Most Popular Catering Keywords List in [2024]

Popular Service Keywords List

Looking for the top Google search catering keywords? We’ve got you covered! below you can see the most popular catering keywords. Whether you’re looking for PPC keywords or SEO keywords, we’ve gathered the best topic for you.

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We’ll also tell you how competitive each catering keyword is and its average cost for ads to help you pick the best ones for your campaigns.

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Seed Keywords

Seed keywords typically represent the core concepts or ideas related to your business, products, or services. For example, if you run an online store selling running shoes, your seed keywords might include “running shoes,” “athletic shoes,” “sports shoes,” and so on. 

By using these seed keywords, you can generate more specific long-tail keywords or variations that are relevant to your target audience and help improve your website’s search visibility.

Here is a list of seed keywords for catering business

#KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
2Wedding Catering18,100$4.35High
3Corporate Catering8,100$4.67High
4Event Catering5,400$3.72High
5Buffet Catering3,600$3.48High
6Party Catering2,900$3.47High
7BBQ Catering2,400$3.81High
8Food Catering2,300$2.62High
9Boxed Lunch Catering1,900$2.91High
10Breakfast Catering1,700$2.68High
11Catering Services1,600$3.09High
12Catering Menu1,500$3.10High
13Catering Companies1,400$2.90High
14Catering Near Me1,400$2.60High
15Catering Supplies1,300$1.67High
16Catering Equipment1,200$2.25High
17Gourmet Catering1,100$4.18High
18Christmas Catering1,000$2.49High
19Mobile Catering1,000$3.37High
20Finger Food Catering880$2.94High
21Affordable Catering720$2.61High
22Cocktail Party Catering590$4.08High
23Halal Catering590$2.80High
24Vegan Catering590$2.81High
25Kids Party Catering480$3.13High
26Outdoor Catering480$2.62High
27Business Catering390$4.49High
28Anniversary Catering320$3.23High
29Brunch Catering260$2.76High
30Cake Catering260$3.31High
31Charity Catering260$2.31High
32Graduation Catering260$2.77High
33Halloween Catering260$2.66High
34Indian Catering210$2.22High
35Italian Catering210$3.20High
36Mediterranean Catering210$2.41High
37Office Catering210$4.24High
38Paella Catering210$3.44High
39Picnic Catering210$2.57High
40Private Catering210$2.98High
41Spanish Catering210$2.59High
42Sushi Catering210$3.69High
43Tapas Catering210$3.08High
44Thai Catering210$2.97High
45Vegetarian Catering210$2.57High
46Wedding Reception Catering210$4.15High
47Afternoon Tea Catering170$2.80High
48Breakfast Buffet Catering170$2.75High
49Christmas Party Catering170$2.48High
50Coffee Catering170$3.07High

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are longer, more specific search phrases with lower search volume but higher conversion rates. Example: “vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies” instead of “chocolate chip cookies.”

