Proven Techniques to Use to Pass the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

Microsoft AZ-104 Exam
Proven Techniques to Use to Pass the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

The AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification is the first step towards becoming a qualified Azure administrator.

The test evaluates your aptitude for organizing, implementing, and keeping track of workloads in Azure systems. It would be easier for you to comprehend the ideas and services if you have prior expertise in infrastructure management.

You must first be aware of the most effective techniques to study if you intend to take the test. You can discover everything about AZ 104 training and certification in this post.

What is the AZ-104 Exam?

The AZ-104 exam, an Associate level qualification, is the only requirement for the  Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential.

The 3-hour AZ-104 test has effectively replaced the AZ-103 from March 2020. AZ-104 is a role-based Microsoft certification that will provide the necessary abilities for the position.

And it is an accurate record of your knowledge to peers and employers so you may receive the recognition and chances you deserve.

Steps to Pass the AZ-104 Exam

You can optimize your attempts to ace the AZ-104 test by doing the following actions:

Obtain the Necessary Information in Advance

Before studying, you must go to the Microsoft website’s official exam information page. It contains exclusively accurate, reliable, and authentic information.

In addition, you can find information on this page regarding eligibility requirements, exam prerequisites, exam objectives, registration costs, and exam schedules.

Understanding the Exam Topics

Each test has its own module weights in Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification. You must thoroughly comprehend the exam’s goals as a result.

You can know all the details on how the various test modules are weighted on the exam’s official internet page. You can begin preparing once you have a solid grasp of each module and domain. With this knowledge, you may concentrate on the courses crucial for the test.

Participate in Online Forums and Group Meetings

You should sign up for study groups and discussion forums when you have all the knowledge you need for the exam.

This can allow you to meet people studying for the same test as you. You may communicate with like-minded people, ask questions, and respond to other inquiries.

Think About Learning Online

Online training is one of the most practical ways to prepare for this exam. You can study challenging ideas from subject-matter specialists through online training courses.

Microsoft offers a few online self-paced training courses for the AZ-104 test. In addition, you can ensure you are covering all the material and are up to speed on all the current trends and changes in the exam subjects.


The practice has no alternative. You will feel more confident and be prepared both intellectually and physically for the AZ-104 exam by practicing writing it.

Pay attention to several reliable simulations when you’ve finished your preparation. These AZ104 simulations are intended to provide you with a genuine exam-writing setting.

In addition, this activity can assist you in determining your weaknesses and strengths to take the necessary steps to strengthen your weak areas.

Determine if the Exam is For You

A Microsoft Azure fundamentals specialist with experience in implementation, management, and monitoring is the perfect applicant for the AZ-104.

There are various prerequisites for the AZ-104 exam; however, there are no requirements to pass the basic AZ-900 Fundamentals exam beforehand.

These requirements are reflected in the most successful applicants:

  • Knowledge of on-premises virtualization, such as virtual networking, hard drives, and virtual machines.
  • Knowledge of the concepts in Active Directory, such as forests, domains, replication, domain controllers, the Kerberos protocol, and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, firewalls, VPNs, encryption technologies, and network setup.
  • Comprehension of backup and restoration procedures as well as disaster recovery.

Implementing, administering, and maintaining governance, identity, storage, virtual networks, and computing in a cloud environment are among an Azure Administrator’s responsibilities.

You will frequently find yourself working as a member of a bigger team to develop cloud infrastructure.

Reasons to Get a Microsoft Azure Certification

Here are the key benefits of earning a Microsoft Azure certification:

  • The Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification is adaptable. It gives you access to various job opportunities.
  • It offers a transparent learning methodology for certificates, facilitating quick learning.
  • An authentic Azure certification demonstrates that you possess specialized technical capabilities, which can result in an attractive salary package.
  • By efficiently expanding and maintaining hosted assets, you can lower IT expenditures in your business as a certified Azure specialist.
  • Better security requirements are provided through Microsoft Azure certification.
  • Candidates with a foundational understanding of Azure are eligible for a DevOps certification from Azure.
  • Based on a commitment to a specific level of spending, the Microsoft enterprise agreement offers lower rates for tools and software.
  • It demonstrates your ability to commit since you must go through a great deal to obtain an Azure certification.
  • Different qualification types offer a strong foundation for career advancement.
  • The need for AI developers accustomed to working with Azure is enormous and growing in number.


Microsoft created and published the AZ-104 Azure fundamentals exam following the input observed on the previous exams like AZ-101 and AZ-103. This new exam aims to make the road to becoming a productive Azure Administrator easier for you.

Take the AZ-104 test if you want to advance your Azure Administration career. You can increase your talents with this certification, display them to potential employers, and make yourself stand out from the competition.

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