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Tucci & Co. On Independent Film Producing Financing Development



Tucci & Co. On Independent Film Producing Financing Development

Filmmaking has long been a cross-section of creativity and business prowess and so to gain a little insight into the process of what it takes to be a film producer, we caught up with Damiano Tucci and Tiziano Tucci of Tucci & Co.

Founded in 2019, Tucci & Co. is an independent film production and finance company with some exciting upcoming releases and many other projects in their pipeline.

Throughout their careers, they have produced over 40 titles where they have had to grow and adapt to the ever-changing independent film finance models and marketplace. Damiano and Tiziano hold that their success has been in learning as much as they can about every phase of the filmmaking process; be it development, financing, production, or distribution.

“The development phase is where we take an idea — be it a book, graphic novel, short story, original idea, etc. — and turn that idea into a screenplay that can then be packaged.”, said the brothers. They went on to explain that this then includes establishing the goals for the project, both financial and creative as well as ideal talent and budget. This is where the Tucci’s put their relationships with distributors to work by working in tandem and assessing both what the market is looking for and what they are interested in backing creatively to align the two facets.

Aligning the finance and creative strategies is the biggest task in developing a film, “The budget, schedule, estimated sale value, talent, director, location, tax rebates, etc. all have to be aligned in order for the film to be viable.”, they explain. “When a film’s strategy has been properly conceived and is in alignment on all these points, financing the actual film is pretty straightforward.”, they go on.

The next phase would be principle photography which Tiziano jokes is, “you know, the lights, camera, action part”.Although the process sounds intimidating to most, Tiziano explains that production tends to be the area in which filmmakers such as himself and his brother are most familiar. He says, “there’s a reason it’s [principle photography] considered the fun part of filmmaking.” “You mean the ‘why we started this part’ ”, adds his brother Damiano.

The filmmaking process’s final component is the distribution phase. During this phase, a filmmaker will have to overcome the challenge of getting their film out into the world and ensuring that investors get their money back. Damiano explains that the distribution phase encompasses, “all things advertising – publicity, festivals, promotional campaigns, sales, film markets, etc.”

“We have always strived to learn from those that ‘do’ and we recommend anyone looking to get into this field do the same as there are a lot of opinions on how it works, but you can be sure the ones doing it know a thing or two.”, they conclude.

Clearly two brothers “doing” a lot in the film world, Tucci & Co. is quickly on the rise and will soon be releasing, “The Birthday Cake” starring Ewan McGregor, William Fichtner, Ashley Benson and many more; as well as “Borrego” starring Lucy Hale, Nicholas Gonzalez, Olivia Trujillo, Jorge A. Jimenez, and Leynar Gomez.

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