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How to Name a author blog

When you decide to start a author blog, There are some points that you need to review to ensure your success in the market, especially your author blog name. That’s the name which you are going to introduce yourself in the market.

But, this is not an easy thing, since choosing a good author blog name is of vital importance, especially since that name will be a long-term choice and it is very much a marketing element that can make the difference between many or few clients.

Use our free AI-powered blog name generator above with just a few inputs to discover hundreds of author blog name ideas, check domain availability, and find the perfect match for your brand identity.

Here we’ve put together a pre-generated list of catchy, cool, good, and best author blog name ideas generated by our AI-powered tool. So you can easily choose some potential author blog names from the given list.

Author Blog Name Ideas List

Creating a memorable blog name is crucial for attracting readers to your author blog. Your blog name should reflect your writing style and personality. Here’s a list of 60 author blog name ideas:

  1. Dream Weaver
  2. Echo Tales
  3. Whimsy Words
  4. Quill Quest
  5. Mystic Muse
  6. Serene Stories
  7. Enigma Pages
  8. Wonder Verse
  9. Velvet Chronicles
  10. Ethereal Echoes
  11. Twilight Whispers
  12. Nebula Narratives
  13. Ponder Papyrus
  14. Secret Scrolls
  15. Celestial Scribe
  16. Ripple Rhymes
  17. Luminous Lines
  18. Shiver Scribe
  19. Harmony Hues
  20. Zenith Zephyr
  21. Elysian Echo
  22. Mirage Melody
  23. Stellar Symphony
  24. Fusion Fables
  25. Velvet Vignettes
  26. Luna Lyrics
  27. Zenith Zephyr
  28. Whimsy Writings
  29. Nebula Novels
  30. Arcane Aria
  31. Quasar Quest
  32. Ethereal Enigma
  33. Enchanted Echo
  34. Whispering Waves
  35. Celestial Chronicles
  36. Radiant Rhymes
  37. Ponder Pages
  38. Lustrous Lyrics
  39. Dream Duet
  40. Cascade Chronicles
  41. Vortex Verse
  42. Velvet Visions
  43. Serenade Scrolls
  44. Wondrous Words
  45. Echo Epics
  46. Quantum Quill
  47. Rhapsody Reverie
  48. Mythic Melodies
  49. Nebula Nectar
  50. Celestial Cadence
  51. Whirlwind Writings
  52. Ethereal Essence
  53. Lyrical Labyrinth
  54. Siren Scribe
  55. Quasar Quill
  56. Pondered Prose
  57. Enchanted Echoes
  58. Symphony Secrets
  59. Velvet Vortex
  60. Dreamer’s Diary

Catchy Author Blog Name Ideas

Creating a catchy and memorable blog name is crucial for attracting readers to your author’s blog. Your blog name should reflect your writing style and personality. Here’s a list of catchy author blog name ideas:

  1. Quill Harmony
  2. Novel Nexus
  3. Muse Matrix
  4. Verse Voyage
  5. Echo Tales
  6. Ponder Pages
  7. Plot Prism
  8. Dream Draft
  9. Rhythm Reverie
  10. Imagin Ink
  11. Serene Scrolls
  12. Lyric Lines
  13. Fable Flux
  14. Pen Palette
  15. Mythic Mingle
  16. Whimsy Words
  17. Prose Pinnacle
  18. Aura Axiom
  19. Whistle Writ
  20. Orb Odyssey
  21. Quirk Quill
  22. Verse Vista
  23. Cascade Chronicles
  24. Blissful Books
  25. Solace Scripts
  26. Muse Mingle
  27. Enigma Edits
  28. Lyrical Loft
  29. Script Serenity
  30. Velvet Verses
  31. Symphony Scribe
  32. Enchant Edits
  33. Nexus Novels
  34. Ripple Reads
  35. Whimsy Writes
  36. Allegro Authors
  37. Echo Edits
  38. Mystic Manus
  39. Ponder Plots
  40. Fable Forge
  41. Quill Quest
  42. Harmony Heir
  43. Eon Epics
  44. Verse Vista
  45. Whimsy Words
  46. Story Sphere
  47. Fable Fusion
  48. Serendipity Scripts
  49. Muse Memoir
  50. Quill Quirk
  51. Echo Essence
  52. Allegro Asylum
  53. Velvet Volumes
  54. Whistle Whimsy
  55. Lyrical Loom
  56. Novella Nexus
  57. Serene Scripts
  58. Ponder Pages
  59. Mystic Muse
  60. Allegro Arcs

