Entrepreneurial Success Between Proactivity and Digitization

Entrepreneurial success, between proactivity and digitization
Entrepreneurial Success Between Proactivity and Digitization

Since its inception, entrepreneurship has positioned itself as a guiding axis for the business ecosystem, capable of determining and formulating the best pathways that allow optimal corporate growth.

The incorporation of the ” new entrepreneur ” has been favored thanks to the “boom” of digitization, which has provided facilities within the reach of any profile, eliminating monetary and/or infrastructure barriers. However, this new agent must be in constant innovation, with the aim of adapting to market trends.

The current business ecosystem has had to adapt to the constant changes suggested by digitization, taking into account all the aspects that this trend brings. On the other hand, it is of utmost importance to give it the value that the formation of the digital world per se deserves, one that has positioned itself as an ally that seeks to support businesses, emerging and/or developed, through an optimal integration strategy, leveraged of an agile collaboration scheme.

In this sense, it is very common to find entrepreneurship projects oriented to operate with purely digital supports, making available to organizations a system that recognizes the needs of the business, and also provides the necessary tools to execute processes efficiently, as in the case of apps or digital support platforms.

Given this increasingly popular trend, we have realized that entrepreneurship reacts to market needs based on an idea, which must be based on its viability, however, it is important to highlight that entrepreneurship goes more beyond a good idea, even though it does not exist in the industry or presents an innovative proposal for the sector.

We must remember that the entrepreneur faces a whole universe of ideas and opinions, where competition increases as people emerge who can give a different solution, and perhaps better than their own.

In the entrepreneur’s shoes

There are a number of differentiators that any entrepreneur must take into account. Beyond having a “viable” project, the development of an initiative relies, for the most part, on the proactivity and response capacity of the leader, considering that the value of his idea increases when he already has a duly business plan developed, being possible to see a segmentation of the market to which the product or service is directed, as well as the number of financial resources that will be necessary to materialize the proposed idea. Based on the above, it would be important not to forget the rest of these differentiators:

Leadership with passion.

An entrepreneur knows how to lead people to meet the objectives of a business, without forgetting that what he does is something that he is passionate about and motivates to achieve the initiative in question. A quality that should not go unnoticed to consolidate the best conditions of the organization.

Likewise, you should listen carefully to the proposals of your team and other people, since one idea is enriched by others, therefore, it is imperative for the entrepreneur to allow creative leadership to other individuals who, from a completely different perspective, can complement the initial notion, resulting in a more grounded concept.

There are very few “lone wolves” that manage to constitute a business project and all that it implies, without the need to get together with partners or investors. Usually,


The entrepreneur must know how to direct the proposals of others towards a clear objective, in addition to demonstrating a passion for his idea, without the need to “marry” it, since, as well as there is the possibility of succeeding with an entrepreneurial project, It is also likely that it is not sufficiently developed, and therefore fails in its quest for business success.


Currently, market trends require entrepreneurial projects prepared from the perspective of digital transformation, that is, technological solutions that allow greater control and knowledge of customer objectives, automating internal processes, promoting company agility and Of course, the efficiency and effectiveness with which they will operate against the competition.

The success or failure of an entrepreneur depends on multiple factors, either because he did not manage to obtain sufficient financial resources, that is, he did not obtain the required support from investors, or he does not have a business scheme that is solid and viable enough to be applied in the market.

In this way, success is always in a differential and innovative idea that manages to add value to the current tools in the industry, or even replace them with better ones.

Opportunities for Latinos?

Although we know that entrepreneurship can be considered as an attainable skill for any human being, it is very common to feel fearful about starting a related process, derived from this situation, at a global level, an endless number of educational trends, around this topic, They have arisen to be able to leverage from these and thus begin the true work of entrepreneurship.

In Mexico, as in the rest of Latin America, very urgent progress has been made regarding entrepreneurship compared to previous years, however, there is still a large gap compared to other more developed economies.

There is no favorable economic environment for entrepreneurs; Neither public policy nor the Mexican financial system includes within its clauses support for entrepreneurs, as is the case with Japan or the United States, where the government and private initiative seek the best alternatives to provide economic and professional support to the projects they wish to envision. business success.

From the corporate sphere, there are platforms such as the ever is Mexico Award, which, in this case, aims to promote entrepreneurs in the country, characterized by developing high-impact projects through technological innovation.

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Mexico must boost support through policies that integrate academia, the private sector, and the government, in their quest to build the ideal conditions for incubating initiatives. It is all about redirecting resources to where the greatest economic growth is perceived, that is, towards the projects of entrepreneurs committed to their objectives.

Likewise, the current ecosystem must adopt a commitment with those who are entering the discipline, a community that is hungry to know of proven techniques and to develop their managerial skills, those that have led the most experienced in this field by The successful way.

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