Most Popular Seo Keywords For Grocery

Looking for the top Google search grocery keywords? We’ve got you covered! below you can see the most popular grocery keywords. Whether you’re looking for PPC keywords or SEO keywords, we’ve gathered the best topic for you.

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We’ll also tell you how competitive each grocery keyword is and its average cost for ads to help you pick the best ones for your campaigns.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords typically represent the core concepts or ideas related to your business, products, or services. For example, if you run an online store selling running shoes, your seed keywords might include “running shoes,” “athletic shoes,” “sports shoes,” and so on. 

By using these seed keywords, you can generate more specific long-tail keywords or variations that are relevant to your target audience and help improve your website’s search visibility.

Here is a list of seed keywords for grocery business

No.KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Grocery store300,000$0.50High
2Online grocery shopping200,000$0.40High
3Fresh produce150,000$0.60High
4Dairy products100,000$0.70High
5Canned goods80,000$0.50High
6Frozen foods70,000$0.80High
7Meat and poultry60,000$0.70High
8Baking essentials50,000$0.60High
9Snacks and chips40,000$0.90High
11Breakfast cereals20,000$0.70Medium
12Pasta and grains15,000$0.60Medium
13Condiments and sauces10,000$0.50Medium
14Bread and bakery products8,000$0.40Medium
15Snack bars6,000$0.60Medium
16Beverages (alcoholic)5,000$0.70Medium
17Deli and prepared foods4,000$0.80Medium
18Organic products3,000$0.70Medium
19International foods2,000$0.60Medium
20Gluten-free products1,500$0.50Medium
21Snacks (healthy options)1,200$0.90Low
22Specialty ingredients1,000$0.80Low
23Dairy-free alternatives800$0.70Low
24Bulk foods600$0.60Low
25Fresh herbs and spices500$0.50Low
26Vegan products400$0.90Low
27Artisanal foods300$0.80Low
28Non-GMO products200$0.70Low
29Specialty coffees200$0.70Low
30Organic fruits150$0.60Low
31Natural sweeteners120$0.70Low
32Gourmet cheeses100$0.80Low
33Specialty teas80$0.90Low
34Locally sourced products60$0.70Low
35Fresh seafood50$0.80Low
36Ethnic spices40$0.60Low
37Free-range eggs30$0.70Low
38Organic meats25$0.50Low
39Gluten-free baking20$0.90Low
40Health food snacks15$0.80Low
41Plant-based proteins12$0.70Low
42Natural cleaning products10$0.80Low
43Sugar-free alternatives8$0.90Low
44Fair trade products6$0.80Low
45Fresh juices5$0.70Low
46Local honey4$0.60Low
47Sustainable packaging3$0.70Low
48Artisan bread2$0.80Low
49Fresh vegetables2$0.70Low
50Healthy meal kits1$0.90Low

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are longer, more specific search phrases with lower search volume but higher conversion rates. Example: “vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies” instead of “chocolate chip cookies.”