Creative Author Blog Names Ideas

Crafting a blog name that reflects your creativity as an author is essential to stand out in the crowded online space. Here are creative author blog name ideas:

  1. Artful Author
  2. Wonder Words
  3. Whimsy Writes
  4. Quill Quest
  5. Mystic Muse
  6. Ponder Pages
  7. Verse Vista
  8. Fable Forge
  9. Serene Scripts
  10. Velvet Volumes
  11. Imagin Ink
  12. Echo Essence
  13. Muse Memoir
  14. Dream Draft
  15. Lyric Lines
  16. Rhythm Reverie
  17. Solace Scripts
  18. Enigma Edits
  19. Aura Axiom
  20. Mythic Mingle
  21. Prose Pinnacle
  22. Enchant Edits
  23. Quirk Quill
  24. Novel Nexus
  25. Cascade Chronicles
  26. Allegro Asylum
  27. Lyrical Loom
  28. Symphony Scribe
  29. Quill Quirk
  30. Allegro Arcs
  31. Whistle Whimsy
  32. Ponder Plots
  33. Mystic Manus
  34. Whimsy Words
  35. Serendipity Scripts
  36. Ripple Reads
  37. Orb Odyssey
  38. Blissful Books
  39. Story Sphere
  40. Quill Harmony
  41. Echo Edits
  42. Muse Mingle
  43. Verse Voyage
  44. Harmony Heir
  45. Fable Flux
  46. Quill Quirk
  47. Whistle Writ
  48. Novella Nexus
  49. Echo Tales
  50. Ponder Pages
  51. Plot Prism
  52. Dream Draft
  53. Quill Quest
  54. Lyric Lines
  55. Fable Forge
  56. Serene Scripts
  57. Velvet Volumes
  58. Enigma Edits
  59. Aura Axiom
  60. Mythic Mingle

Best Author Blog Names Idea

Creating a blog that stands out among the vast sea of online content requires a catchy and memorable name. Here’s a list of suggestions that exude excellence and are perfect for showcasing your skills and passion as an author:

  1. Prose Maven
  2. Literary Luminary
  3. Verse Virtuoso
  4. Story Sage
  5. Ink Insight
  6. Novel Nexus
  7. Poem Pinnacle
  8. Script Savvy
  9. Wordcraft Wizard
  10. Narrative Nectar
  11. Lyric Lore
  12. Book Bliss
  13. Plot Pulse
  14. Chapter Charm
  15. Rhyme Rapture
  16. Page Prowess
  17. Script Sphere
  18. Tale Triumph
  19. Quill Quotient
  20. Author Apex
  21. Literary Lure
  22. Fiction Finesse
  23. Verse Voyage
  24. Text Tact
  25. Plot Perk
  26. Pen Prodigy
  27. Muse Marvel
  28. Rhyme Radiance
  29. Book Beacon
  30. Story Spark
  31. Poem Power
  32. Narrative Nexus
  33. Quill Quest
  34. Novel Nest
  35. Script Sparkle
  36. Chapter Craft
  37. Word Wizardry
  38. Literary Link
  39. Bookish Brill
  40. Plot Prism
  41. Verse Verve
  42. Prose Palette
  43. Tale Tint
  44. Author Amaze
  45. Script Splash
  46. Word Weave
  47. Lyric Luxe
  48. Book Buff
  49. Plot Plunge
  50. Verse Vortex
  51. Story Symphony
  52. Page Prism
  53. Ink Isle
  54. Novel Nook
  55. Quill Quirk
  56. Rhyme Realm
  57. Literary Lens
  58. Text Tryst
  59. Author Aura
  60. Book Brio

Unique Author Blog Name Ideas

Standing out in the blogosphere requires a unique and captivating blog name. Here are suggestions that blend creativity and individuality, ensuring your author blog is one-of-a-kind:

