How to Leverage Employment Assessment Tests for Hiring and Training

The past few years have been challenging for global organizations in every industry. First, they have had to adjust business operations due to a worldwide pandemic.

Then they have had to deal with hundreds of supply chain issues while striving to meet customer demand. They are now having trouble filling critical job roles due to a talent shortage. A large part of the talent shortage problem is that requirements for many jobs have changed.

Another is that skills in demand have changed, but many employees’ skills have not kept pace. This has caused a knowledge gap so acute that 71% of CEOs believe a skills shortage will be their biggest business challenge during the next few years.

Employers that want to recruit top talent use pre-employment assessment tests to identify the best-qualified candidates before their competitors can grab them. They also use them to identify existing employees who are ready to move into more challenging roles.

Employment Assessment Tests Help Employers Make Better Hires

HR teams use pre-employment assessment tests so they make data-driven hiring decisions instead of relying on a “gut” feel. Studies show that 85% of job candidates lie on resumes and applications.

Therefore, HR professionals know they cannot always trust the information they see on resumes and applications. On the other hand, employment assessment tests provide them with quantifiable data that shows which applicants have the skills required for the job.

HR leaders say the following are the main benefits of implementing an industry-leading employment assessment testing solution like the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM.

Streamline Candidate Screening

When HR teams post a job, they may receive hundreds or even thousands of responses. If they require applicants to complete a pre-employment assessment test, they can sort the results by score, identify top candidates and eliminate unqualified applicants. This means they save hours they would have spent manually reviewing resumes.

Customized Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Pre-prepared, standard skills assessments are often ineffective because every organization has different needs. HR teams need to be able to add or remove questions that are not relevant to a job.

They also want the option of building assessments by selecting questions from multiple skills tests and creating their own skills tests. They can do all three of these with the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM by leveraging pre-prepared skills assessments in the eSkill Assessment Library.


The easiest way to verify that an applicant can do a job is to ask them to perform tasks they would do if hired.

For example, if an eSkill client is hiring customer service representatives and wants to ensure they are comfortable handling several customer inquiries simultaneously, they can include the Chat and Multitasking simulations in their pre-employment assessment test to see how quickly and accurately candidates are able to respond to customer inquiries.

Video Response Questions

A written skills test tells a lot about a candidate, but there are some things it cannot tell you.

So, HR leaders include video response questions in pre-employment assessment tests to get to know candidates better and evaluate attributes such as verbal communication and foreign language abilities.

Suppose a company is hiring technical support representatives. Recruiters need to confirm that candidates have the required technical skills.

However, they also need to ensure they are articulate and easy to understand since the job requires speaking with customers on the phone to troubleshoot problems and explain how to use applications.

Employment Assessment Tests Help Organizations Improve Training

Although the name makes it sound like employment assessment tests are only used in hiring, companies also use them to facilitate training and employee development.

HR and learning/development leaders say these are ways the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM helps them improve training.

Identify Knowledge Gaps

Everyone agrees it is a waste of time to train people on the material they already know. So, HR and learning/development leaders use skills tests to determine what new hires and employees already know.

This enables them to identify skills and knowledge gaps so they can focus training in areas where more help is required.

Upskilling and Reskilling

It often is not necessary to recruit external candidates because the best person for the job already works for your company.

HR and learning/development leaders can use data from employment assessment tests to identify internal candidates with good potential and develop upskilling and reskilling programs to help them grow their careers with the organization.

Create Individual Training Plans

Employees have career goals and will look elsewhere if they feel they are not getting the training they need.

According to the HR Daily Advisor, 71% of employees said they would leave a job if they did not feel the company was taking an interest in their personal and career development.

HR and training professionals can use an assessment solution like the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM to create individual training plans that target each employee’s current and future career aspirations.

Employment Assessment Tests for Hiring and Training

Businesses that want to find and retain good employees know that using pre-employment assessment tests helps them identify and hire top talent and find outstanding employees to groom for new, more challenging roles.

Do you want to learn how pre-employment assessment tests can help you hire better candidates and improve training? Contact us to request a demo.