Here is a list of long tail keywords for catering company

#KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Affordable wedding catering near me10$3.12High
2Best BBQ catering for weddings10$3.90High
3Breakfast catering for early morning meetings20$2.67High
4Boxed lunch catering for office meetings20$2.78High
5Budget-friendly party catering services10$2.81High
6Business lunch catering for corporate events20$3.95High
7Catering for a backyard BBQ10$3.51High
8Catering for a Christmas dinner party10$2.50High
9Catering for a cocktail party20$4.31High
10Catering for a family reunion10$2.64High
11Catering for a graduation party10$2.73High
12Catering for a Halloween party10$2.59High
13Catering for a holiday party20$2.49High
14Catering for a summer BBQ10$3.21High
15Catering for a vegan wedding10$2.68High
16Catering for a wedding rehearsal dinner10$3.94High
17Catering for outdoor corporate events10$4.21High
18Catering for small business meetings10$3.83High
19Catering for wedding showers10$3.56High
20Catering for winter weddings10$2.67High
21Catering menu for birthday parties10$2.95High
22Catering services for baby showers10$2.53High
23Catering services for outdoor weddings10$3.18High
24Catering services for rehearsal dinners10$3.95High
25Catering services for sweet 16 parties10$2.92High
26Corporate event catering services30$4.70High
27Creative catering ideas for wedding receptions10$3.77High
28Dessert catering for weddings10$3.31High
29Elegant catering services for formal events10$4.32High
30Finger food catering for office parties20$2.93High
31Upscale catering services for corporate functions10$4.36High
32Holiday party catering services10$2.49High
33Italian catering for office parties10$3.23High
34Kosher catering for weddings10$4.03High
35Mexican catering for corporate events10$3.06High
36Outdoor BBQ catering for corporate events10$4.18High
37Party catering for kids’ birthdays10$3.13High
38Personal chef catering services10$3.25High
39Private catering for anniversary celebrations10$3.23High
40Professional catering services for weddings10$3.89High
41Seasonal catering for corporate events10$4.29High
42Spanish catering for corporate events10$2.59High
43Stylish catering for bridal showers10$3.62High
44Tailgate party catering services10$3.23High
45Vegan catering for corporate events10$2.81High
46Vegetarian catering for outdoor weddings10$2.57High
47Wedding catering ideas for small weddings10$3.64High
48Wedding catering services for Indian weddings10$2.22High
49Wedding reception catering for large events10$4.14High
50Winter wonderland wedding catering10$2.66High

Commercial Intent Keywords

Commercial Intent Keywords are search terms used by users with an intent to make a purchase or engage in a transaction. 

These keywords often indicate a strong interest in buying a product or service. Example: “buy iPhone 13 online”.

Here is a list of commercial intent keywords for catering business

#KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Affordable corporate catering services20$4.30High
2Best catering services for corporate events30$4.70High
3Business catering for conferences20$5.01High
4Catering companies for trade shows10$5.04High
5Catering for board meetings10$5.02High
6Catering for business luncheons20$4.27High
7Catering for corporate retreats10$4.70High
8Catering for corporate training sessions10$4.98High
9Catering for executive meetings10$5.09High
10Catering for product launches10$4.91High
11Catering for sales meetings10$4.87High
12Catering for team-building events20$4.69High
13Corporate event catering services30$4.70High
14Corporate holiday party catering20$3.11High
15Corporate lunch catering services20$4.28High
16Corporate party catering services20$4.20High
17Corporate picnic catering services10$4.09High
18Corporate retreat catering services10$4.70High
19Event catering for corporate functions20$4.70High
20Formal corporate catering services20$4.38High
21Gourmet catering for corporate events10$4.43High
22Healthy catering options for corporate events10$4.15High
23High-end corporate catering services10$5.50High
24Holiday catering services for corporate events10$2.49High
25Office catering services for corporate events20$4.24High
26Professional catering services for corporate events20$4.70High
27Special event catering for corporate events10$4.70High
28Sustainable catering for corporate events10$4.34High
29Team-building catering services10$4.69High
30Upscale corporate catering services20$4.70High
31Wedding catering services for businesses10$4.53High
32Catering services for corporate meetings20$4.05High
33Breakfast catering for corporate events20$3.95High
34Boxed lunch catering for corporate events20$2.78High
35Catering for charity events10$4.16High
36Catering for conferences and conventions10$4.70High
37Catering for networking events10$4.26High
38Catering for non-profit events10$4.48High
39Catering for trade shows and expos10$5.04High
40Corporate catering for breakfast meetings10$4.07High
41Corporate catering for dinner meetings10$4.28High
42Corporate catering for product launches10$4.91High
43Corporate catering for training sessions10$4.98High
44Corporate catering for VIP events10$5.21High
45Executive catering services for corporate events10$5.09High
46Food and beverage catering for corporate events20$4.63High
47Health-focused corporate catering services10$4.15High
48High-quality corporate catering services20$4.75High
49Seasonal corporate catering services10$4.29High
50Sustainable corporate catering services10$4.34High

Informational Intent Keywords

Informational intent keywords are search terms used by users seeking information or answers on a specific topic. 