  1. Quirk Quill
  2. Whimsy Words
  3. Ponder Prose
  4. Echo Epics
  5. Witty Write
  6. Muse Mingle
  7. Velvet Verse
  8. Prism Prose
  9. Zephyr Zest
  10. Serene Saga
  11. Jovial Jot
  12. Ethereal Epos
  13. Fable Finesse
  14. Blissful Books
  15. Mystique Manus
  16. Enigma Epitome
  17. Velvet Vignette
  18. Stellar Script
  19. Dazzle Diary
  20. Harmonic Hues
  21. Lush Lyric
  22. Velvet Vocabulary
  23. Odyssey Oasis
  24. Enchanting Echo
  25. Captive Chronicles
  26. Quill Quest
  27. Arcane Asylum
  28. Piquant Pages
  29. Elysian Echo
  30. Evoke Enigma
  31. Stellar Script
  32. Astral Author
  33. Velvety Verses
  34. Mystical Muse
  35. Whimsical Words
  36. Celestial Chronicle
  37. Enigma Elysium
  38. Luminous Lexicon
  39. Arcane Ascent
  40. Nebula Nectar
  41. Ethereal Echo
  42. Captivate Chronicles
  43. Ponder Pages
  44. Velvet Voyage
  45. Whimsy Writes
  46. Lush Lexicon
  47. Dreamy Diary
  48. Enchanted Epics
  49. Odyssey Opus
  50. Celestial Scrolls
  51. Quill Quasar
  52. Ethereal Essence
  53. Nebula Novels
  54. Blissful Books
  55. Luminous Lyric
  56. Dream Diary
  57. Odyssey Oracle
  58. Enigma Enclave
  59. Piquant Prose
  60. Nebula Novella

Clever Author Blog Names Ideas

A clever blog name can pique the curiosity of potential readers. Here’s a list of blog names that showcase your wit and intelligence as an author, making your blog a must-visit for literary enthusiasts:

  1. Witty Writes
  2. Brainy Books
  3. Smart Saga
  4. Clever Chronicles
  5. Genius Gems
  6. Crafty Quill
  7. Sharp Storyteller
  8. Intelligent Ink
  9. Astute Author
  10. Literary Logic
  11. Plot Puzzle
  12. Word Whiz
  13. Brainwave Books
  14. Savvy Scripts
  15. Genius Gazette
  16. Quizzical Quill
  17. Bookish Brain
  18. Plot Paradox
  19. Clever Chronicles
  20. Crafty Chapters
  21. Insightful Ink
  22. Quick Quill
  23. Wise Wordsmith
  24. Literary Labyrinth
  25. Brainy Bliss
  26. Genius Grammar
  27. Shrewd Story
  28. Astute Arcana
  29. Savvy Scripts
  30. Clever Craft
  31. Witty Wordplay
  32. Plot Prowess
  33. Genius Glyph
  34. Crafty Chapters
  35. Literary Logic
  36. Brainwave Books
  37. Insightful Ink
  38. Quizzical Quill
  39. Shrewd Story
  40. Wise Wordsmith
  41. Plot Paradox
  42. Clever Craft
  43. Witty Wordplay
  44. Astute Arcana
  45. Quick Quill
  46. Genius Glyph
  47. Literary Labyrinth
  48. Brainy Bliss
  49. Savvy Scripts
  50. Quizzical Quill
  51. Bookish Brain
  52. Plot Puzzle
  53. Sharp Storyteller
  54. Literary Logic
  55. Wise Wordsmith
  56. Crafty Quill
  57. Genius Gems
  58. Clever Chronicles
  59. Brainy Books
  60. Witty Writes

Cool Author Blog Names Ideas List

Are you an author looking to establish a cool online presence? Your blog’s name is the first impression readers get, so make it memorable. Here’s a list of blog name ideas that exude coolness and creativity:

  1. Ink Vortex
  2. Novel Nexus
  3. Verse Voyager
  4. Plot Pulse
  5. Word Zenith
  6. Prose Pinnacle
  7. Page Prism
  8. Chapter Cascade
  9. Fiction Forge
  10. Quill Quest
  11. Lexicon Lagoon
  12. Narrative Nebula
  13. Myth Mingle
  14. Script Summit
  15. Story Stash
  16. Literary Lagoon
  17. Book Blaze
  18. Verse Venture
  19. Narrative Nova
  20. Plot Pixel
  21. Prose Palette
  22. Chapter Chisel
  23. Script Sphere
  24. Word Wave
  25. Tale Typhoon
  26. Verse Vista
  27. Book Breeze
  28. Story Surge
  29. Narrative Nectar
  30. Quill Quake
  31. Word Whirl
  32. Plot Plunge
  33. Ink Isle
  34. Verse Vortex
  35. Page Peak
  36. Novel Nest
  37. Literary Loft
  38. Chapter Cove
  39. Quill Quasar
  40. Word Whiz
  41. Prose Peak
  42. Plot Pulse
  43. Book Blip
  44. Verse Vault
  45. Script Scape
  46. Chapter Chirp
  47. Ink Oasis
  48. Narrative Nook
  49. Story Spark
  50. Word Whirlwind
  51. Novel Nibble
  52. Quill Quirk
  53. Page Prism
  54. Plot Pixel
  55. Verse Venture
  56. Script Summit
  57. Book Breeze
  58. Word Wave
  59. Quill Quest
  60. Chapter Cascade

