How to Use Credit Card Debt Relief

Credit Card Debt Relief

Getting out of debt is one of the hardest things a person can do. The good news? It’s also one of the most rewarding. Freedom Debt Relief helps people achieve financial freedom by reducing their credit card debts to reasonable levels through affordable and reasonable debt settlement options.

It helps to pay off your credit card debt without filing for bankruptcy or dealing with court proceedings or garnishments. It’s a stressful spot for many, as close to 60% of U.S. consumers feel pressed by debt. Here is how to use credit card debt relief.

Negotiate With Your Creditors

The first step in negotiating with your creditors is determining how much you can afford to pay. If you are currently working with a debt relief agency, it will likely ask you to fill out a budget form to calculate your minimum monthly payment. You can use the money that remains after paying for necessities for your credit card payments.

Next, write down all your debts and the interest rate that each one carries. This will help you decide which debts you should pay off first. If possible, focus on getting rid of high-interest debts first because they cost more in the long run. Contact each creditor and explain your situation. 

You may want to ask if it offers any financial assistance programs, such as lower interest rates or reduced monthly payments until you get back on track financially. If it doesn’t offer any assistance program, ask if it would consider negotiating with you so that you could come up with an agreement.

If the creditor agrees to negotiate with you about lowering interest rates or reducing monthly payments until things get better financially, talk about what types. 

Consider working with an organization, such as Freedom Debt Relief, if you don’t want to negotiate yourself but want a better deal.

Consider Debt Relief or Settlement

Debt relief is an option for those who have already tried to pay off their debt but are still unable to do so. Debt relief programs offer you full payment to pay off your debt with one payment and avoid further interest accruing on your balances.

Debt settlement is when you work with an agency to negotiate a lower amount of money you owe while still having access to your credit accounts. This type of program works best if you have high-interest rates, such as credit card debt or medical bills that have ballooned due to late payments.

Enroll in a Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan is a debt relief program that lets you consolidate your debts, lower interest rates and pay less interest each month on the resulting balance. If you have more than one credit card and are struggling to keep up with your payments, a debt management plan can help lower your interest rates. 

This can help you make one monthly payment toward all your credit card bills so that you don’t miss payments. You’ll need to enroll in a debt management plan through your creditor or debt consolidation agency, which will then negotiate with your creditors to lower the amount you owe on each account.


Credit debt relief is the process of paying off your credit card bills with the help of a credit card debt consolidation or debt settlement organization. With this help, you will understand how to use credit card debt relief to save money and obtain lower interest rates.