CustomBoxesMarket: Rapidly Growing Custom Packaging Boxes Supplier In The USA

CustomBoxesMarket_ Rapidly Growing Custom Packaging Boxes Supplier In The USA
CustomBoxesMarket: Rapidly Growing Custom Packaging Boxes Supplier In The USA

CustomBoxesMarket is one of the popular custom packaging companies in the United States. This company creates custom boxes for different products. Moreover, it is bringing creativity and innovations in the world of product packaging, benefiting brands.

When the owner of this company, William Carlson, was a child, he used to consider different brands’ product packaging in new ways. He got inspired by some brands that were offering their products in unique, innovative, and sustainable product boxes.

He noticed that their packaging was a bit more attractive than others in the retail market.

William’s Love For Nature

William Carlson (CBM owner) was familiar with the advantages of eco-friendly packaging to the environment. He used to buy the products packed in eco-friendly packaging.

The nature-friendly custom-made boxes are biodegradable and dissolve into the soil after some weeks. The 2021 Global Buying Green Report also shows that 67% of eco-conscious customers prefer to buy products with recyclable packaging boxes.

Start Of The William’s Career

After graduating from the USA, he went to Japan and worked as a marketing officer in a Japanese restaurant chain.

During his job, he noticed a huge variety of products packaged in customized green packaging boxes and analyzed the customers’ preferences for sustainable product packaging boxes.

During his stay in Japan, William also observed that consumers prefer brands that offer product packaging in aesthetic, appealing, protective, and green packaging boxes.

William Mets Melissa

After some time of working in Japan, he met Melissa in the same restaurant, who was also working in the same company under the designation of public relations officer. She was planning to start a business also but did not have any idea as well as a perfect partner.

Moreover, she was a nature-loving lady and also preferred to buy products with attractive and eco-friendly packaging. William was already searching for a perfect partner with the same buying preferences and business intentions.

After some months, William discussed his plan with Melissa to start a custom packaging business. He told her that their business would provide sustainable packaging solutions to brands in an innovative and unique way.

Melissa, who was already in search of the right business partner, agreed on that, and finally, they started a custom boxes wholesale packaging brand under the name of CustomBoxesMarket in July 2019. Their brand name shows the nature and purpose of their business.

He told her that they would provide brands with economical, non-toxic, and enticing custom box packaging that would help them grow faster than other companies in the competition.

Both Partners’ Responsibilities

When they started the business operations in 2019, Melissa chose to handle the customer relations department, whereas William preferred to manage the marketing, production, supply chain, and custom printing operations.

Top-Class Packaging For Brands?

CBM creates top-notch custom boxes in the USA for manufacturers using tactical ways to impress their clients’ customers with attractive packaging design of product boxes. This factor helps brands grow their business fast in the competitive market.

They know that brands are looking for cheap, nature-friendly, top-quality, protective, and enticing custom-made boxes for their products under the same roof.

So, they create the premium quality packaging of products considering these details and provide brands with the packaging that satisfies their customers and helps them grow their business at a fast pace.

This company (CBM) uses sustainable packaging materials to protect nature from the hazardous elements that pollute the ecosystem and add waste to the environment.

Consequently, it is important to clarify that the Global Sustainable Packaging Market is expected to touch a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of nearly 05.10 percent, nearly $358.3 million, by the end of 2028.

Which Type Of Packaging CustomBoxesMarket Produce?

Which Type Of Packaging CustomBoxesMarket Produce

CustomBoxesMarket produces a wide variety of packaging boxes for different industries. They produce paper-based packaging for brands that make them different from common packaging firms in the market.

Some of the custom packaging boxes are mentioned below that CBM offer to its clients:

  • Custom CBD Packaging – Customized Cannabis, CBD Edibles, CBD Lotion, CBD Oils, CBD Pills, CBD Tincture, Vape Cartridges, Hemp, and Pre Roll Joint Boxes.
  • Custom Packaging Material – Bux Board, Cardboard, Chipboard, Corrugated Fiberboard, Kraft, and Rigid Boxes.
  • Custom Retail Boxes – Custom boxes for Apparel, Candle, Christmas, cigars, Electronics, Medicine, Playing Card, and Research Diagnostic packaging.
  • Custom Cosmetic Boxes – Custom boxes for Bath Bombs, Colognes, Creams, Essential Oils, Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Foundation, Hair Extension, Hairspray, Lipsticks, Makeup, Mascara, Nail Polish, Perfumes, and Serum, Soaps.
  • Custom Food Boxes – Bakery, Cake, Cereal, Chinese Food, Chocolate, Macaron, Fast Food, and Frozen Food Packaging Boxes.
  • Product Display Boxes – Brochure Display Holder, Dispenser Boxes, Double Wall Display Lid, Easel Counter Display, and Side Lock Tuck Top Display Box packaging.
  • Custom Style Boxes – Bottom Closure and Top Closure packaging.
  • Custom Gift Boxes – Jewelry Boxes, Gift Bags, Gift Card, and Invitation Boxes.
  • Custom Printed Boxes
  • Metalized Boxes
  • Stickers and Labels
  • Presentation Folders
  • Many other personalized boxes

Above are the main categories of custom boxes we offer to our US based clients with innovative designing, suitable packaging material, and embellishments according to their specific packaging requirements.

In addition, these custom printed boxes are a key for brands to grow their business in a short time in the presence of well-established brands in the competition.

CBM’s Mission To Change The Packaging World

  • Uniquely crafted customizable boxes according to specific packaging needs.
  • Provision of custom packaging boxes in USA in lower volume (100 units)
  • Sustainable custom boxes for product packaging to protect the environment
  • Top-quality custom printing services with trendy techniques using innovative designs.
  • Free-of-cost box design facility, cost-less shipping in the USA
  • Fast turnaround and quick delivery of custom boxes wholesale packaging.
  • Competitive and economical packaging cost with no charges of die and plate.

The new world of packaging is changing and adopting green steps to protect nature. Small enterprises, as well as well-established brands, are going green at a fast pace, and it’s a big need for our planet too.

Customized and innovative product packaging is the best way for manufacturers to satisfy customers, boost product sales, and grow their business in the highly competitive open market. And this is what CustomBoxesMarket provides to its client brands.

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