Funny Author Blog Names Ideas

Inject some humor into your author blog to engage and entertain your readers. A funny blog name can make your platform stand out and create a lighthearted atmosphere. Here are blog name ideas that tickle the funny bone:

  1. Wit Whirl
  2. Joke Journal
  3. Chuckle Chapter
  4. Haha Haven
  5. Gag Grove
  6. Jest Junction
  7. Snicker Script
  8. Humor Harbor
  9. Laugh Lexicon
  10. Comic Cove
  11. Satire Summit
  12. Quip Quasar
  13. Jest Jungle
  14. Guffaw Grotto
  15. Snort Sphere
  16. Chuckle Channel
  17. Amuse Abyss
  18. Hilarious Haven
  19. Wit Whiz
  20. Jolly Journal
  21. Quirk Quip
  22. Chuckle Cascade
  23. Gag Gallery
  24. Jest Jungle
  25. Snicker Scape
  26. Haha Hideaway
  27. Comic Canyon
  28. Wit Whirlwind
  29. Quip Quake
  30. Guffaw Grove
  31. Humor Hemisphere
  32. Chuckle Cove
  33. Jest Jetstream
  34. Snort Summit
  35. Hilarious Harbor
  36. Wit Wave
  37. Quirk Quill
  38. Chuckle Channel
  39. Gag Garden
  40. Jest Jungle
  41. Snicker Sphere
  42. Humor Hoot
  43. Quip Quake
  44. Joke Journey
  45. Guffaw Grotto
  46. Chuckle Channel
  47. Haha Hideout
  48. Jest Junction
  49. Snort Scape
  50. Wit Whirlwind
  51. Quirk Quasar
  52. Humor Harbor
  53. Gag Gallery
  54. Jest Jungle
  55. Chuckle Cascade
  56. Snicker Scape
  57. Haha Haven
  58. Quip Quake
  59. Guffaw Grove
  60. Comic Cove

Cute Author Blog Names Idea

Infuse your author blog with sweetness and charm by choosing a cute and catchy name. A cute blog name not only attracts readers but also reflects the endearing nature of your content. Here are adorable blog name ideas to add a touch of cuteness to your author platform:

  1. Snuggle Saga
  2. Whisker Whimsy
  3. Cozy Chronicle
  4. Sparkle Scribble
  5. Fluffy Fables
  6. Darling Diary
  7. Cuddle Chronicles
  8. Pint-sized Prose
  9. Petal Pages
  10. Quirk Quest
  11. Dainty Drama
  12. Chirpy Chapters
  13. Tiny Tales
  14. Rainbow Riddles
  15. Sweetie Script
  16. Twinkle Texts
  17. Peaches Plot
  18. Bunny Books
  19. Cupcake Chronicles
  20. Furry Fables
  21. Giggly Grove
  22. Bumble Bards
  23. Starry Stories
  24. Pocket Pages
  25. Whispered Words
  26. Lullaby Lexicon
  27. Dreamy Drama
  28. Pint-sized Plot
  29. Fuzzy Fables
  30. Petal Pages
  31. Quirk Quest
  32. Dainty Diary
  33. Chirpy Chapters
  34. Tiny Tales
  35. Sparkle Scribble
  36. Sweetie Script
  37. Rainbow Riddles
  38. Cupcake Chronicles
  39. Bunny Books
  40. Giggly Grove
  41. Cozy Chronicle
  42. Snuggle Saga
  43. Whisker Whimsy
  44. Fluffy Fables
  45. Darling Diary
  46. Cuddle Chronicles
  47. Pint-sized Prose
  48. Petal Pages
  49. Quirk Quest
  50. Dainty Drama
  51. Chirpy Chapters
  52. Tiny Tales
  53. Sparkle Scribble
  54. Sweetie Script
  55. Rainbow Riddles
  56. Cupcake Chronicles
  57. Bunny Books
  58. Giggly Grove
  59. Furry Fables
  60. Whispered Words

