Ucartz – Your One-Stop-Shop For All Your Web Hosting Needs

Ucartz Web Hosting

With connectivity soaring throughout the globe, establishing an online presence is of utmost importance. Thankfully, companies involved in the hosting business affirm this particular need by providing robust services. These services range from reseller hosting to VPS and dedicated hosting. Many companies provide at least two or more different alternatives.

One such company is Ucartz. Based on a small town called Punalur in Kollam, Kerala, the company now has clients from over 150+ countries. From its humble beginnings in 2013, the company has soared in popularity under the helm of its founder, Ebin V Thomas.

With such a spectacular portfolio, it is apparent that Ucartz must have some credentials to their name. Surprisingly, they are a leading IT Consultancy Company catering to clients throughout the globe. Moreover, they are also the world’s most popular provider for Internet Radio Hosting.

Due to sound practices and a commitment to providing 24/7 customer support with their high standards, the company has concocted its own formula for success that does not seem to be slowing down its growth anytime soon.

Why Ucartz is Different:

Ucartz makes promises to its clients and spectacularly delivers on them. With an in-house support team that provides customers with their IT and hardware expertise, their satisfaction rates are through the roof!

Moreover, all servers purchased through the company are provided with some immediate benefits and perks that remain outmatched by any other competitor. All services and products are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by experts to ensure no hiccups or glitches.

As the company only works with top-of-the-line hardware and network providers, Ucartz proudly guarantees 100% network uptime with a maximum of 2 hours taken to completely replace redundant hardware with its latest iteration.

Moreover, the company realizes the importance of Cyber Security and takes threats to their customer’s privacy or security very seriously. As such, Daily scans for malware are performed. Encrypted FTP Access is provided alongside the quality of life features such as IP Blocking, Hotlink, and Leech Protection.

Since Ucartz prides itself in its backend integration, client servers are set up instantly a few seconds after payment. Clients also gain access to their personal control panel, which has all their products and services neatly packaged, allowing them to view their current services, upgrade them, modify them and file a ticket if necessary.

A Complete Package for Your IT Needs

Besides just hosting, Ucartz offers a wide range of IT Solutions that couple alongside their pre-existing hosting solutions. With services such as web development, everything from the backend, domain, and ultimately hosting is managed by Ucartz.

Alongside this, several other solutions are features such as software installation for even the most complicated server arrays alongside a wide range of networking and security solutions for small and large enterprises.

In essence, whether it’s making and hosting an entire website from the ground up, managing a complicated server array, maintaining backups, or making sure an e-commerce site runs smoothly.

Ucartz’s IT Solutions ensure that customers are left fully satisfied with all their demands being met in a timely fashion.

Taking The Pain Out Of Hosting:

Constant updates, maintenances, security backdoors, hosting a server, and managing it while running a business can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, Ucartz offers a solution. With their Managed Cloud Hosting, their team of experts can handle all the nitty-gritty associated with hosting, improving productivity and security while also reducing cost.

As mentioned earlier, Ucartz is known for its excellent Internet Radio Hosting Solutions. Their servers offer integrated feature intelligent automated systems that can help solo artists and even larger entities. Their commitment to 100% uptime ensures that any internet radio show hosted on their server remains up 24/7.

With most enterprise activities moving towards the cloud, the company offers dedicated servers that provide low latency live streaming solutions that are scalable.