Innovation and Resilience: The Restart Path of José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez


In the business world, where innovation and resilience are currencies, few narratives are as inspiring as that of José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez.

This Venezuelan entrepreneur, with less than three years in the United States, has not only reinvented himself after leaving his native country but has also excelled in the competitive field of high technology consulting.

As the leader of Quark Advantage in Jersey City, José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez is committed to democratizing strategic planning, offering small businesses the necessary tools to thrive in a challenging market.

His unique approach, encapsulated in the CR Model of Systemic Strategic Planning developed by him, not only reflects his deep understanding of business management but also his personal philosophy of belief, creation, and action.

This methodology, which has been the foundation of his success, has earned him recognition from the NJEDA Innovation Fellows Program, positioning him as a reference in the application of artificial intelligence for strategic management.

The story of José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez is a testimony to the creative and resilient will that defines true innovators.

From his time as director of Goya Foods Corp. in Venezuela to his current endeavor to boost the success of others, his journey is a clear example that there is no insurmountable obstacle for those who have the courage to start anew, unafraid to restart.

Philosophical Vision and Creative Will

Inspired by your articles “To believe, to create and to do” and “No fear to restart,” how has your philosophy of belief, creation, and action influenced your journey as an entrepreneur?

I think I have an entrepreneurial soul. I delved into the field of computing at the age of 14, entirely self-taught, and have never stopped being on the cutting edge of technological knowledge since then.

At every step I have taken, from my roots in Venezuela to the ground I now tread, I have carried with me the conviction that to create a better future, we must first believe in it.

“Believe, create, and do” are not just words; they are actions born from an unbreakable will to transform ideas into tangible realities.

This philosophy has guided me through the seas of uncertainty and has given me the strength to build Quark Advantage from scratch, in a land that is now my home. Doing is a process of refinement.

Hence, the articles you mention, “To believe, to create and to do” and “No fear to restart,” published in Meer, have now transformed into books.

What role does resilience play in your methodology and in how you face challenges?

Resilience is the essence of my being; it is the ability to rise after every fall, to learn from every mistake, and to move forward with more wisdom.

I have always said that humans should only fall to their knees, never with their face to the ground, and then rise and continue along the path.

In my CR Model of Systemic Strategic Planning, resilience is a fundamental piece. It is what allows companies to understand their environment, adapt, and evolve in the face of challenges.

In my life, resilience has been my constant companion, allowing me to see each obstacle not as an end but as a new beginning, an opportunity to reinvent myself and to help others do the same.

José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez

Challenges and Overcoming

As director of Goya Foods Corp. S.A. in Venezuela, how have you applied your philosophy in facing the transition to a new country and the challenge of starting over?

My life philosophy, which focuses on using inner will to turn ideas into reality. In Venezuela, business activity revolved around my profession as a lawyer with over 20 years of experience, I completed a Master’s degree in International Law and International Relations, and I am also a PhD candidate in the same major.

Leaving my homeland was a difficult decision, but the need to pursue freedom brought me to the United States. Here, my profession as a lawyer has no application for now, so I applied my philosophy to rebuild my professional life from scratch.

Focusing on my passion, knowledge, and expertise in the field of information technology, I used every previous experience as a stepping stone to new heights.

The ability to adapt and create in a completely new environment is a testament to human will and entrepreneurial spirit.

What obstacles have you overcome on the path to establishing your consulting firm in an unfamiliar environment?

Obstacles are mental processes. Strategic thinking helps to define goals, especially in overcoming language and cultural barriers, and particularly for understanding the U.S. business market.

I think dedicating myself to writing helped me tremendously. Opinion articles, research articles, and even books.

Establishing Quark Advantage was a challenge that required not only technical knowledge but also a deep empathy and understanding of the needs of small businesses.

Overcoming these obstacles has been possible thanks to a resilient approach and a firm belief in our company’s vision. But I think I had a clear vision of this entrepreneurial path when I wrote the article “Struggling Small Business in the US. The Next Challenge to economic recovery,” which I published in 2022, when the Covid-19 pandemic began to wane.

Innovation and Recognition

Tell us about the CR Model of Systemic Strategic Planning that you have developed. How does it reflect your philosophical approach in practice?

The CR Model of Systemic Strategic Planning is the result of years of research and practical experience.

In our project, we are merging principles of artificial intelligence with business management strategies, all with the aim of making strategic planning tools accessible to small businesses in understandable language.

This model reflects my philosophical approach by emphasizing belief in human potential and the creation of systems that unveil that potential.

In practice, it is a framework that helps companies understand their environment, anticipate changes, and adapt proactively.

It is a living methodology that evolves with each client, continuously learning and improving, just as artificial intelligence learns from data.

With the recent award from the NJEDA Innovation Fellows Program, how do you see the impact of your work in the field of AI and business strategic management?

Receiving the Innovation Fellows Program Award from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority has been an honor and a confirmation of the impact our work is having in the field of AI and business strategic management.

We were selected from a highly competitive group of innovation proposals. With a $400,000 grant, which is being invested in the creation and development of Quarks Advantage, this recognition highlights the importance of continuous innovation and practical application in the real world of our methodology integrated into an artificial intelligence platform.

I see this award not only as a personal achievement but also as a boost to keep moving forward, exploring new frontiers in AI, and offering solutions that transform how businesses operate and compete in the global market.

Impact and Future

How is Quark Advantage democratizing strategic planning for small businesses in the United States?

Quark Advantage is revolutionizing how small businesses approach strategic planning.

Traditionally, this type of consulting has been accessible only to large corporations with significant resources.

Our mission is to change that by offering cutting-edge tools and methodologies that were previously exclusive to the corporate sphere at an affordable price for small business owners.

We are leveling the playing field, enabling these businesses not only to survive but also to thrive, even against larger competitors.

Looking to the future, what are your plans for Quark Advantage and for the application of AI in business strategic management?

Having a sight at the future, I see Quark Advantage as a catalyst for change in the consulting industry.

We plan to scale our service offerings, using artificial intelligence not only to analyze data but also to predict trends and offer personalized strategic recommendations.

AI will be a fundamental tool in our mission to empower entrepreneurs, helping them make informed decisions and design strategies that enable them to achieve their long-term goals.

However, we also want to position Quark Advantage as a benchmark for innovation. My articles on the use of graphene and quantum computing are guides that we will use to propel the company on that journey.


The story of José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez is a beacon of inspiration for any entrepreneur facing adversity.

His journey from hardships in Venezuela to success in the United States is a testament to the strength of the human will and the power of a positive philosophy.

Through Quark Advantage, José Gabriel, as he likes to be called, has not only reinvented himself but has also paved a way for others to follow in his footsteps toward success.

The democratization of strategic planning and the integration of artificial intelligence into business management are just the beginning.

With his CR Model of Systemic Strategic Planning, José Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez is setting a new standard in consulting, one that promises to transform the future of small businesses in the United States and beyond.

In a world where starting over is often a necessity, José Gabriel’s story reminds us that with resilience, innovation, and a philosophy of belief, creation, and action, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

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