Classic Author Blog Name Ideas

If you’re a fan of timeless literature and wish to create a blog that reflects the elegance and sophistication of classic authors, consider these blog name ideas:

  1. Vintage Ink Haven
  2. Timeless Prose Retreat
  3. Classic Tale Muse
  4. Literary Epoch Lounge
  5. Elegant Quill Nook
  6. Time-Honored Verse Corner
  7. Noble Pen Hideout
  8. Regal Story Alcove
  9. Posh Author Odyssey
  10. Antique Papyrus Dwelling
  11. Grandiose Poet Haven
  12. Epochal Novel Oasis
  13. Refined Script Lounge
  14. Olden Saga Refuge
  15. Majestic Quill Harbor
  16. Ageless Bard Corner
  17. Traditional Verse Nest
  18. Tasteful Epic Abode
  19. Stately Scroll Retreat
  20. Classicist Ink Sanctuary
  21. Literary Dynasty Hub
  22. Poetic Tradition Niche
  23. Classic Prose Den
  24. Opulent Manuscript Lair
  25. Pinnacle Tale Corner
  26. Epochal Scribe Cove
  27. Legendary Poem Haven
  28. Literary Legacy Nook
  29. Renaissance Pen Alcove
  30. Epoch-Old Parchment Hub
  31. Prestigious Script Dwelling
  32. Aristocratic Tale Refuge
  33. Classic Narrative Lounge
  34. Traditional Author Sanctuary
  35. Noble Quill Pavilion
  36. Regal Chapter Nest
  37. Antique Scroll Retreat
  38. Grandiose Ink Haven
  39. Historic Story Corner
  40. Classicist Page Niche
  41. Literary Epoch Refuge
  42. Posh Chronicle Cove
  43. Olden Verse Oasis
  44. Majestic Prose Den
  45. Time-Honored Quill Hideout
  46. Classic Bard Harbor
  47. Refined Manuscript Sanctuary
  48. Opulent Novel Alcove
  49. Stately Poem Lounge
  50. Traditional Saga Pavilion
  51. Tasteful Papyrus Corner
  52. Ageless Author Niche
  53. Elegant Legacy Haven
  54. Epochal Scroll Refuge
  55. Poetic Tradition Hideout
  56. Classicist Verse Dwelling
  57. Literary Dynasty Retreat
  58. Prestigious Epic Cove
  59. Renaissance Scribe Oasis
  60. Epoch-Old Script Nook

Amazing Author Blog Names List

For an amazing author blog that captivates readers with awe-inspiring content, consider these blog name ideas that exude creativity and brilliance:

  1. Stellar Pen Paradise
  2. Astonishing Tale Odyssey
  3. Remarkable Verse Vortex
  4. Dazzling Script Dreams
  5. Unbelievable Prose Portal
  6. Magnificent Quill Quest
  7. Spectacular Narrative Nexus
  8. Incredible Author Adventures
  9. Phenomenal Poem Paradigm
  10. Fantastic Scribe Journeys
  11. Extraordinary Scroll Safari
  12. Awe-Inspiring Papyrus Pursuits
  13. Wondrous Manuscript Magic
  14. Breathtaking Story Escapade
  15. Marvelous Bard Chronicles
  16. Mind-Blowing Legacy Quest
  17. Astonishing Epic Endeavors
  18. Remarkable Chapter Wonderland
  19. Enchanting Ink Exploration
  20. Supernatural Saga Sojourn
  21. Astounding Chronicle Kingdom
  22. Brilliant Quill Expeditions
  23. Amazing Prose Wonderland
  24. Legendary Author Ventures
  25. Mesmerizing Poem Odyssey
  26. Exceptional Scribe Journeys
  27. Unforgettable Scroll Quest
  28. Stellar Manuscript Magic
  29. Phenomenal Story Safari
  30. Breathtaking Bard Paradigm
  31. Dazzling Legacy Vortex
  32. Marvelous Epic Dreams
  33. Awe-Inspiring Verse Portal
  34. Wondrous Quill Nexus
  35. Extraordinary Papyrus Adventures
  36. Spectacular Narrative Pursuits
  37. Magnificent Prose Magic
  38. Fantastic Author Escapade
  39. Incredible Poem Chronicles
  40. Mind-Blowing Scribe Quest
  41. Supernatural Scroll Wonderland
  42. Astounding Manuscript Kingdom
  43. Enchanting Chapter Sojourn
  44. Remarkable Ink Odyssey
  45. Legendary Saga Ventures
  46. Mesmerizing Bard Journeys
  47. Amazing Legacy Exploration
  48. Exceptional Epic Kingdom
  49. Unforgettable Prose Expeditions
  50. Breathtaking Poem Wonderland
  51. Stellar Scribe Chronicles
  52. Phenomenal Scroll Quest
  53. Marvelous Manuscript Magic
  54. Awe-Inspiring Story Safari
  55. Dazzling Author Paradigm
  56. Extraordinary Quill Vortex
  57. Spectacular Papyrus Dreams
  58. Magnificent Verse Odyssey
  59. Fantastic Script Nexus
  60. Incredible Narrative Pursuits

