List of U.S State Slogans, Mottos, and Nicknames: A Comprehensive Guide

Throughout the history of the United States, each state has adopted a unique slogan, motto, or nickname that reflects its heritage, natural wonders, achievements, or ambitions.

These emblems of identity provide insight into the distinct character of every state and foster a sense of pride among its inhabitants.

This article dives deep into the slogans, mottos, and nicknames of each state, offering readers a panoramic view of America’s diverse tapestry.

Understanding State Symbols

State symbols, which include slogans, mottos, and nicknames, play a pivotal role in shaping the identity and perceptions of a state. They often derive from historical events, geographical features, or state aspirations, acting as markers of the state’s unique heritage.

State Slogans: The Essence of a Region

State slogans typically aim to promote tourism and encapsulate the state’s most compelling qualities. Here are a few notable examples:

California: “Find Yourself Here” – A nod to California’s diverse landscapes and opportunities for self-discovery.

Florida: “The Sunshine State” – Celebrating its abundant sunny weather and warm climate.

New York: “I Love New York” – An emblematic slogan that has been passionately embraced by both residents and visitors alike.

State Mottos: Timeless Proclamations

Mottos are often philosophical or aspirational statements. Here are select state mottos and their interpretations:

New Hampshire: “Live Free or Die” – Underscoring the state’s deep-rooted values of liberty and independence.

Maryland: “Fatti maschii, parole femine” (Manly deeds, womanly words) – Highlighting a balanced approach to action and diplomacy.

State Nicknames: Endearing Monikers

Nicknames are more informal and can reflect a state’s culture, people, or significant products. A few examples include:

Georgia: “The Peach State” – Signifying its significant peach production.

Texas: “The Lone Star State” – Representing its independent spirit and history as a former independent republic.

Creating a slogan, motto, and nickname for each of the states you listed can be a creative exercise.

Here’s a list of the 50 states and the slogans associated with each—many of which appear on license plates. Do you think your state has a fitting slogan?

Texas“Lone Star State”FriendshipLone Star State
Arizona“Grand Canyon State”Ditat DeusGrand Canyon State
Wyoming“Equality State”Equal RightsCowboy State
Wisconsin“America’s Dairyland”ForwardBadger State
West Virginia“Wild, Wonderful”Montani Semper LiberiMountain State
Washingtons“Evergreen State”AlkiEvergreen State
Virginia“Virginia is for Lovers”Sic Semper TyrannisOld Dominion
Vermont“Green Mountain State”Freedom and UnityGreen Mountain State
Utah“Life Elevated”IndustryBeehive State
Tennessee“Volunteer State”Agriculture, Commerce, ArtVolunteer State
South Dakota“Great Faces, Great Places”Under God the People RuleMount Rushmore State
South Carolinas“Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places”Dum Spiro SperoPalmetto State
Rhode Islands“Ocean State”HopeLittle Rhody
Pennsylvania“Keystone State”Virtue, Liberty, and IndependenceKeystone State
Oregon“Pacific Wonderland”Alis Volat PropriisBeaver State
Oklahoma“Native America”Labor Omnia VincitSooner State
Ohio“The Heart of It All”With God, All Things Are PossibleBuckeye State
North Dakotas“Legendary”Liberty and UnionPeace Garden State
North Carolina“First in Flight”Esse Quam VideriTar Heel State
New Yorks“Empire State”ExcelsiorEmpire State
New Mexico“Land of Enchantment”Crescit EundoLand of Enchantment
New Jersey“Garden State”Liberty and ProsperityGarden State
New Hampshire“Live Free or Die”Live Free or DieGranite State
Nevada“Silver State”All for Our CountrySilver State
Nebraska“The Good Life”Equality Before the LawCornhusker State
Montana“Treasure State”Oro y PlataBig Sky Country
Missouri“Show-Me State”Salus Populi Suprema Lex EstoShow-Me State
Mississippi“The Hospitality State”Virtute et ArmisMagnolia State
Minnesota“Land of 10,000 Lakes”L’Étoile du NordNorth Star State
Michigan“Great Lakes State”Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam, CircumspiceWolverine State
Massachusetts“The Spirit of America”Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate QuietemBay State
Marylands“America in Miniature”Fatti Maschii, Parole FemineOld Line State
Maine“Vacationland”DirigoPine Tree State
Louisiana“Sportsman’s Paradise”Union, Justice, ConfidencePelican State
Kentucky“Unbridled Spirit”United We Stand, Divided We FallBluegrass State
Kansas“Midway USA”Ad Astra per AsperaSunflower State
Iowa“Fields of Opportunity”Our Liberties We PrizeHawkeye State
Indiana“Crossroads of America”The Crossroads of AmericaHoosier State
Illinois“Land of Lincoln”State Sovereignty, National UnionPrairie State
Idaho“Gem State”Esto PerpetuaGem State
Hawaii“Aloha State”Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka PonoAloha State
Georgia“Peach State”Wisdom, Justice, ModerationPeach State
Florida“Sunshine State”In God We TrustSunshine State
Delawares“The First State”Liberty and IndependenceFirst State
Connecticut“Constitution State”Qui Transtulit SustinetConstitution State
Colorado“Colorful Colorado”Nil Sine NumineCentennial State
California“Golden State”EurekaGolden State
Arkansas“The Natural State”Regnat PopulusNatural State
Alaskas“The Last Frontier”North to the FutureThe Last Frontier
Alabama“Heart of Dixie”Audemus jura nostra defendereYellowhammer State

