200 Best Copenhagen Slogans, Nicknames & State Motto [2024]

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It is located on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand and is the largest city in the country.

It is home to a variety of cultural attractions, including the iconic Little Mermaid statue, the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, and the world-famous Carlsberg brewery. Copenhagen is also known for its vibrant nightlife and its many Michelin-starred restaurants.

In this post, you will find 200 Catchy Copenhagen State Slogans, Copenhagen State Motto, And Copenhagen Nicknames.

Here’s the big list of state mottos & slogans, where we covers almost all state, city & country.

Copenhagen State Motto

1. “Glorious and Always Faithful” (Glorværdig og altid tro) 

2. “Unity Makes Strength” (Enhed skaber styrke) 

3. “Freedom and Justice” (Frihed og Retfærdighed) 

4. “The King’s Law is the Highest Law” (Kongens lov er den højeste lov) 

5. “The Law of the People” (Folkenes lov) 

6. “In God We Trust” (I Gud stoler vi) 

7. “A Free and Prosperous People” (Et frit og velstående folk) 

8. “Dignity and Duty” (Værdighed og Pligt) 

9. “In Harmony with Nature” (I harmoni med naturen) 

10. “Living in Unity” (At leve i enhed)

Copenhagen State Nicknames

The State Nickname of Copenhagen is “Wonderful Copenhagen”.