Popular Author Blog Name Ideas

To make your author blog stand out and attract a wide audience, consider these blog name ideas that resonate with popularity and contemporary appeal:

  1. Trendy Ink Express
  2. Buzzworthy Tale Zone
  3. Chic Script Chronicles
  4. Popular Prose Lounge
  5. Hip Quill Haven
  6. Cool Author Odyssey
  7. Viral Narrative Hub
  8. Hype Poem Retreat
  9. Trending Scribe Corner
  10. Stylish Scroll Alcove
  11. Famous Bard Niche
  12. Crowd-Pleasing Epic Refuge
  13. Hit Chapter Den
  14. In-Demand Manuscript Sanctuary
  15. Hot Story Pavilion
  16. Fashionable Legacy Hideout
  17. Trendsetter Quill Cove
  18. Iconic Author Oasis
  19. Buzzing Verse Den
  20. Celebrity Papyrus Refuge
  21. Insta-Famous Scroll Lounge
  22. Popular Script Haven
  23. Social Quill Oasis
  24. Buzz-Generating Prose Retreat
  25. Trending Poem Cove
  26. Influencer Scribe Corner
  27. Viral Saga Niche
  28. Popularity Quill Haven
  29. Famous Author Retreat
  30. Hottest Legacy Cove
  31. Popular Epic Sanctuary
  32. Cool Chapter Pavilion
  33. Trendy Manuscript Corner
  34. Stylish Story Refuge
  35. Iconic Bard Lounge
  36. Hit Verse Hideout
  37. In-Demand Scroll Oasis
  38. Viral Script Den
  39. Famous Quill Pavilion
  40. Buzzworthy Papyrus Haven
  41. Trendsetter Author Cove
  42. Hot Legacy Oasis
  43. Popular Epic Retreat
  44. Celebrity Chapter Niche
  45. Insta-Famous Manuscript Sanctuary
  46. Stylish Story Cove
  47. Hype Bard Hideout
  48. Cool Verse Pavilion
  49. Famous Scroll Refuge
  50. Trendy Quill Lounge
  51. Buzz-Generating Prose Haven
  52. Popular Poem Oasis
  53. Social Scribe Retreat
  54. Viral Saga Cove
  55. Hit Author Sanctuary
  56. Influencer Legacy Pavilion
  57. Trending Chapter Corner
  58. Popularity Manuscript Hideout
  59. Famous Story Niche
  60. Hottest Verse Pavilion

The characteristics of the best author blog names are the following:

1. Attractive: Your author blog names should be catchy and catch the attention of your target audience to stand out from everyone else.

2. Emotional: Your author blog names that represent emotions will help you connect with your audience more easily and can give them a clue about the tone of your blog.

3. Short and easy to remember: Your author blog names shouldn’t be too long or complex, as being short and simple will make them easier to remember after listening.

4. Themes: Your author blog names should also suggest what they will be about; that is, the name must be related to the topic you address in your blog.

5. Consider SEO: If you don’t show up on Google, you’re going to make it that much more challenging for customers to find you.

Today it is essential that our customers can easily find us through a Google search.

I recommend you avoid using the letters zsc, y-ll-i, vb; as well as the use of numbers and hyphens.

Examples and Inspiration

Descriptive name: “TechCrunch” for a technology blog, “Minimalist Baker” for a cooking blog with a minimalist approach.