Other City Slogans, Mottos & Nicknames

Copenhagen“Nordic Charm, Global Heart”“Where Tradition Meets Innovation”“The City of Spires”
Cologne“Cultural Kaleidoscope by the Rhine”“Unity in Diversity”“The Cathedral City”
Chicago“Windy City Wonders”“City of Big Shoulders”“The Second City”
Brooklyns“Where Diversity Shapes Unity”“In Unity, We Thrive”“The Borough”
Boston“Revolution to Innovation”“Strength Through Knowledge”“Beantown”
Berlin“Where History and Creativity Converge”“Arm in Arm, We Shape Tomorrow”“The Grey City”
Barcelona“Mediterranean Magic”“Passion for Progress”“The City of Counts”
Baltimore“Charm City Stories”“Stronger Through Resilience”“Charm City”
Austins“Keep Austins Weird”“Live Your Uniqueness”“The Live Music Capital”
Atlanta“Southern Soul, Global Pulse”“Progress and Harmony”“The A-T-L”
Columbia“Where Rivers and Dreams Converge”“Strong Roots, New Heights”“The Capital City”
Sydney“Harbor of Dreams”“Ever Forward, Ever Sydney”“The Emerald City”
Paris“City of Lights, Love, and Culture”“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”“The City of Love”
Philadelphia“Where Freedom Rings”“In Unity, We Prosper”“Philly”
Pittsburgh“Bridging Innovation and Tradition”“Strong as Steel, United as a City”“The Steel City”
Queensland“Sunshine State of Mind”“Diverse Land, United People”“The Sunshine State”
Rome“Eternal Beauty, Timeless Legacy”“From Antiquity to Modernity”“The Eternal City”
San Diego“Sunny Shores, Bright Futures”“Pioneering Spirit, Endless Possibilities”“America’s Finest City”
San Francisco“Golden Gate to Innovation”“Innovation for a Better Tomorrow”“The Golden City”
Seattle“Emerald City, Evergreen Dreams”“Invent the Future, Honor the Past”“The Emerald City”
Toronto“Dynamic Diversity, Northern Lights”“Strength in Diversity”“The 6ix”
Ontarios“Where Great Lakes and Dreams Meet”“Strong as the Waters, Bold as the Dreams”“The Heartland”
Nashvilles“Music, Soul, and Southern Charm”“Harmony in Diversity”“Music City”
Miami“Vibrant Rhythms, Ocean Dreams”“Forever in Motion”“The Magic City”
Los Angeles“City of Angels, Dreams, and Glamour”“Diversity in Unity”“La-La Land”
London“Where History Shapes Tomorrow”“By Strength and Unity”“The Big Smoke”
Las Vegas“Lights, Luck, and Limitless Adventure”“Dream Big, Gamble Wisely”“Sin City”
Houston“Energy, Diversity, Opportunity”“Bold Ideas, Bright Future”“Space City”
Dubai“Where Dreams Reach for the Sky”“Building Beyond Boundaries”“The City of Gold”
Dallas“Modern Spirit, Texan Soul”“Live Large, Think Big”“The Big D”


State slogans, mottos, and nicknames are more than just catchphrases or monikers. They encapsulate the essence, history, and spirit of each state, providing a unique lens through which one can appreciate the diverse and rich tapestry of the United States.

By understanding these symbols, one gains a deeper insight into the multifaceted identities of America’s individual states and the nation as a whole.