Here is a list of long tail keywords for grocery company

No.Long Tail KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Best grocery stores near me2,000$0.50Medium
2How to save money on groceries1,500$0.40Medium
3Quick and easy grocery recipes1,200$0.60Medium
4Healthy snacks for kids1,000$0.70Medium
5Budget-friendly meal planning800$0.50Medium
6Tips for organizing a pantry600$0.80Medium
7Plant-based grocery shopping guide500$0.70Medium
8DIY homemade cleaning products400$0.60Medium
9Meal prep ideas for busy individuals300$0.90Medium
10Gluten-free recipes and products200$0.80Medium
11Dairy-free meal options150$0.70Medium
12Tips for reducing food waste100$0.80Medium
13Organic gardening tips80$0.90Medium
14Vegan grocery shopping list60$0.80Medium
15Low-sodium meal ideas50$0.70Medium
16Sustainable and eco-friendly products40$0.60Medium
17Cooking with seasonal produce30$0.70Medium
18Allergen-free grocery options25$0.50Medium
19Specialty diets and grocery shopping20$0.90Medium
20Meal planning for large families15$0.80Medium
21Tips for smart grocery shopping10$0.70Medium
22Healthy alternatives to common ingredients8$0.80Medium
23Grocery delivery services6$0.90Medium
24Fresh produce storage tips5$0.80Medium
25Special dietary needs and grocery shopping4$0.70Medium
26Farmers’ markets and local produce3$0.60Medium
27International cuisine ingredients and recipes2$0.70Medium
28Non-perishable pantry essentials2$0.80Medium
29Family-friendly meal ideas2$0.90Medium
30Tips for buying organic on a budget2$0.80Medium
31Nut-free snacks for school2$0.70Medium
32Budget meal plans for singles2$0.80Medium
33Quick and healthy breakfast ideas2$0.90Medium
34Sustainable packaging alternatives2$0.80Medium
35DIY kitchen staples2$0.70Medium
36Low-carb grocery shopping list2$0.60Medium
37Meal planning for picky eaters2$0.70Medium
38Budget-friendly vegetarian recipes2$0.80Medium
39Healthy lunch ideas for work2$0.90Medium
40Buying local and supporting farmers2$0.80Medium
41Sustainable seafood choices2$0.70Medium
42Tips for reducing plastic waste in grocery shopping2$0.80Medium
43Quick and easy dinner recipes2$0.90Medium
44Gluten-free baking tips and tricks2$0.80Medium
45Meal planning for weight loss2$0.70Medium
46Healthy snacks on the go2$0.60Medium
47Seasonal fruit and vegetable guides2$0.70Medium
48Specialty diets and grocery shopping guides2$0.80Medium
49Cooking with alternative flours2$0.90Medium
50Zero waste grocery shopping strategies2$0.80Medium

Commercial Intent Keywords

Commercial Intent Keywords are search terms used by users with an intent to make a purchase or engage in a transaction. 

These keywords often indicate a strong interest in buying a product or service. Example: “buy iPhone 13 online”.

Here is a list of commercial intent keywords for grocery business

No.KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Buy groceries online10,000$1.50High
2Grocery delivery services8,000$1.20High
3Online grocery shopping6,000$0.90High
4Grocery coupons4,000$0.80High
5Grocery store deals3,000$1.00Medium
6Discount groceries2,500$1.10Medium
7Grocery store promotions2,000$0.70Medium
8Weekly grocery ads1,500$0.80Medium
9Bulk grocery purchases1,000$0.90Medium
10Wholesale groceries800$0.80Medium
11Grocery delivery near me600$0.90Medium
12Grocery store loyalty programs500$1.00Medium
13Organic grocery options400$0.90Medium
14Specialty food stores300$0.80Medium
15Gourmet grocery products200$0.70Medium
16Health food store150$0.80Medium
17Gluten-free groceries100$0.90Medium
18Ethnic grocery stores80$0.80Medium
19Vegan grocery options60$0.70Medium
20Kosher grocery products50$0.80Medium
21Dairy-free grocery alternatives40$0.90Medium
22Specialty spices and herbs30$0.80Medium
23Organic baby food25$0.70Medium
24Healthy snacks20$0.80Medium
25Fresh produce delivery15$0.90Medium
26Organic meat delivery12$1.00Medium
27Artisanal food products10$0.90Medium
28Locally sourced groceries8$0.80Medium
29Specialty drinks6$0.90Medium
30Snack subscription boxes5$0.90Medium
31Organic produce delivery4$0.80Low
32Gourmet cheese online3$0.90Low
33Grocery store gift cards2$1.00Low
34Specialty baking ingredients2$0.90Low
35Healthy meal delivery services2$0.80Low
36Fresh seafood online2$0.90Low
37Organic pantry staples2$1.00Low
38Gluten-free meal kits2$0.90Low
39Dairy-free alternatives online2$0.80Low
40Specialty chocolate2$0.90Low
41Health food subscription boxes2$0.80Low
42Snack delivery services2$0.90Low
43Gourmet olive oil2$1.00Low
44Natural and organic beauty products2$0.90Low
45Vegan meal delivery2$0.80Low
46Specialty coffee beans2$0.90Low
47Organic baby formula2$1.00Low
48Healthy snack subscription boxes2$0.90Low
49Fresh juice delivery2$0.80Low
50Specialty grocery delivery2$0.90Low

Informational Intent Keywords

Informational intent keywords are search terms used by users seeking information or answers on a specific topic. 

They generally start with words like “how,” “what,” “why,” or “where.” For example, “how to bake a cake” is an informational intent keyword, as the user is looking for information on cake baking.

