How Marketers And Bloggers Can Make Money On The MasterBundles Design Marketplace

MasterBundles Design Marketplace
How Marketers And Bloggers Can Make Money On The MasterBundles Design Marketplace

Is it possible for a marketer and blogger to make money online on the Marketplace? And how to monetize your blog and get a simple and passive income? You can make money with the creative Marketplace MasterBundles.

This is a young marketplace where everyone can sell and buy graphic elements. Designers, photographers, and artists create cool and unique products and sell them on the platform.

But even those who don’t create anything can make money here. Marketers and bloggers can also make money by bringing new people to the platform. Let’s learn more about it.

How MasterBundles Works

MasterBundles Marketplace is a great platform for designers, photographers, creators, and anyone who works with content. There are graphics, logos, textures, fonts, plugins, stock content, and ready-made templates.

All of these products will help to make content unique, amazing, and modern. The main feature of the platform is bundles — several thematically similar products in one package. But you can also find single products on the site.

MasterBundles Works

A few facts about MasterBundles

  • The product selection is huge: over 20,000 bundles are divided into 5 main categories.
  • More than 2,000 vendors who regularly create and publish products;
  • All products are editable, so the customer can fully customize them to their idea;
  • The Marketplace is young and fast-developing, new products are published here and new vendors start working every day.
  • The site is easy to use, so it’s quick to find the right product. The catalog is divided into 5 categories and 25 subcategories.

A big team is working on the development of the Marketplace. They help customers find the right product and also help vendors solve problems or find answers to questions.

The team works very quickly and resolves all issues in a short time. So if you have any difficulties with the website, the support team will help you quickly and efficiently.

How To Make Money on MasterBundles If You Are a Marketer And Blogger

On the MasterBundles you can make money online even without creating products. You can get a percentage of sales by becoming an affiliate on the platform.

What is a MasterBundles affiliate?

An affiliate is an assistant of MasterBundles in the promotion of the platform products. He or she earns money through the referral system.

Add an individual parameter to a product link and earn when someone makes a purchase using that link. The platform has an affiliate account where you can manage your links and income.

How can an affiliate earn on the Marketplace?

An affiliate earns by attracting a new audience to the site. To do this, you need to use a special referral link. Send it to those who may be interested in buying a MasterBundles product.

For example, you can leave referral links on a themed blog. Once an interested person buys a product using your link, you will receive a 15% commission. The more clicks and purchases from your referral links, the higher your earnings.

Create inspiring pattern picks, cool font lists, and logo ideas on your blog to get readers interested. The more users you can attract, the more you will earn. Ideas for cool pics of graphics, patterns, templates, and more you can find on the Design Blog run by the MasterBundles team.

Affiliate Earn On The Marketplace

What does it take for a marketer or blogger to make money with MasterBundles?

First, you should become an affiliate on MasterBundles. That way, you can get an individual parameter to add to your links. Next, share the referral link with your audience, colleagues, and students.

After a referral purchases a product, you receive 15% off the purchase. You can go to the affiliate cabinet and check your income. When the amount reaches $50, withdraw it to a convenient account.

One left link can bring an unlimited number of customers, so you can call this kind of earnings passive.

The Main Advantages Of Working With MasterBundles

Make money even on free items

By sending someone a link to free design elements, you can also make money online. If the person follows the link to the free product and buys a premium product, you still get 15% off the sale.

Advantages Of Working With MasterBundles

Withdraw money quickly and with no problems

You can manage your earned money in your account. So it will be possible to withdraw them conveniently when the account is more than $50. Transaction time takes from a few hours to several days.

Find products on any subject

The Marketplace now has 20,000+ bundles on various topics and categories. So here everyone can find a product for a project to suit all tastes. You can make inspiring product collections on various topics and publish them on your blog, or recommend a particular bundle to an interested person.

Keep track of your work from your account

Each affiliate has an account where you can keep track of your referrals’ purchases and incoming money. Withdrawal of money can also be in a private office. It is very convenient and simple, all necessary services are collected in one place.

Earn passively online

An unlimited number of users can buy a product from one link, published on the thematic page or blog. So you can earn passively by sharing even a few referral links.


MasterBundles is a simple and convenient marketplace that is rapidly evolving. You can make money here not only by creating products but also simply by attracting new people.

This is a good opportunity to get additional monetization from a themed blog or page on social networks. Share referral links to your account with your audience and get a commission after they make a purchase.

Even if you leave a link for a free product and the referral buys a premium product, you’ll get a commission. This is a great way to make money by blogging thematically on social networks and having a passive income.

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