They generally start with words like “how,” “what,” “why,” or “where.” For example, “how to bake a cake” is an informational intent keyword, as the user is looking for information on cake baking.

Here is a list of informational intent keywords for catering business

#KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Advantages of hiring a catering service10$2.89Medium
2Affordable catering ideas for a party10$2.72Medium
3Benefits of corporate catering10$2.92Medium
4Best catering ideas for a backyard BBQ10$3.51Medium
5Best catering options for a wedding10$3.76Medium
6Buffet catering ideas for a party10$2.55Medium
7Catering ideas for a graduation party10$2.73Medium
8Catering ideas for a Halloween party10$2.59Medium
9Catering ideas for a holiday party20$2.49Medium
10Catering ideas for a summer BBQ10$3.21Medium
11Catering ideas for an outdoor wedding10$3.18Medium
12Catering ideas for baby showers10$2.53Medium
13Catering ideas for corporate events10$2.87Medium
14Catering ideas for office meetings10$2.96Medium
15Catering ideas for wedding showers10$3.56Medium
16Catering ideas for winter weddings10$2.67Medium
17Catering vs. potluck: Which is better?10$2.18Medium
18Corporate catering ideas for breakfast meetings10$4.07Medium
19Corporate catering ideas for lunch meetings10$4.28Medium
20Creative catering ideas for a wedding reception10$3.77Medium
21Dessert catering ideas for a wedding10$3.31Medium
22Different types of catering services20$2.67Medium
23DIY catering ideas for a party10$2.33Medium
24Easy catering ideas for a party10$2.94Medium
25Essential catering equipment and supplies10$2.96Medium
26Finger food catering ideas for a party10$2.93Medium
27Healthy catering ideas for a party10$2.96Medium
28How to choose a catering service20$2.83Medium
29How to save money on catering for a wedding10$3.55Medium
30Catering options for a company retreat10$3.20Medium
31Ideas for catering a bridal shower10$2.75Medium
32Ideas for catering a business luncheon10$2.98Medium
33Ideas for catering a cocktail party10$2.75Medium
34Ideas for catering a company picnic10$2.85Medium
35Ideas for catering a corporate event10$2.96Medium
36Ideas for catering a fundraising event10$2.86Medium
37Ideas for catering a holiday gathering10$2.48Medium
38Ideas for catering a retirement party10$2.98Medium
39Ideas for catering a summer party10$3.02Medium
40Ideas for catering a wedding rehearsal dinner10$3.55Medium
41Ideas for catering a winter party10$2.71Medium
42Importance of presentation in catering10$2.83Medium
43International catering ideas for a party10$2.59Medium
44Low-cost catering ideas for a party10$2.73Medium
45Most popular catering menu items10$2.89Medium
46Outdoor catering ideas for a party10$3.18Medium
47Popular catering ideas for a graduation party10$2.73Medium
48Popular catering ideas for a sweet 16 party10$2.86Medium
49Professional catering tips for beginners10$2.74Medium
50Pros and cons of DIY catering10$2.19Medium
51Tips for choosing catering equipment and supplies10$2.94Medium
52Tips for creating a catering menu10$2.85Medium
53Tips for starting a catering business20$2.85Medium
54Top catering trends for weddings10$3.87Medium
55Types of catering services for events20$2.67Medium
56Unique catering ideas for a corporate event10$2.98Medium
57Vegan catering ideas for a party10$2.84Medium
58Vegetarian catering ideas for a party10$2.84Medium
59What to look for in a catering service20$2.87Medium
60Why choose a professional catering service10$2.89Medium
61Catering for small events10$2.86Medium
62Catering ideas for a business meeting10$2.98Medium
63Catering ideas for a family reunion10$2.91Medium
64Catering ideas for a quinceanera10$2.87Medium
65Catering ideas for a school event10$2.81Medium
66Catering ideas for an anniversary party10$2.99Medium
67Catering ideas for an engagement party10$3.11Medium
68Catering ideas for charity events10$2.86Medium
69Catering ideas for church events10$2.89Medium
70Catering ideas for non-profit events10$2.86Medium

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