Eric Jordan, founder of ejgfx

Eric Jordan “EJGFX” is a 19-year-old graphic designer out of Stockton, California.

Self-taught at 13, Eric continued to learn the game about the field & found how to capitalize off everything around him.

Newly signed to Chris Brown’s Black Pyramid, we sit down with him and talk about his future endeavors.

Founder of Seize The World, hat brand. He currently handles all of Hoes Mad LA & Black Pyramid. Eric is one of the youngest ever when it comes to graphic design in the music industry, and his journey has only started.

What’s next for Eric? Read along to get a more in-depth feel for his future of the story.


Could you please tell our readers a brief background about yourself and how you started your business?

– The reason I originally started designing was because I created a San Francisco 49ers fan page via Instagram when I was 13. I wanted a place to display my player edits and build bonds with my favorite athletes 1 on 1.

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Where did the idea for EJGFX come from?

– I started off with the name @EJGFX and kept it close since. The idea behind the name is simple, “EJ” is abbreviated for Eric Jordan and “GFX” is short for graphics.


How did you get started in your industry?

Just capitalized off any opportunity thrown to me from the people I knew when I had nothing to show for myself, i keep them close to this day because I want to do the same to them.


What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your career?

– To not focus on competing with the person next to you, grow as one and expand your branches even further. See the bigger picture later in life when the opportunities you and whoever pushes you farther than the person you would be if you were trying to take on the world solo.

I would’ve never been the person today without the people I knew, and it’s important to always show your appreciation back to the ones who shaped the person you are.


What excites you most about your industry?

One reason for excitement would be the joy of hearing my client’s songs unexpectedly in public, & off the clock.

Then later going home and collaborating on a project with them personally. Secondly, working with my idols and their teams 7 days a week!


How was going to Chris Brown’s Tarzana home and working with him 1 on 1 ?

Life-changing! Can’t get too much in-depth in respect of his privacy but definitely sparked another fire within me.

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Take us through your experience of becoming a part of Chris’ team via Black Pyramid?

The following morning after I went to his place I woke up to a phone call, and at the time I was answering any number because i had given mine out to many the day before. I answered and it was something I couldn’t pass up!


What do you now do for Chris and his brand?

A little bit of everything. I help, handle & design almost all graphics-related work the team may need.


In case the readers didn’t know, please mention some of the notable stars who you have worked with or have been seen in your designs.

– YRN ( Migos )
– Saweetie
– Trey Songz
– Jhene Aiko
– Justin & King Combs
– Fabolous
– Dave East
– Coi Leray
– Moneybagg Yo
– Justin Laboy
– Trippie Redd
– Sada Baby
– The Game


What are you currently doing to maintain/grow your business?

Consistency is your best friend, have a strict work ethic, and watch your growth unfold.


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