Minimum Scrum Master Salary Range and Compensation [2024]

Scrum Master Salary

A scrum master is a person who helps the team to work together, manage tasks and make sure that they are progressing towards the goal.

He/She is accountable for making sure that the Scrum process is followed and facilitates communication between all members of the team, and ensures that these members have what they need to be successful.

What does a Scrum Master Do?

Scrum masters are usually the ones who guide the team in achieving their goals. They are responsible for making sure that the team is following scrum principles and practices.

The scrum master has to make sure that the team is performing at its best; they should be able to identify any blockers and remove them. Because there is a significant demand for Scrum specialists in the market, the Scrum Master salary is also high.

Scrum Master Principles

A scrum master is a person who is responsible for making sure that a project is moving smoothly toward completion.

Some of the key principles that Scrum Masters follow are:

  • The team should be self-organizing and empowered to make decisions.
  • The team should be cross-functional with all roles represented.
  • There should be no work-in-progress (WIP) limits on how many tasks each person can take on at one time.
  • The team should have a shared understanding of what “done” means and when they have achieved it.

Scrum Master Demand

The demand for scrum masters is high. Scrum masters are the people who help to guide teams through the process of creating a product or service.

As businesses increasingly adopt agile working methods, they have come to understand that the Scrum Master plays a key role in helping the team become effective and self-organized and in making sure that Agile principles are strictly adhered to.

They have many responsibilities and can be found in many different types of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies:

  • Creating a clear set of goals
  • Working with stakeholders to understand their needs
  • Facilitating team discussions and decisions
  • Helping team members work together effectively
  • Dealing with any impediments that arise during the development process.

Scrum Master Salary

As more businesses implement Scrum, it is inevitable that they will require more individuals who have a solid understanding of the methodology.

Top 3 Countries hiring Scrum Masters:

  • United States of America
  • India
  • United Kingdom

Salaries in USD for the top 3 countries:

  • India: 20,000-30,000
  • United Kingdom: 60,001-70,000
  • United States of America: 100,001-125,000

Some of the Top Companies hiring for CSM roles:

  • TCS
  • IBM
  • Amdocs
  • JP Morgan
  • Wipro
  • Barclays

Agile is progressively gaining traction across many sectors. Thus it is crucial that professionals embrace it successfully. Professionals known as scrum masters are crucial to this process as well as to the efficient operation of the product development process following the Agile transformation.

The Scrum Master helps the team become self-organized and productive while ensuring that everyone adheres strictly to the Scrum principles and guidelines. Scrum Masters ensure that the development process runs smoothly and support the developers with any obstacles they encounter.

The table below will give you a clear picture of what to anticipate in terms of payment if you are a Scrum Master just starting out. The pay for a CSM likewise rises with the number of years of experience.

Years of experienceSalary PA (In USD)

How to Become a Scrum Master?

Below are a few steps on how to become a Scrum master:

The Fundamentals of Scrum

It’s critical to become familiar with both the overall Scrum framework and the Agile values and principles.

Selecting your Scrum certification

The best approach to learning about Agile, Scrum, and the responsibilities of a Scrum master is to enroll in a recognized certification program. By earning your certification, you’ll be able to prove your expertise in the area and facilitate the creation of new prospects.

Taking up a Scrum Course

It’s important to enroll in a Scrum course that has received official recognition after deciding on your certification path. Each certification choice has certain requirements; for instance,’s Professional Scrum Master course is a prerequisite for taking the PSM I exam.

Register for your exam

After spending the necessary amount of time studying, you’re prepared to take your exam and demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to work as a Scrum master. You can take the exam again for free with if you do so within 14 days of finishing the course.

Study for your exam

It can be beneficial to read through additional Scrum resources or watch Scrum webinars to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the test.

The key Scrum methods and principles, including project management, team building, sprints, release planning, progress reporting, and scalability, are often the emphasis of the exam.

However, some tests could also include inquiries into the origins, development, and philosophy of the Scrum framework.

Passing the exam

Depending on your certification program, the real exam may differ slightly. It will often be a multiple-choice exam with a passing score of between 60 and 85%.

The exam typically lasts an hour, and you should learn whether you passed or failed a few minutes after finishing it. You’ll receive a PDF of your Scrum master certification by email once you pass, making you a certified Scrum master.

Renew certifications

In order to continue being recognized as a Scrum master, you must renew your certificate, which costs money. Scrum master credentials normally expire every two years.

This procedure can call for documentation of “continuous education hours,” depending on the organization. The host of the program wants to know that you’ve been investing time in learning more about Scrum and keeping abreast of any important developments.


As Certified Scrum Masters have been demonstrated to perform well on difficult tasks faced by Agile teams, businesses all over the world are recruiting them.

They have repeatedly demonstrated that they are able to handle complicated problems that may arise throughout an Agile project and can guide the tasks through to completion on schedule and within budget. CSMs have consistently shown that their hefty wages are well worth it.