain eCommerce Data Analytics Expert Manager eCommerce at mFilterIt Accomplished Customer Success professional who specializes in developing eCommerce analytics to help clients in devising effective strategies. Passionate about driving new opportunities by combining strategy and creativity.