10 Of the Best Article Rewriting Tools for Your Content Marketing Needs

Every marketing strategy requires unique and fresh content to secure the top spots on the SERP’s shelves. The quality of content significantly impacts a website’s ranking and defines how much traffic your platform would gain. In this regard, information’s clarity, readability, and uniqueness are essential. But how can you maintain all these factors?

With the help of Article Rewriting Tools, content marketers can ensure that they deliver quality content that is loved by both search engines and audiences. These tools are powered by intelligent AI and NLP technology, which assures unique and readable content for your business website.

However, you may find various tools in various usability forms, and you may not have sufficient time to try out each one. Therefore, we have evaluated and approved the 10 best article rewriting tools for your content marketing needs. We will discuss each tool’s unique features and usability to assist you in making the right choice.

10 Best Article Rewriters for Writing Marketing Content

Here we have mentioned the best article rewriters you can find online to help you rewrite marketing content. Read each tool’s description and key features to find the suitable option for your use from the following.

1. Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter

Artificial Intelligence and NLP technology are this tool’s core elements, which is why it offers a range of options for rewriting the content. The Article Rewriter web-based tool provides a range of options to make your content unique and readable.

With this tool, you will find three different options to rewrite your content, which are more like three reasons why you would like to rewrite content in the first place. It features the following:

  • Word Changer
  • Sentence Changer
  • Plagiarism Remover mode

These modes make it much more versatile than any other Article rewriting tools. It is free to try for everyone, so do not hesitate to try it.

Key Features

  • Three different rewriting modes.
  • Multiple Language selection options.
  • File uploading option.
  • Free and unlimited usage for guest users.
  • Allows downloading rewritten text in a document file.

2. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter

If you are looking for an article rewriter that gives results as accurate as human-level work, then Spin Rewriter would be the right option. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and NLP technology, this online tool gives you naturally written content with minor mistakes and better structure.

Spin Rewriter automatically understands the context of your written material and provides the most relevant suggestions for rewritten text. Users can get results in up to 1000 variations, which means you can rewrite the same content as often as you want.

This premium Article rewriter works under the paid usage and can be availed under two different payment plans. You can use the article spinner for $47 a month or a $ 77 per year paid subscription.

Key Features

  • Allows inserting graphical content in rewritten text.
  • Integrates with plagiarism checking tools like Copyscape.
  • Offers bulk article rewriting.
  • Integrated grammar and spelling checker options.
  • Supports a variety of languages.

3. Article Rewriter – Prepostseo

Article Rewriter – Prepostseo

If you are looking to secure a prominent spot in the SERP rankings, it’s essential to rewrite the content precisely to meet the quality standards. With the help of Article Rewriter by Prepostseo, you can get several options for writing quality marketing content.

This online tool allows free access to two different modes, and you can access them without registration. The Simple and Advanced modes are free to use and provide well results.

However, if you want to achieve better readability, go for the Fluency or Creative mode, which comes under the paid plans.

Key Features

  • File uploading option with every document format support.
  • Four different rewriting options.
  • Extensive range of language selection.
  • Filter to exclude words to prevent rewriting.
  • Highlights the rewritten text to differ from the original content.

4. Useotools


Freeware tools are always in demand, and their worth becomes even more demanding when they are available for free. The Article Rewriter offers the simplicity of interface and free usage from Useotools.

This online tool follows a step-by-step process to rewrite text with ensured uniqueness and improved readability. Paste the content, and with one click, the tool will give you output in the form of rewritten text. Even though this tool is free to use, it lacks some basic features like language selection.

Key Features

  • Free online accessibility.
  • No word limit.
  • Efficiently rewrites content in just a few seconds.
  • One-click rewriting option.
  • Works best for composing lengthy thesis and assignments.

5. Clever Spinner

Clever Spinner

Clever Spinner’s Article Spinner feature is one of the most seamless yet accurate tools you can find online. This online tool applies several filters to your content to retain the original meaning of the context but with no plagiarism.