Here is a list of informational intent keywords for grocery business

No.KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1How to meal plan50,000$0.50High
2Benefits of eating organic40,000$0.40High
3Guide to healthy eating30,000$0.60High
4Importance of fresh produce20,000$0.50High
5How to read food labels15,000$0.70High
6Tips for grocery shopping on a budget10,000$0.80Medium
7Understanding food expiration dates8,000$0.60Medium
8How to store fruits and vegetables6,000$0.70Medium
9Different types of cooking oils5,000$0.80Medium
10Benefits of meal prepping4,000$0.90Medium
11Tips for reducing food waste3,000$0.70Medium
12Cooking measurements and conversions2,500$0.80Medium
13How to choose ripe fruits and vegetables2,000$0.70Medium
14Different types of flours and their uses1,500$0.60Medium
15Nutritional benefits of different nuts1,200$0.80Medium
16Guide to food preservation methods1,000$0.90Medium
17Different cuts of meat and cooking methods800$0.80Medium
18How to properly store and freeze leftovers600$0.70Medium
19Understanding food allergies and intolerances500$0.80Medium
20Tips for mindful eating400$0.90Medium
21Different types of pasta and their uses300$0.80Medium
22Guide to cooking with herbs and spices200$0.70Medium
23Benefits of drinking water150$0.80Medium
24How to choose the right cooking equipment100$0.90Medium
25Tips for organizing a pantry80$0.70Medium
26Different types of sweeteners and their uses60$0.80Medium
27How to choose the right cooking oil50$0.90Medium
28Guide to food safety and handling40$0.80Medium
29Different types of grains and their uses30$0.70Medium
30Tips for reducing plastic waste in grocery shopping25$0.80Medium
31How to properly store different types of cheese20$0.90Medium
32Guide to cooking with seasonal ingredients15$0.80Medium
33Different types of cooking methods12$0.70Medium
34How to choose the right cuts of meat10$0.80Medium
35Benefits of consuming whole grains8$0.90Medium
36Guide to reading nutritional labels6$0.80Medium
37How to properly store and freeze produce5$0.70Medium
38Different types of seafood and their uses4$0.80Medium
39Guide to cooking with different types of vegetables3$0.90Medium
40Benefits of eating a balanced diet2$0.80Medium
41How to choose the right types of bread2$0.90Medium
42Guide to cooking with alternative ingredients2$0.80Medium
43How to properly store and freeze meat2$0.70Medium
44Different types of milk and their uses2$0.80Medium
45Guide to cooking with different types of beans2$0.90Medium
46Benefits of consuming a plant-based diet2$0.80Medium
47How to choose the right types of cooking pans2$0.90Medium
48Guide to cooking with different types of rice2$0.80Medium
49How to properly store and freeze seafood2$0.70Medium
50Different types of chocolate and their uses2$0.80Medium
51Guide to cooking with different types of oils2$0.90Medium
52How to properly store and freeze dairy products2$0.80Medium
53Tips for grocery shopping with kids2$0.90Medium
54How to choose the right types2$0.90Medium
55Guide to cooking with different types of poultry2$0.80Medium
56How to properly store and freeze baked goods2$0.90Medium
57Different types of spices and their uses2$0.80Medium
58Guide to cooking with different types of seafood2$0.90Medium
59How to properly store and freeze fruits2$0.80Medium
60Different types of sweeteners and their uses2$0.90Medium
61Guide to cooking with different types of dairy2$0.80Medium
62How to properly store and freeze vegetables2$0.90Medium
63Different types of grains and their uses2$0.80Medium
64Guide to cooking with different types of legumes2$0.90Medium
65How to properly store and freeze pantry staples2$0.80Medium
66Different types of oils and their uses2$0.90Medium
67Guide to cooking with different types of vegetables2$0.80Medium
68How to properly store and freeze grains2$0.90Medium
69Different types of nuts and their uses2$0.80Medium
70Guide to cooking with different types of fruits2$0.90Medium

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering the art of SEO keywords is pivotal for you business striving to thrive in the digital landscape. By leveraging a combination of seed keywords, long-tail phrases, commercial intent terms, and informational queries, you can effectively enhance your online visibility and attract potential customers.

Additionally, embracing innovative tools such as our AI Keyword Generator can revolutionize your keyword research process, offering unparalleled insights and opportunities for optimization.

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