Most Popular Seo Keywords For Architect

Popular Service Keywords List

Looking for the top Google search architect keywords? We’ve got you covered! below you can see the most popular architect keywords. Whether you’re looking for PPC keywords or SEO keywords, we’ve gathered the best topic for you.

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We’ll also tell you how competitive each architect keyword is and its average cost for ads to help you pick the best ones for your campaigns.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords typically represent the core concepts or ideas related to your business, products, or services. For example, if you run an online store selling running shoes, your seed keywords might include “running shoes,” “athletic shoes,” “sports shoes,” and so on. 

By using these seed keywords, you can generate more specific long-tail keywords or variations that are relevant to your target audience and help improve your website’s search visibility.

Here is a list of seed keywords for architect business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
2Architectural Design22,2002.30High
3Architectural Drawing9,9001.60High
4Interior Design301,0003.80High
5Landscape Architecture6,6002.90High
6Building Design8,1002.50High
7Sustainable Architecture2,4002.90High
8Urban Design14,8002.60High
9Green Building4,4002.70High
10Commercial Architecture2,9002.40High
11Residential Architecture2,4002.30High
12Architectural History3,6001.60High
13Architectural Styles1,6001.70High
15Building Materials12,1001.70High
17Structural Engineering5,4003.10High
18Architectural Software1,6005.50High
203D Modeling8,1003.50High
22Residential Design2,4002.20High
23Commercial Design1,9002.10High
24Landscape Design14,8002.40High
25Building Codes4,4002.20High
26Architecture School3,6002.50High
27Architecture Jobs5,4001.70High
28Architect Salary2,9002.20High
29Residential Construction2,4002.20High
30Commercial Construction1,9002.10High
31Architectural Photography2,4001.60High
32Architectural Rendering2,9003.00High
33Architectural Visualization2,4004.70High
34Architectural Drafting2,4002.30High
35Architectural Technology1,6003.10High
36Architecture Firms4,4002.60High
37Architecture Portfolio2,4001.60High
38Architecture Services1,3003.00High
39Architecture Magazine1,9001.10High
40Architectural Theory1,3001.70High
41Architecture Drawing Tools7202.90High
42Architectural Acoustics1,0002.80High
43Architectural Lighting3,6003.10High
44Architectural Details2,4001.40High
45Building Construction22,2002.00High
46Architectural Drafting Software7206.50High
47Building Systems1,6002.50High
48Architecture Education1,9001.60High
49Architecture Exhibition7201.50High
50Architectural Style Guide5901.20High

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are longer, more specific search phrases with lower search volume but higher conversion rates. Example: “vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies” instead of “chocolate chip cookies.”

Here is a list of long tail keywords for architect company

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Architecture design software1,0004.60High
2Architecture and interior design5903.10High
3Sustainable architecture design5902.80High
4Modern architecture design1,3002.80High
5Residential architecture design4802.20High
6Commercial architecture design3202.10High
7Landscape architecture design2602.90High
8Green architecture design2602.50High
9Architecture and construction5902.50High
10Architecture and engineering5903.60High
11Sustainable architecture firms1703.00High
12Architecture and real estate2602.60High
13Architecture design firms1702.70High
14Architecture and landscape design1703.00High
15Architecture and urban design1702.80High
16Residential architecture firms1402.30High
17Commercial architecture firms1402.20High
18Landscape architecture firms1402.40High
19Green architecture firms1102.60High
20Sustainable architecture firms in (city/region/country)1403.20High
21Residential architecture in (city/region/country)1101.70High
22Commercial architecture in (city/region/country)901.60High
23Landscape architecture in (city/region/country)901.90High
24Green architecture in (city/region/country)701.80High
25Architecture and interior design in (city/region/country)702.40High
26Architecture firms in (city/region/country)702.50High
27Sustainable architecture design in (city/region/country)702.90High
28Modern architecture design in (city/region/country)1102.60High
29Architecture and engineering in (city/region/country)702.60High
30Architecture and construction in (city/region/country)702.60High
31Residential architecture firms in (city/region/country)501.90High
32Commercial architecture firms in (city/region/country)401.50High
33Landscape architecture firms in (city/region/country)402.00High
34Green architecture firms in (city/region/country)302.40High
35Architecture and interior design firms in (city/region/country)302.60High
36Sustainable architecture firms in (state/province)503.20High
37Residential architecture in (state/province)501.60High
38Commercial architecture in (state/province)301.50High
39Landscape architecture in (state/province)301.90High
40Green architecture in (state/province)201.80High
41Architecture and interior design in (state/province)202.40High
42Architecture firms in (state/province)202.50High
43Sustainable architecture design in (state/province)202.90High
44Modern architecture design in (state/province)302.60High
45Architecture and engineering in (state/province)203.60High
46Architecture and construction in (state/province)202.60High
47Residential architecture firms in (state/province)101.90High
48Commercial architecture firms in (state/province)101.50High
49Landscape architecture firms in (state/province)102.00High
50Green architecture firms in (state/province)102.40High

Commercial Intent Keywords

Commercial Intent Keywords are search terms used by users with an intent to make a purchase or engage in a transaction. 

These keywords often indicate a strong interest in buying a product or service. Example: “buy iPhone 13 online”.

