Most Popular Seo Keywords For Cctv

Looking for the top Google search cctv keywords? We’ve got you covered! below you can see the most popular cctv keywords. Whether you’re looking for PPC keywords or SEO keywords, we’ve gathered the best topic for you.

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We’ll also tell you how competitive each cctv keyword is and its average cost for ads to help you pick the best ones for your campaigns.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords typically represent the core concepts or ideas related to your business, products, or services. For example, if you run an online store selling running shoes, your seed keywords might include “running shoes,” “athletic shoes,” “sports shoes,” and so on. 

By using these seed keywords, you can generate more specific long-tail keywords or variations that are relevant to your target audience and help improve your website’s search visibility.

Here is a list of seed keywords for CCTV business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
2Security Cameras60,500$1.10High
4CCTV Camera18,100$0.80High
5CCTV Installation16,100$2.70High
6CCTV System14,800$1.10High
7IP Cameras14,800$1.20High
8Home Security12,100$3.70High
9Security Systems12,100$2.30High
10Night Vision Camera9,900$0.90High
11Outdoor Security9,900$2.60High
12Wireless CCTV8,100$1.70High
13Video Surveillance8,100$1.40High
14CCTV Monitoring6,600$2.10High
15Security Solutions6,600$2.40High
16CCTV Companies5,400$3.50High
17Home CCTV5,400$2.10High
18Security Services4,400$4.10High
19PTZ Cameras4,400$1.30High
20Network Cameras3,600$1.20High
21CCTV Accessories2,900$1.30High
22CCTV DVR2,900$0.90High
23Business Security2,400$3.30High
24CCTV Distributors1,900$3.50High
25Covert Cameras1,900$1.80High
26Indoor Security1,900$2.60High
27Video Management1,600$1.90High
28Thermal Cameras1,600$2.20High
30PoE Cameras1,300$1.40High
31CCTV Maintenance1,000$2.70High
32HD Cameras1,000$1.00High
33CCTV Repairs880$2.90High
34CCTV Upgrades720$2.20High
35360 Degree Cameras590$1.20High
36Baby Monitor590$0.90High
37CCTV for Retail480$3.00High
38Door Entry Systems480$2.20High
39Vehicle CCTV390$2.50High
40CCTV for Schools320$2.30High
41CCTV for Homeowners320$1.90High
42Body Cameras260$2.10High
43CCTV for Offices260$2.30High
44Facial Recognition260$1.50High
45CCTV for Construction Sites210$2.10High
46Floodlight Cameras210$1.70High
47CCTV for Farms170$1.80High
48CCTV for Restaurants140$2.60High
49CCTV for Small Business110$2.10High
50CCTV for Warehouses110$2.60High

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are longer, more specific search phrases with lower search volume but higher conversion rates. Example: “vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies” instead of “chocolate chip cookies.”

Here is a list of long tail keywords for cctv company

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Best CCTV system for home110$2.10High
2How to install CCTV at home90$2.50High
3Wireless CCTV camera for home70$1.60High
4CCTV camera for outdoor home60$0.90High
5How to choose a CCTV system50$2.10High
6CCTV system for small business40$2.20High
7CCTV camera for apartment40$0.80High
8CCTV camera for farm30$1.70High
9CCTV system for restaurant30$2.20High
10CCTV camera for garage30$0.90High
11CCTV system for warehouse20$2.60High
12CCTV camera for shop20$1.80High
13CCTV camera for store20$2.20High
14CCTV camera for gas station20$2.00High
15CCTV camera for parking lot20$1.90High
16CCTV camera for office20$2.30High
17CCTV camera for construction site10$1.90High
18CCTV camera for daycare10$2.20High
19CCTV camera for school10$1.80High
20CCTV camera for hospital10$2.00High
21CCTV camera for hotel10$2.50High
22CCTV camera for bank10$2.70High
23CCTV camera for ATM10$1.60High
24CCTV camera for library10$1.40High
25CCTV camera for museum10$1.60High
26CCTV camera for zoo10$1.50High
27CCTV camera for amusement park10$1.90High
28CCTV camera for casino10$2.30High
29CCTV camera for10$2.30High
30CCTV camera for shopping mall10$2.20High
31CCTV camera for industrial building10$2.60High
32CCTV camera for warehouse security10$2.50High
33CCTV camera for event security10$1.60High
34CCTV camera for campus security10$1.80High
35CCTV camera for car dealership10$1.70High
36CCTV camera for construction safety10$2.10High
37CCTV camera for data center10$2.20High
38CCTV camera for electric vehicle10$0.90High
39CCTV camera for government building10$2.00High
40CCTV camera for home renovation10$1.80High
41CCTV camera for hotel room10$1.50High
42CCTV camera for laboratory10$1.40High
43CCTV camera for mental health clinic10$2.30High
44CCTV camera for nursing home10$2.20High
45CCTV camera for oil and gas facility10$2.60High
46CCTV camera for pharmacy10$1.90High
47CCTV camera for power plant10$2.30High
48CCTV camera for public building10$1.70High
49CCTV camera for recycling center10$1.60High
50CCTV camera for water treatment10$2.10High

Commercial Intent Keywords

Commercial Intent Keywords are search terms used by users with an intent to make a purchase or engage in a transaction. 

These keywords often indicate a strong interest in buying a product or service. Example: “buy iPhone 13 online”.

