7 Finger Lickin Tips To Close More Clients


Tell me…

Do you struggle with lead flow and call bookings?

Do you undercharge out of fear of losing the client?

Do you panic when it gets to the close?

Do you have big dreams and a monthly income goal that feels so close, yet so far away?


If the answers yes to any of these, this post is for you!

Take your pick out of the 7 Finger Lickin Tips, Implement and say hey, hey to your new high paying clients.



Optimize Your Facebook Profile

If you rely heavily on Facebook for clients or are considering using Facebook to get clients this is a MUST. Create a cover photo explaining who you help and what you help with.

Add a call to action and a touch of social proof. Use this to funnel those visiting your profile to your call booking link or lead magnet 📲


Stop The Discovery Calls

Let me rephrase, stop by calling the discovery calls, discovery calls. Your target market isn’t dumb and it’s more apparent than ever that it’s simply a call to sell them.

No matter how you try to make it look. Give it an enticing name. Mine is called The “Client Attraction Magnet” Call. Watch the booking rate rocket 🚀


Be Straight Up

After giving your call a sexy name now it’s time to get honest about the aim of the call. I tell people straight up on my landing page that after I provide them with value if I can help further and they’re interested,

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I will likely make them an offer. Honesty is the best policy. This way the prospect will not be taken back by the offer and sudden pitch and your close rate will increase 💰


Long Game Or Short

Understand if you need to play the short game or if you can afford to play the long game. Do you need clients right now or can you wait a week or two?

If you need clients right now, stop with the brand building and posting twice per day on 5 different platforms, and focus on cold outreach.

If you’ve got some time, focus on building a long-lasting, sustainable organic inbound lead generating brand. Do both at once in the beginning and you may as well apply for your next 9-5.


Follow Up Tip…


Short Game?

If you’ve decided cold outreach is for you and you need coaching clients ASAP. Here’s my favorite opening message to potential clients on Facebook & Instagram…

“Hey (Name)! Sorry for reaching out like this but I just wanted to let you know that your (Acknowledgement & Compliment)! Seems you’re a (Their expertise) why don’t you share (Something they could be doing that they’re not doing to achieve a better outcome)?” Works like a charm 📨


Another Follow Up Tip…


Long Game?

If you’ve decided that building a long-lasting, sustainable inbound lead generating brand is for you and you don’t need a client in the next week. Create a profile funnel.

Turn your Facebook into an organic funnel of leads and clients that don’t cost a dime. Adam Smith made 7K in 5 days doing this following our new strategy 😱

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For The 7th Finger Lickin Tip…


Create Offer Tiers

Have a main offer that solves all of your target market problems. This is your highest-priced offer due to it being your most valuable offer.

Have a secondary offer, maybe a 1HR consultation where you solve 1 of the prospect’s problems within the hour.

This will be a little cheaper as the value is a little less. Then an info product that gives a little less value again for a lower price again but solves a segment of the prospect’s problem. Why?

To cater to all budgets and problems so you never leave your sales to call with an empty pocket. More on this on today’s personal page post.


DISCLAIMER: These are in no particular order…


Author: This Article Written By Matthew J Phillips

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