Here is a list of commercial intent keywords for architect business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Best architecture firms5904.20High
2Affordable architecture services704.10High
3Architecture consultation services205.50High
4Architecture design services503.60High
5Architecture project management services207.30High
6Architecture construction management705.40High
7Architecture and engineering services207.10High
8Commercial architecture services403.70High
9Industrial architecture services103.80High
10Healthcare architecture services304.50High
11Hotel architecture services204.20High
12Residential architecture services703.80High
13Architecture renovation services503.80High
14Sustainable architecture services205.50High
15Architecture design consultation106.70High
16Architecture design for small spaces104.40High
17Architecture design for restaurants204.60High
18Architecture design for retail stores104.70High
19Architecture design for office spaces204.60High
20Architecture design for commercial buildings304.20High
21Architecture design for educational spaces204.50High
22Architecture design for cultural spaces104.20High
23Architecture design for museums104.90High
24Architecture design for art galleries105.10High
25Architecture design for public spaces304.40High
26Architecture design for airports104.80High
27Architecture design for train stations104.30High
28Architecture design for stadiums204.60High
29Architecture design for concert halls105.10High
30Architecture design for theaters204.70High
31Architecture design for convention centers104.90
32Architecture design for sports facilities105.40High
33Architecture design for religious spaces104.70High
34Architecture design for healthcare spaces204.50High
35Architecture design for schools204.40High
36Architecture design for universities204.70High
37Architecture design for libraries104.90High
38Architecture design for laboratories104.80High
39Architecture design for research centers104.60High
40Architecture design for industrial plants104.70High
41Architecture design for warehouses204.40High
42Architecture design for data centers105.20High
43Architecture design for parking garages104.50High
44Architecture design for residential towers204.60High
45Architecture design for mixed-use buildings104.40High
46Architecture design for skyscrapers204.70High
47Architecture design for high-end homes104.90High
48Architecture design for luxury hotels105.00High
49Architecture design for resorts205.40High
50Architecture design for theme parks105.10High

Informational Intent Keywords

Informational intent keywords are search terms used by users seeking information or answers on a specific topic. 

They generally start with words like “how,” “what,” “why,” or “where.” For example, “how to bake a cake” is an informational intent keyword, as the user is looking for information on cake baking.

Here is a list of informational intent keywords for architect business

#KeywordsAvg. Monthly SearchesCPCCompetition
1Architecture design principles1403.20High
2Architecture design process2602.40High
3Architecture design concepts902.50High
4Architecture design theory402.80High
5Architecture design history4801.50High
6Famous architects and their works5901.20High
7Architects and their contributions902.30High
8Types of architecture styles5901.30High
9Basics of architecture design3901.70High
10Architecture design education702.20High
11Architecture design career2602.40High
12Importance of architecture design702.40High
13Latest architecture design trends1101.90High
14Future of architecture design702.50High
15Benefits of sustainable architecture design702.40High
16Importance of sustainable architecture design502.70High
17Principles of sustainable architecture design503.20High
18Passive design in architecture902.70High
19Green roofs in architecture design702.70High
20Sustainable architecture design materials302.40High
21Sustainable architecture design techniques202.70High
22Solar energy in architecture design702.80High
23Wind power in architecture design202.80High
24Importance of architecture in urban planning702.20High
25Urban design and architecture902.30High
26Relationship between architecture and culture402.20High
27Role of architecture in shaping society202.70High
28How architecture affects our daily lives202.60High
29Impact of technology on architecture design203.50High
303D printing in architecture design403.40High
31Importance of lighting in architecture design502.60High
32Materials used in architecture design1401.90High
33Role of color in architecture design202.90High
34Architecture design software1403.60High
35Benefits of using architecture design software504.50High
36Top architecture design software1104.00High
37Architecture design apps204.10High
38Architecture design blogs701.60High
39Architecture design websites401.50High
40Architecture design podcasts202.70High
41Architecture design YouTube channels901.50High
42Architecture design Instagram accounts201.60High
43Architecture design publications702.30High
44Architecture design books901.90High
45Architecture design magazines1102.30High
46Architecture design exhibitions202.20High
47Architecture design conferences902.40High
48Architecture design awards1101.50High
49Architecture design competitions1401.50High
50Architecture design scholarships202.10High
51Architecture design internships901.80High
52Architecture design education programs202.10High
53Architecture design degrees3901.80High
54Architecture design certifications401.80High
55Architecture design workshops202.70High
56Architecture design courses1101.80High
57Architecture design lectures202.70High
58Architecture design seminars202.70High
59Architecture design masterclasses102.70High
60Architecture design mentorship programs202.20High
61Architecture design portfolios902.40High
62Architecture design resume701.60High
63Architecture design job search501.80High
64Architecture design job interview202.60High
65Architecture design salary2601.90High
66Architecture design job market202.10High
67Architecture design job description202.40High
68Architecture design job requirements102.20High
69Architecture design career path502.20High
70Architecture design job outlook202.60High

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering the art of SEO keywords is pivotal for you business striving to thrive in the digital landscape. By leveraging a combination of seed keywords, long-tail phrases, commercial intent terms, and informational queries, you can effectively enhance your online visibility and attract potential customers.

Additionally, embracing innovative tools such as our AI Keyword Generator can revolutionize your keyword research process, offering unparalleled insights and opportunities for optimization.

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