Personal name: “Joanna’s Journal” if the blog is more personal or lifestyle-focused.

Creative name: “Cupcakes and Cashmere” combines interests (baking and fashion).

There are many ways to achieve this: using keywords from your topic, synonyms, prefixes, and suffixes, combining words that bring emotions, and using words in other languages ​​that are easy to pronounce.

1. Start With Brainstorming

One of the most well-known millennial techniques to activate your creative side and start generating the best author blog name ideas is brainstorming. But how do you brainstorm author names?

  • Create a list of words related to your industry.
  • Search on Google, which will help you discover even more words and ideas for a great name.
  • Now think of some fun words related to your niche.
  • Add your name to the words.
  • Create a list of words and start exploring. The list may contain adjectives that describe your target audience.

2. Use a blog Name Generator

Use our free AI-powered blog name generator to generate thousands of author blog name ideas for free from the keywords you enter and instantly check domain availability.

3. Compare To Other author blog names

Observe and analyze the names of other author blogs that have similar themes to yours, to know who your competitors will be and take inspiration from their ideas.

4. Shortlist Your Name List:

After brainstorming and comparing to other author blogs, you will have a long list of alternatives, which you will have to order and analyze to eliminate the less convincing options.

To begin with, you can keep a list of 10 to 20 alternatives, which must meet one of the attributes to choose the name of a author blog we reviewed above.

5. Ask For Feedback.

Share your ideas with friends, family, or colleagues to get their opinions. Use the feedback to refine your options and choose the best name.

6. Register Your author Domain Name

Once you have chosen the best name for your author blog, it is time to register that domain name & social media handles. I repeat this to you because it is essential that if nobody uses them, you register them as soon as possible.

To register your domain through the name generator, you’ll get 2 options:

1. You can register the domain in your name on, one of the most popular domain registrars. As a Grindsuccess user, you’ll get 25% off on your purchase on

2. Bluehost: Sign up for a web hosting plan with Bluehost and get a free domain name. Bluehost is one of the best web hosts with reliable hosting services at affordable rates. You can get started for as low as $2.75 per month and you’ll even get a free SSL certificate and CDN that will make your website more secure and faster.

There are some steps you can take to establish brand recognition and credibility for your team successfully.

Design a logo for your author blog:

Creating a logo is vital for increasing brand awareness, and there are several logo-maker tools available to help you design a unique one. Use this logo generator to simplify the process. 

Start Your Blog and Set Up Your Website:

Deciding on your blog name is just the first step. If you want to be able to use your blog name ideas and create a website, you will need a hosting plan for your domain.

Using this blog name generator, you can get your domain name for free when you set up your hosting plan!

Hosting Plan

A good hosting plan is essential because it provides the necessary infrastructure for your website to be accessible online and ensures that your website runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

Bluehost is our favorite hosting partner for affordable, beginner-friendly plans. You can set up your hosting plan with our guide on starting a blog.

Themes and Plugins

Once you’ve set up your hosting plan, you will need to consider themes and plugins for your blog, which provide more customizability and functionality for your website.

website theme allows you to create a unique look for your blog without having to write any code.


Still not quite sure how to pick a blog name? Here are the most common questions we get asked about naming your blog.

blog Name Generator is a tool designed to help entrepreneurs, startups, and bloggers find creative and suitable names for their blog websites. Using advanced algorithms, my generator combines words, checks for domain name availability, and suggests unique, catchy, and brandable names based on input keywords or themes.

Here’s why you should use our free blog name generator:

  • Creativity and Inspiration: Provides fresh ideas and unique combinations you might not think of on your own.
  • Efficiency: Quickly generates numerous options, saving you time in the naming process.
  • Availability: Checks name availability, ensuring your chosen name can be used.
  • Targeted Suggestions: Allows input of specific keywords to generate names aligned with your brand identity.
  • Cost-Effective: Free to use, making it ideal for startups and small blogs with limited budgets.

Your blog name is one of the single most important pieces to start your blog.

When you select a name, it becomes your blog’s business card. That will give the first impression to your customers and the reference point they will have to identify you and buy from you.

Grindsuccess is the oldest and best blog name generator. It’s easy to use and is based on a smart AI algorithm to generate only the best results with domain names available.

So we hope you found your catchy name with the help of our naming guide and author blog name generator.

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