Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Social Media Username

Choosing the Right Social Media Username

Finding the correct social media handle is one of the first things you should do after choosing what your business will be about, whether you want to become a social media influencer or establish a business.

Keep this in mind if you plan on working with a social media influencer agency. Using a social media username checker, you can determine whether or not the social media handle you are interested in using is already being used by someone else.

Yet, should they be the same across all social media platforms? You shouldn’t let this discourage you from moving forward with the name you’ve chosen for your firm.

Choosing a memorable social media handle might be challenging, but luckily there are several ways around this!

What are some tips for creating a memorable user name for social media platforms? And what should you do if the name you choose for your company is already in use? Here, you’ll find the answers to these questions and many others!

What Are Social Media Handles?

Social media handles, often known as usernames, are unique identifiers people use to represent themselves on various platforms. Social media handles identify people and companies on profiles, postings, and comments.

Handles should be unique, easy to remember, and related to the person or company. Each social networking platform has its standards. Some systems allow users to use their real names as handles, while others demand nicknames, letters, and digits.

Social media handles are essential for organizations and people trying to develop a brand or reputation. A consistent handle across social media platforms may help visitors locate and follow your activity and build brand awareness.

Social media accounts may be used to interact with people. Twitter users can mention others by using @ followed by their handle.  Social media handles represent people and companies online.

The appropriate handle may boost online presence, engagement, and interaction. Using a Name checker, you can determine whether or not the social media handle you are interested in using is already being used by someone else. 

Why are social media handles important?

Social media handles, or usernames, are essential for several reasons. First and foremost, they serve as an online identity and representation of who we are or what we offer. They allow people to find and follow our accounts, connect with us, and engage with our content.

Secondly, social media handles are critical for building a personal or business brand. A consistent and memorable username across different platforms can help increase brand recognition and attract a relevant audience.

Using a username that reflects our brand’s values, personality, and niche, we can establish ourselves as experts in our field and build trust with our audience.

Moreover, social media handles are essential for promoting and marketing our products or services. By including relevant keywords in our usernames, we can improve our visibility on social media platforms and attract potential customers.

Social media handles can also help us track and analyze our social media performance and engagement with our audience.

Do My Social Media Handles Have to Be Consistent?

Having a consistent social media handle across all social media platforms makes it much simpler for other users to locate you on those platforms, which is often regarded as one of the most effective social media strategies.

Also, it makes the marketing process less complicated and more straightforward. People are going to wonder if they are talking to the same business if you use a different handle for each platform, such as TheCitcat, Citcat, and Catcit.

They could even send you emails to verify that it’s the same brand, which is an unprofessional action on their part.

Moreover, who wants to have to try to remember a different username for every social media site? No one! Using consistent handles makes it easier for customers to find your company online and indicates professionalism.

Tips for Picking a Social Media Username

The following is a step-by-step guide that will assist you in selecting an appropriate username for usage on social networking platforms for your company.

Tips for Picking a Social Media Username

1. Your Social Media Handle’s Purpose

It is crucial to determine the objective of your presence on each platform before creating accounts on various social media platforms or writing down potential usernames.

Are you interested in establishing a community? Do you want to only employ it as a means of advertising? Or do you want to increase your number of sales?

When you have decided what you want to accomplish with your social media account, it will be much simpler to select a suitable username for that reason.

2. Make it Short and Simple.

Remember that your audience must be able to easily remember and enter your business username, so make it brief and straightforward.

3. Use One Username across all Platforms

Using the same username across all platforms will help to promote consistency and make it simpler for others to find you on multiple platforms.

4. Verify availability on all platforms.

After choosing a unique social media username, check its availability on all platforms. This helps to understand social media sites. Use the same username across platforms to develop a strong online brand.

Online tools or platform-specific searches can verify your preferred username’s availability. Some online apps and tools let you verify username availability across numerous social networking networks.

Social media username checkers or username availability checkers are an example. This tool lets you search for your preferred username on many social networking networks. This procedure is fast and easy. 

What to do if your preferred username is already in use?

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve gone through the trouble of selecting the ideal handle for your account only to discover that someone else has already claimed it. You have a few options, including the following:

1. Add an initial

The use of an initiative is the first strategy you might employ in the event that your genuine name has already been taken. You may create a unique username for yourself on social media by using the initials of your first name, last name, or even your middle initial.

2. Use determiners 

Using determiners, such as the words “the,” “this,” and “that,” may transform a duplicate username into a distinctive one that stands out from the crowd. This works very well with personal accounts in addition to commercial ones. For illustration, you may follow @TheAntonioSmith,

3. Use an underscore

In the case that your desired username is already used, you may always try using an underscore instead. You might use one or two underscores, such as one at the beginning, one in the middle, or one at the end, as in _ Nonsense,” Non_ sense” or _ Nonsense_.

4. Use the word “real” or “official.”

For example, your usernames on Facebook and YouTube are both ‘CitcatOfficial’ because it has been discovered that your name is not all that distinctive. You may also distinguish yourself from the many phony accounts by using the word “real” in your handle, as in “@realCitcat.”

5. Consider things from a new perspective.

Sometimes changing works better! If you’re stuck, brainstorm with friends, family, or social media users. Maybe you’ll think of something better? It’s extremely vital to pick a name you like and that fits your brand. With a little originality, you’ll find great company social media handles!

6. Try a different platform

A unique social media username may assist in building your brand. If your desired username is taken on a platform, it can be irritating and restricting. Try a different platform. Each social media network has distinct features and users.

Explore several platforms to broaden your reach, and pick a platform with your favorite username. Try Twitter, TikTok, or Pinterest if your Instagram username is taken. This lets you use your favorite username on many platforms.

However, content and audiences vary per platform. So, examining the platform is crucial to guarantee it matches your brand or personal goals. 

How to prevent social media handles from being stolen?

Protecting social media handles is important. There are various ways to protect social media handles from being stolen.

First, use hard-to-guess passwords. Common terms, phrases, and personal information like your birthday can be readily hacked. Create a strong password using upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols. Use a separate password for each network to avoid a single hack affecting all your social media accounts.

How to prevent social media handles from being stolen

Two-factor authentication secures social media accounts. Logging in requires a password and a code given to your phone or email. Two-factor authentication lowers social media account hacking.

Hacking schemes are a typical way hackers steal social media accounts. Beware of emails, texts, and websites that request login information or personal information. If communication seems suspicious, don’t click on links or input login information. Lastly, access social media using secure networks. Public Wi-Fi networks may be insecure.


Social network handles are essential to a company’s successful online search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. These identifiers make your brand appear more credible while facilitating easier access to your product.

Thus, select a username that is short, simple, easy to remember, and one that can stand up to the test of time. Moreover, make an effort to be consistent throughout your social networking platforms.

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