Establish Yourself as a Celebrity Authority in Your Niche

Your goal is not to actually be a real celebrity like Kim Kardashian.

I’m not talking about that kind of celebrity. I’m talking about becoming a famous person that nobody’s ever heard of.

I’m talking about being the celebrity authority in your niche, just in your niche, not a mainstream celebrity, although that’s your goal. Go for it.

But I’m talking about just within your industry. So let’s say in financial planning, in real estate, you’d be deep. So it’s like the expert. You’re like, Oh, yeah, you’re good at what you do. But when you’re celebrity authority, you are the person they go to. So when you think of motivational speaking, Tony Robbins comes to mind, Right?

He owns that space only owns the space. And that’s why Tony makes much much more money than all these other motivational speakers.

Do you know that within the NLP, the neural Linguistic Programming where Tony got a lot of training from within the industry people a lot of people hate Tony Robbins?

Do you know why they hate him? Because of Jealousy

Because they feel like oh, but Tony you’re not properly trained. You don’t have all my credentials and certification and this and that, so you are not an official NLP guy. And you use all different techniques and things like that.

I’m like, dude, the guy impacts millions of people. How many of you impact? You know, it doesn’t matter. It’s not the point. But that’s why they don’t get it. They are focusing on the thing.

Instead of how can I move up in this Ascension on this ladder and create at the minimum, you want to be an expert, ideally, you want to be a celebrity authority,

So which surprise is a good example?

Why does Richard Branson get a minimum of $100,000 for an appearance at a speaking gig? Why?

Because he is a celebrity authority. Now, you might say but dead because he’s a billionaire.

Of course, he gets a minimum of $100K to speak. That’s not true. Because a lot of billionaires don’t get $100K to speak.

Just because you have money. It doesn’t make you a celebrity authority. On the other hand, if you are a celebrity authority, money finds you. You’ll never be out of money.

When your expert people call you and say I want to do business with you, when you are a celebrity authority, people are happy to even get to you.

Do you see a distinction? They’re happy that they get to you finally And they are begging please take me on.

When you have that kind of positioning power, you know, you know what, from their perspective, you are celebrity authority.

Me I mean, you know, it’s like am not celebrity authority to my wife. But in the market, I’m a celebrity authority in my niche, and that’s all I need to be.

That’s what I mean, right? It’s that celebrity authority. You just need to be there for your own niche.