Top 7 Facebook Algorithm Hacks To Increase Engagement [2024]

7 Tips To Hack The Facebook Algorithm To Show Your Post More

Having a perfect Facebook post will allow you to increase your likes, shares, and click-through rates. There are a few different factors that go into creating the perfect post and most of them are simple

BUT need to be adapted to your specific niche to become powerful.

1. Short and concise

While in advertising and sales copy we generally are told that the long copy often sells better, because you are able to sell the reader more, the opposite is true on social media.

When you are browsing Facebook your attention span is limited, you are looking for something to entertain you, and then you’re on to the next thing.

Keep your posts short and pack the information into less than 160 characters (this doesn’t mean long-form posts don’t work, you’re reading this right now so they do)

2. Create a clear and unavoidable call to action

Tell your audience what to do. Read on, click here, sign up, like this, share this, message me…

3. Value

This doesn’t mean that your post has to teach your readers anything, it simply means that your post needs to fill a need.

This need might be a need to know about the latest technology or it might be a need to be entertained. Find out what problems your audience has given them a solution.

4. Have a real conversation and ask your readers questions

This is not only great for making your brand seem more customer-facing, but also for increasing the number of comments your posts receive.

Trust me when I say that the amount of comments on a post is a ranking signal that Facebook uses to decide how high up the newsfeed the post should be.

5. Be quick

The early bird catches the worm and all that. If you are the first one to break popular news or to talk about a new subject then you’re likely to receive a much better response than if you are the thousandth person.

Keep your finger on the button and get to the story first.

There are way more variables that you can throw into the mix, but I kept it a clean 5, hope you enjoyed it!

Here are 7  Tips To Hack The Facebook Algorithm To Maximize Your Post Engagement In 2022

Let me ask you an honest question……

Do you really want to know how to hack FB’s protocol to show up in your ideal client/ customer’s timeline?

If you said “𝗛𝗘𝗟𝗟 𝗬𝗘𝗔𝗛”.

Then here’s a few basic tips for y’all to implement right friken NOW‼️

1. Post Frequency

A lot of people who are trying to increase their engagement post more frequently believing that this will improve their reach


After your first post of the day, each subsequent post will have a slightly worse reach 〽️

In this case, less is more. You should aim for 1 –2 posts per day, no more

This will maximize your reach on each post while training the algorithm to know that you are a very active FB user

2. Post Timing

It is generally accepted that the best time to post is outside of 9 –5

If you are posting once per day, aim for the 8 –11 pm mark

If you are posting twice a day you could include one around 5 – 9 am ⏰

If you intend to post twice per day, make sure each post is separated by at least 6 hours to increase it’s reach. 12 hours is ideal if it’s practical for you

3. Engage Before You Post

Each time before you post, spend 5 –20 minutes engaging with the posts on your timeline, story posts & having conversations in messenger 💻

By doing this you are warming up the algorithm and showing Facebook that you and your friends are actively engaged

This increases the chances of them seeing your post 👀

4. Avoid Links In Posts

Facebook does not like people leaving their platform

One of the ways they increase the time we spend on it is by dramatically reducing the reach of any post with an outside link in it

❌ Avoid links at all costs if you want to improve your reach

If you must post a link, put it in the comments.

5. Avoid Asking For Engagement

Facebook does it’s best to promote genuine conversation on the platform, This is why posts with tons of engagement enjoy a much greater reach 🗣

Avoid saying things like ‘Comment below’ or ‘Tag A Friend’  The algorithm will figure this out and reduce your post reach.

Try changing up the phrases you use to encourage engagement ⬆️

Time to get creative!

6. Ask Questions

Facebook loves posts that start genuine conversations & connections By asking questions you should be able to boost your post reach again 🚀

Facebook also loves long comments & conversations, so including words like ‘How’ or ‘Why’ can be effective, These words encourage longer and more detailed responses.

7. Value First

People love getting free information!

Offer as much value as you can regularly, and people will keep coming back and engaging with your content 🧐

Always lead with value in everything you do and it will pay dividends for your business

Get out there and start crushing it!! 🔥🔥

Try these hacks out and see the results grow…..

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