Exclusive Interview with Author Jovahna Marie, better known by J.M.Pozon

Jovahna Marie
Exclusive Interview with Author Jovahna Marie, better known by J.M.Pozon

Jovahna Marie, better known by her pen name Author J.M. Pozon is a four-time published, award-winning poet, actress, and screenwriter. A woman who has seemingly catapulted into fame overnight.

She first garnered acclaim with her fiery romance novel “Setting Fire to the Darkness.” And then struck again, with her gritty and soulful, poetry book “Whiskey for the wounded.”

Which received five stars and was regarded by the “Urban Reader” as a spiritual catharsis in written words. In 2020, Author J .M Pozon Released two more poetry books.

Her highly acclaimed book “Star Dust,” has been deemed as a hymn to spirituality and women empowerment. And was dubbed by the “Ultimate Reviewer as one of last year’s most prolific reads.”

Of course, there was also her Steamy, hot, erotic poetry book, “Passion Fruit”; that had everyone talking. Both books can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Jovahna is a Rising star, she has been seen on Fox, NBC, and CBS.

Featured in multiple magazines, media, and newspaper outlets. From the covers of Black Women Rising magazine, Writer’s Life Magazine, Detroit Entrepreneur, to Medium to the LA Tribune, Ritz Herald, and most recently the New York Times.  

How long have you been writing?

Professionally, I’ve been writing for about eight years. But, I picked up my pen long before that; journaling and writing in my diary as early as grade school.

Which of your books is your favorite?

That’s a tuff one because each one of my books holds a very special place in my heart and for very different reasons. Setting fire the Darkness is definitely my baby, but if I have so much love for my poetry book. The ad, if I had to choose between the poetry books it would be between “Star Dust.” Or “Whiskey for the Wounded.”

How long does it take you to write a book?

My novel took me approximately three years to write. The poetry books are for 3-6 months.

Do you have an interesting writing quirk? If so, what is it?

With my novel, I actually act out the scenes and speech. It helps me make sure that the dialogue flows and sounds natural. That said I can’t really write in public. lol

What has been the greatest joy in your writing career?

Just seeing all the positive feedback and knowing how my word is really resonating with people.

 Where do you get your ideas? I pull inspiration from everywhere, even the most minute details or interactions of my day.

What advice can you give aspiring writers that you wished you had gotten, or that you wished you would have heeded?

Starting a book is easy, it’s finishing it, that’s the hard part. In the beginning, you’ll have all this fire and passion, but sometimes that can burn out. When that happens, you’ll need discipline and determination to carry the rest of the way home. 

What was the most exhilarating or fulfilling experience you’ve had as an author?

I would have to say, seeing my books on the shelf of Barnes & Noble alongside some of my favorite authors. It was truly a surreal experience.

What is the greatest part about being a successful, bestselling author? What is the worst part?

The greatest part is knowing that I’ve made a positive influence in someone’s life. It brings me great joy to know that because of me, someone did not give up.

The worst part has been the unwanted attention from Internet trolls and online stalkers which can make for a very unpleasant online experience.

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