Here is a list of commercial intent keywords for cctv business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Buy CCTV system390$2.90High
2CCTV installation services320$3.20High
3CCTV maintenance services260$2.80High
4CCTV repair services210$3.10High
5CCTV upgrade services170$2.80High
6CCTV monitoring services140$2.60High
7CCTV system integrator110$3.30High
8CCTV distributor90$3.20High
9CCTV project management70$3.50High
10CCTV system design70$3.10High
11CCTV training courses50$2.90High
12CCTV system consulting40$2.80High
13CCTV system engineering40$2.60High
14CCTV system maintenance plans30$3.20High
15CCTV system warranty30$2.80High
16CCTV system lease20$2.90High
17CCTV system rental20$2.70High
18CCTV system financing20$2.90High
19CCTV system insurance10$3.20High
20CCTV system leasing companies10$3.00High
21CCTV system rental companies10$2.90High
22CCTV system financing companies10$3.20High
23CCTV system insurance companies10$2.80High
24CCTV system for sale10$3.30High
25CCTV system discounts10$2.60High
26CCTV system promotion10$2.90High
27CCTV system package deals10$3.20High
28CCTV system installation cost10$2.80High
29CCTV system maintenance cost10$3.10High
30CCTV system repair cost10$2.00High
31CCTV system upgrade cost10$2.90High
32CCTV system monitoring cost10$2.80High
33CCTV system integrator cost10$3.10High
34CCTV system distributor cost10$2.90High
35CCTV project management cost10$3.20High
36CCTV system design cost10$2.80High
37CCTV training courses cost10$2.60High
38CCTV system consulting cost10$2.90High
39CCTV system engineering cost10$3.10High
40CCTV system maintenance contract10$3.30High
41CCTV system rental agreement10$3.20High
42CCTV system financing options10$2.80High
43CCTV system insurance coverage10$3.10High
44CCTV system installation service10$2.80High
45CCTV system maintenance service10$3.10High
46CCTV system repair service10$2.90High
47CCTV system upgrade service10$2.80High
48CCTV system monitoring service10$2.90High
49CCTV system integrator service10$3.20High
50CCTV system distributor service10$2.80High

Informational Intent Keywords

Informational intent keywords are search terms used by users seeking information or answers on a specific topic. 

They generally start with words like “how,” “what,” “why,” or “where.” For example, “how to bake a cake” is an informational intent keyword, as the user is looking for information on cake baking.

Here is a list of informational intent keywords for cctv business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1What is CCTV?3,600$1.10High
2How does CCTV work?2,400$1.20High
3Benefits of CCTV1,900$1.40High
4Types of CCTV cameras1,600$1.50High
5CCTV vs. security guards1,300$1.70High
6CCTV camera resolution1,100$1.60High
7CCTV camera placement1,000$1.50High
8CCTV camera angles900$1.40High
9CCTV camera field of view800$1.30High
10How to choose a CCTV camera700$1.60High
11CCTV camera lens types600$1.50High
12CCTV camera infrared500$1.50High
13CCTV camera installation500$1.80High
14CCTV camera maintenance400$1.70High
15CCTV camera troubleshooting400$1.80High
16CCTV camera night vision400$1.60High
17CCTV camera remote viewing300$1.70High
18CCTV camera cloud storage300$1.90High
19CCTV camera recording options300$1.70High
20CCTV camera motion detection300$1.60High
21CCTV camera zoom300$1.50High
22CCTV camera audio recording200$1.80High
23CCTV camera smart features200$1.90High
24CCTV camera IP vs. analog200$1.60High
25CCTV camera wired vs. wireless200$1.80High
26CCTV camera remote access200$1.90High
27CCTV camera installation guide200$1.70High
28CCTV camera maintenance guide100$1.60High
30How to maintain CCTV cameras100$1.70High
31CCTV camera privacy laws90$1.60High
32CCTV camera placement guidelines80$1.50High
33CCTV camera installation cost80$1.90High
34CCTV camera maintenance cost70$1.70High
35How to troubleshoot CCTV camera problems60$1.80High
36CCTV camera recording time60$1.50High
37CCTV camera system design50$1.80High
38How to access CCTV camera footage remotely50$1.90High
39CCTV camera monitoring software50$2.10High
40CCTV camera installation tools40$1.60High
41CCTV camera cloud storage providers40$2.00High
42CCTV camera power source40$1.70High
43How to choose a CCTV camera system30$1.80High
44CCTV camera remote access apps30$2.10High
45CCTV camera system configuration30$1.90High
46CCTV camera field of view calculator30$1.70High
47CCTV camera light sensitivity20$1.80High
48CCTV camera privacy settings20$1.90High
49CCTV camera system maintenance schedule20$1.70High
50CCTV camera system upgrade options20$2.00High
51CCTV camera system troubleshooting guide20$1.60High
52CCTV camera system maintenance checklist10$1.90High
53How to clean CCTV camera lenses10$1.80High
54CCTV camera system monitoring guide10$2.00High
55How to troubleshoot CCTV camera connection10$1.70High
56CCTV camera system layout examples10$1.60High
57CCTV camera image quality test10$1.90High
58CCTV camera system power consumption10$1.90High
59CCTV camera system wiring diagrams10$2.00High
60CCTV camera system storage options10$1.90High
61How to adjust CCTV camera settings10$1.80High
62CCTV camera system troubleshooting checklist10$1.70High
63How to upgrade CCTV camera system firmware10$2.10High
64CCTV camera system maintenance tools10$1.60High
65CCTV camera system maintenance tutorials10$1.90High
66How to connect CCTV camera system to the internet10$2.00High
67CCTV camera system firmware updates10$2.10High
68CCTV camera system software10$1.80High
69CCTV camera system user manual10$1.70High
70How to test CCTV camera system performance10$2.00High

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering the art of SEO keywords is pivotal for you business striving to thrive in the digital landscape. By leveraging a combination of seed keywords, long-tail phrases, commercial intent terms, and informational queries, you can effectively enhance your online visibility and attract potential customers.

Additionally, embracing innovative tools such as our AI Keyword Generator can revolutionize your keyword research process, offering unparalleled insights and opportunities for optimization.

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