SaaS PR: How to Build an Effective PR Strategy for Your SaaS Startup


While PR is an effective tool for any business, it holds unique importance for a SaaS startup. It helps your business get media coverage, builds brand awareness, and attracts potential clients. And one of the most crucial factors of success for SaaS companies has to be an ever-growing customer base.

And if you’re a startup or an emerging company, marketing your products and services can be a bit challenging, especially if you are short on a marketing budget.

Thus, the most effective way to build brand awareness and generate leads is by leveraging public relations, which also helps promote corporate visibility. Besides, it’s a promising tool the most successful SaaS brands use to build credibility, get positive media coverage, and inspire others with thought leadership.

Now, before we head into how to build an effective PR strategy, it is imperative for businesses to understand why a well-crafted PR campaign is vital for the growth of your startup.

Why Do You Need a PR Campaign?

Building and launching an app in today’s tech-savvy economy is not an easy feat. And with the rising competition, where hundreds of new apps are being launched every day, establishing your presence in the market is important.

A comprehensive PR campaign can help your startup derive the following benefits:

Build Mass Awareness:

If you’re curious about how your app can create a buzz in the market before its launch, a PR campaign is an answer. Traditionally, PR strategies were more inclined towards pitching to media outlets, but now it is so much more than that.

It involves implementing online strategies such as SEO, using influencer marketing, and content marketing. All of these marketing tactics help generate mass awareness. For instance, SEO helps you improve google ranking, which allows interested customers to locate you easily.

Attract Potential Investors:

SaaS companies work hard on building a long-term presence in the market and focus on improved sustainability for their products.

All of it is achieved by building a network of potential investors who might be interested in your product or service. Having a targeted PR strategy is the most trusted way to communicate your app’s viability to potential investors.

Best PR Strategies for Your SaaS Startup

There is a myriad of options when it comes to using PR strategies to promote your SaaS startup. Here, we have compiled a list of the six most effective PR strategies that can help you get the word out there.

1. Create a Press Kit

Press kits are still relevant in 2022 and can be a profitable investment for companies. It is advised to work with a PR agency that provides public relations software, as these agencies also help you create a press kit for your brand.

Besides, they offer services that help you build a network with key news media, gain media coverage, and create content to bring in potential customers.

2. Come Up With an Appealing Press Release

Another effective way to gain media coverage for your startup is by creating a compelling press release. A well-written press release will help you get the right clients who might be interested in collaborating with your brand.

Whether you hire a PR agency to write the press release or do it by yourself, make sure to add all the necessary information about your company.

3. Join Industry Events

Another popular way to let the corporate market know about your new app is by speaking at particular industry events. It’s a great way to connect with your target audience and let them know your vision and goal behind the product you’ve created.

4. Write Guest Posts

Backlinks are crucial to a successful marketing and PR strategy. And guest posting is a promising way to get backlinks and get the market exposure you need to promote your startup.

For this, you need to write guest posts for other popular industry publications while ensuring the topics remain relevant to your target audience.

5. Promote via Podcasts

Podcasts are a relatively new concept used by marketers to promote their brands. Try to participate in a popular podcast and focus on providing value rather than hard-selling your product. Podcasts are majorly seen as an information marketing tool to educate the audience.

6. Leverage Social Media

In today’s digital world, where customers want everything online, what could be a better way to promote your SaaS startup than utilizing the power of social media?

While social media can be used throughout the SaaS marketing funnel, it’s advised to be used at the Top of the Funnel stage. At this stage, your objective is to generate as much awareness as you can.

How to Maintain an Effective PR Campaign?

Every company can create a PR campaign, but how it maintain it so that it yields effective results? Here’s how you can conduct and maintain a successful PR campaign.

1. Be Clear With Your Objectives

The PR strategy of your company can have multiple goals. It could be to revamp the existing brand image, create a brand reputation, or increase sales. Thus, your strategy should have clear-cut objectives to be achieved within a time frame.

2. Use Different Platforms for Communication

Gone are the days when PR campaigns used to be conducted at press conferences. Today, there are a number of other platforms where you can spread out the word about your app.

Radio broadcasts, TV, social media, and press releases are some examples. All you have to do is know your target customer base and realize which platform would be the most comfortable for them.

3. Work With a Media Agency

To release your PR campaign, it is crucial to work with a media agency that can help you with your PR goals. Collaborating with a press agency will ensure that you build a good rapport with journalists and that your target audience views the campaign.

Be sure to look for services that offer balanced coverage combined with news and thought leadership.

The Final Word

PR for SaaS companies is quite different from what a PR strategy looks like for other businesses.

Thus, as a SaaS business owner, it is crucial for you to hire a top-notch PR firm that knows the technical know-how related to SaaS PR or have a skilled team who can do that for you.

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