If you are someone who needs guest posts and blog posts in bulk, then this tool would be the perfect option for you. It supports bulk rewriting, so you will get loads of content much quicker than expected. Unfortunately, the tool is not free to use, and it helps free access only under a 3-days trial which requires account registration.

Key Features

  • Bulk spinning feature.
  • Supports integration with Copyscape.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Range of filters to apply for maintaining content originality.
  • Supports API integration.

6. Article Rewriter by Rephrase.info

Article Rewriter by Rephrase.info

The article rewriter gives you options for rewriting the content without logging in or registering an account. The creative mode works under paid access, so you might need to go pro with its services. However, the word changer mode is free to access.

This online tool allows you to upload text and rewrite content with a remarkably effortless process. It only takes less than a minute to rephrase your article with this article rewriter. Paste the content or upload the document file and press the ‘Rewriter Now’ button to produce unique and readable content.

Key Features

  • Option to select multiple languages.
  • Supports file uploading in various formats.
  • Gives two different article rewriting modes.
  • Highlights rewritten text.
  • Allows downloading rewritten text in the document file.

7. Rewriting Tool by SEO Tools Center

Rewriting Tool by SEO Tools Center

This article spinner follows a step-by-step flow process that provides quality content in just a few clicks. As the name suggests, the Article Rewriter by SEO Tools gives you optimized content, ready to post for your marketing website.

You must paste the content you want to rewrite, choose the languages, and click the ‘Spin’ button to begin the rewriting process. The tool will present you with suggestions before finalizing the output results. After completing the rewritten text, you can fetch the results directly from the output box.

Key Features

  • Diverse options to select languages.
  • Provides spin suggestions with the highlighted text.
  • Presents results quickly.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Allows downloading text in various document file formats.

8. Article Spinner

Article Spinner

The Article Spinner is a more straightforward, accessible solution for creating unique, readable content. The Article Spinner follows a simple method to give you unique content with just a few clicks.

Although the article spinner follows the simple article rewriting process, it has no word limit. But there is no option to select language, which limits the versatility of this tool.

Key Features

  • Free to use.
  • Presents results efficiently.
  • Gives suggestions in the form of highlighted text.
  • Allows rewriting content with different results on each spin.
  • Instant results are downloading.

9. Copywritely


The Copywritely is an article rewriter that bloggers and content marketers love. The special thing about this tool is that it supports a large word count of 2500 words, making it an ideal option for rewriting entire blog posts or product reviews in one go.

The tool is easy to use as you can either paste the text directly or paste the link to the article to fetch the content in the input box. The tool provides you with suggestions for replacing certain words. But the downside is that you may have to register to enjoy the full features of the tool.

Key Features

  • Option to upload text directly.
  • Allows pasting text via URL.
  • Supports rewriting 2500 words for free.
  • Allows correction for grammar and spelling.
  • It gives interactive tips to enhance content quality.

10. SEO Tools Station

SEO Tools Station

The Article Rewriter by SEO Tools station simplifies the rewriting process by making it just a two-step process. This online tool has a very straightforward interface, requiring only a few clicks to produce unique content.

Paste the content in the interface and click the ‘Submit’ button. The tool will scan the article and apply the appropriate changes to make it look unique. Moreover, you can directly fetch the rewritten article with a simple click, and the tool provides satisfactory results.

Key Features

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Free access to guest users.
  • Allows pasting content directly.
  • Provides individual and error-free results.
  • Supports free grammar and spelling checks.


Article rewriting requires time and effort as you must present a newer version of something already available. It becomes a great challenge for writers as they must recreate something from scratch by relating it to the elements of an already written article.

But to save time and effort, writers can take help from article rewriting tools. These tools are pre-programmed with AI and NLP technology to bring unique and readable content for you.

This article featured the top 10 article rewriting tools which work on the same principles of rewriting content. We hope this article was insightful to assist you in writing plagiarism-free content.