Catchy Copenhagen Slogans

1. Copenhagen: Where the Future Begins

2. Make Copenhagen Your Home

3. The Gateway to Scandinavia

4. Copenhagen: The City of Life

5. Explore the Possibilities of Copenhagen

6. A Taste of Scandinavia in Copenhagen

7. The Heart of Scandinavia

8. A City of Culture and Creativity

9. Welcome to the Land of the Vikings

10. Discover the Magic of Copenhagen

11. The Heart of the North

12. Get Lost in the Streets of Copenhagen

13. Experience the Wonders of Copenhagen

14. Feel the Charm of Copenhagen

15. Your Journey to Copenhagen Begins Here

16. Dive Into the Spirit of Copenhagen

17. The City of Smiles

18. Copenhagen – Where Dreams Come True

19. An Unforgettable Experience in Copenhagen

20. Get to Know the Real Copenhagen

21. Discover the Treasures of Copenhagen

22. Embrace the Magic of Copenhagen

23. Take a Step Into Copenhagen

24. Feel the Energy of Copenhagen

25. Adventure Awaits in Copenhagen

26. An Urban Oasis in Copenhagen

27. A Viking Voyage to Copenhagen

28. Come Feel the Freedom of Copenhagen

29. Uncover the Hidden Treasures of Copenhagen

30. Explore the Beauty of Copenhagen

31. Feel the Warmth of Copenhagen

32. A World of Wonders in Copenhagen

33. Rediscover Yourself in Copenhagen

34. Take a Journey to Copenhagen

35. The Land of Enchantment: Copenhagen

36. Make a Memory in Copenhagen

37. Welcome to the Land of Tivoli

38. Refresh Your Soul in Copenhagen

39. Find Your Place in Copenhagen

40. A Place to Call Home: Copenhagen

41. Unlock the Mysteries of Copenhagen

42. Discover the Charm of Copenhagen

43. The City of Lights: Copenhagen

44. A Taste of Europe in Copenhagen

45. Feel the Pulse of Copenhagen

46. Welcome to the City of Canals

47. Taste the Adventure of Copenhagen

48. Explore the Enchantment of Copenhagen

49. Dive Into the Culture of Copenhagen

50. Discover the Heart of Copenhagen

51. Make Your Mark in Copenhagen

52. Feel the Energy of the North

53. Come Taste the Aroma of Copenhagen

54. A Place for Everyone in Copenhagen

55. Feel the Power of Copenhagen

56. Enter the Realm of Copenhagen

57. Uncover the Secrets of Copenhagen

58. Welcome to the City of Culture

59. Come Live the Dream in Copenhagen

60. Embrace the Wonders of Copenhagen

61. Experience the Magic of the North

62. Come Explore the City of Copenhagen

63. An Unforgettable Journey to Copenhagen

64. The Land of the Midnight Sun: Copenhagen

65. Make a Dream Come True in Copenhagen

66. Explore the Treasures of the North

67. Find Your Way in Copenhagen

68. Feel the Enchantment of Copenhagen

69. Rediscover the Beauty of Copenhagen

70. A World of Discovery in Copenhagen

71. Come Feel the Magic of Copenhagen

72. Take a Step Into the Past: Copenhagen

73. Feel the Excitement of Copenhagen

74. Find Your Place in the North

75. Experience the Wonders of the North

76. Uncover the Beauty of Copenhagen

77. Discover the City of Copenhagen

78. Make a Memory in the North

79. Come Explore the Wonders of Copenhagen

80. Feel the Energy of the North

81. Welcome to the Land of Wonders

82. Make Your Mark on Copenhagen

83. The City of Culture and Creativity

84. Follow Your Dreams to Copenhagen

85. Come Feel the Charm of Copenhagen

86. Dive Into the Heart of Copenhagen

87. Come Feel the Spirit of Copenhagen

88. Unlock the Magic of Copenhagen

89. Experience the Colors of Copenhagen

90. Find Your Way in the North

91. Feel the Excitement of the North

92. Discover the Magic of the North

93. An Unforgettable Adventure in Copenhagen

94. Explore the Land of the Vikings

95. Come Feel the Power of Copenhagen

96. Get to Know the Real Copenhagen

97. A Journey to Remember: Copenhagen

98. Feel the Pulse of the North

99. Feel the Magic of Copenhagen

100. Explore the Joys of Copenhagen

Famous Copenhagen Tagline

1. Copenhagen: Gateway to the North 

2. Where Scandinavia Begins 

3. A Smörgåsbord of Culture 

4. Come Explore the City of Spires 

5. A Royal City of Enchantment 

6. Live, Love, and Experience Copenhagen 

7. Experience Denmark’s Capital 

8. The Little Mermaid’s Home 

9. A City of History and Progress 

10. Welcome to the City of Hygge 

11. Discover the Magic of Copenhagen 

12. A Place of Beauty and Wonder 

13. Copenhagen: A City of Inspiration 

14. Live Life to the Fullest in Copenhagen 

15. Come Join the Party in Copenhagen 

16. Be a Part of the Copenhagen Experience 

17. Discover the Unexpected in Copenhagen 

18. The Heart of Scandinavia 

19. Embrace the Spirit of Copenhagen 

20. Live the Urban Life in Copenhagen 

21. Explore the City of Enchantment 

22. Discover the Magic of the North 

23. Take a Bite Out of Copenhagen 

24. A City of Culture, Cuisine, and Charm 

25. Live a Life of Luxury in Copenhagen 

26. Enjoy the Comfort of Copenhagen 

27. Explore the Treasures of Copenhagen 

28. Welcome to the Capital of Denmark 

29. Discover the Beauty of Copenhagen 

30. Come Explore the Splendors of Copenhagen 

31. Get Lost in the Streets of Copenhagen 

32. Experience the Wonders of Copenhagen 

33. Uncover the Secrets of Copenhagen 

34. A City of Contrasts and Culture 

35. A Place of Enchantment and Discovery 

36. Lose Yourself in Copenhagen 

37. Experience the Eclectic Charm of Copenhagen 

38. Find Yourself in Copenhagen 

39. A City of Class and Character 

40. Get Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime 

41. Copenhagen: Where It All Begins 

42. A Journey of Discovery 

43. Feel the Energy of Copenhagen 

44. Come See the Sights of Copenhagen 

45. Take a Walk Through History 

46. A Place Where Dreams Come True 

47. A City of Possibilities 

48. Come Find Your Path in Copenhagen 

49. The Perfect Getaway 

50. Live Life Your Way in Copenhagen 

51. Uncover the Gems of Copenhagen 

52. A City Like No Other 

53. Rediscover Yourself in Copenhagen 

54. Come Experience the Best of Denmark 

55. Discover the Magic of the North 

56. Take a Tour of Copenhagen 

57. Live Life Like a Local 

58. Explore the Wonders of Copenhagen 

59. Find Your Place in Copenhagen 

60. Experience the Joy of Copenhagen 

61. Get Lost in the Streets of Copenhagen 

62. A City of Charm and Character 

63. Welcome to the City of Enchantment 

64. Take a Journey to Copenhagen 

65. Experience the Culture of Copenhagen 

66. Live the Life You Love in Copenhagen 

67. Feel the Magic of Copenhagen 

68. Come Take a Bite Out of Copenhagen 

69. Discover the Unique Beauty of Copenhagen 

70. Welcome to the City of Spires 

71. Explore the Delights of Copenhagen 

72. A City of Unique Experiences 

73. Live the Dream in Copenhagen 

74. Come Feel the Pulse of Copenhagen 

75. Let Copenhagen Surprise You 

76. Enjoy the Comfort of Copenhagen 

77. Embrace the Adventure of Copenhagen 

78. Explore the Culture and Cuisine of Copenhagen 

79. A City of Adventure and Discovery 

80. Come Uncover the Secrets of Copenhagen 

81. A City of Old World Charm and New World Sophistication

82. Experience the Magic of Copenhagen 

83. Feel the Excitement of Copenhagen 

84. Come Join the Fun in Copenhagen 

85. An Unforgettable Experience 

86. Live Life to the Fullest in Copenhagen 

87. Enjoy the Best of Denmark 

88. Discover the Secrets of Copenhagen 

89. A City of Surprises 

90. Explore the Beauty of Copenhagen 

91. Come Experience the Splendor of Copenhagen 

92. The City of Hygge 

93. Come and Explore the Wonders of Copenhagen 

94. Make Your Dreams Come True in Copenhagen 

95. Find the Real You in Copenhagen 

96. Create Memories in Copenhagen 

97. A City of Possibilities and Magic 

98. Discover the Delights of Copenhagen 

99. Feel the Magic of the North 

100. Discover the Unique Vibrancy of Copenhagen


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