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3 Ways To Grow a Business

This Article Written by Tom S Sanderson



3 Ways To Grow a Business

In these uncertain and changing times, there’s a lot of advice out there about ‘best business practice’

Some of this advice is coming from new ways of thinking & often is around how to survive – which is really great, because….that’s critical!!!

However…we are not wanting life to just survive, we want life to THRIVE!!!!

In business, what helps us thrive is cashew…or…importantly: SALES

I remember when we were operating on Film Production studio in Guangzhou, China we often had low-value film projects coming to us $3-4,000. Now our target films at that time were $15-30k.
So often in affiliate marketing, we hear “it takes as much effort to sell a $20/$200 product as it does a $2,000 product” and that is quite similar to film production. It takes similar energy to prepare film and edit a $3k film as a $20k film (not the same, but similar…) the difference is the $20k you can get more creative, have a better team and the end result is higher quality.

Any business has a requirement to grow and develop, in order to THRIVE, and this can be done in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Do repeat business with those customers
  3. Sell higher-ticket products to those customers


SO this is self-explanatory – do the marketing, engage the leads & generate new business…


This is a great strategy, which surprisingly, MANY businesses do not do well. There’s a long list of technology now which helps us communicate fast and effectively with our customer base. We are also now available to quite easily offer discount codes, combo packs, value-added, etc… to entice the existing customers to come back and buy again or buy something slightly different.
In our film business, we’d often go back to the customer who bought the $4k production and says “Hey…we filmed the office and factory Overview video, which you loved. Let’s now focus on the staff and customer service for a second film…” again – adding value and starting to build a brand image for their website.


This is great for the world of Affiliate marketing. It’s the perfect journey from low-end customer acquisition to a high ticket sale. Over the time of building KNOW, LIKE, TRUST the high-ticket products become a much easier and smoother proposition for anyone wanting to make great money online.

With the power of ORGANIC FACEBOOK MARKETING STRATEGIES – you are positioning yourself to take the most advantage of the HIGH-TICKET sales opportunity.

If you have read this far & want to find out more information on having $1k days & making more money online – Just reach out & connect. We have several products & ways in which we can help you get started & enjoying those big money days.

PIC: This picture was taken whilst filming the documentary for China Biggest Rock Star – WANG FANG. This is on stage during soundcheck the day before the show. We filmed the entire documentary with 2 x Sony FS7 and sound recorded using Sennheiser mic’s – followed Wang Feng & his team for 3 years.