Learn How to Boost Organic Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media in [2024]

Do you know that about 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search? Is your website getting that amount of organic traffic?

I know it’s a hard-to-swallow pill, but getting organic traffic in the saturated and cutthroat competitive digital world is not easy. You really have to implement out-of-the-box approaches when it comes to the SERP game. 

Speaking of boosting organic traffic, social media platforms can prove to be highly productive in this regard – if handled well. 

As per the Indian Journal of Research, “People spend 28% of their time on the internet to use social media.

This stresses the fact that there is definitely a great scope for businesses to use social media as a fruitful means of increasing organic traffic. But how do you do that? 

In this blog, we will dive into the strategies to boost website traffic using media in the year 2024. We will also highlight the role of social media in SEO and how an SEO agency can utilize your social network to enhance your website’s visibility. 

Tips to Boost Website Traffic Through Social Media

Social media reach and engagement matter

When it comes to making social media the path for enhanced website visibility, your reach on these platforms of networking is a vital aspect of the overall strategy.

How well you communicate with your audience and the magnitude of your impact, make this ship sink or swim. 

An engagement that fruits takes into account the following factors:

  • How perfectly does your content resonate with your target audience? Do you understand the preferences, likes, and behaviour of your intended viewers and tailor your content accordingly?
  • Consistency is of utmost importance when you are using social media. To make your impact work, you have to engage regularly with your audience through effective posts. 
  • Content quality must be above par. Generate content that is captivating and interesting to the people. Craft posts with a mix-up of visualisation, text and infographics. 
  • Keep a close eye on analytics and make necessary changes per the behaviour of your user. 

By following all these practices and more, you can certainly enhance your reach, which will ultimately generate interest regarding your profile and brand in the customers, leading to increased website traffic. 

There is a practical example of this strategy. In 2022, Social Media Today decided to test this theory. They researched whether memes can be used to drive social media referral traffic.

They integrated memes into their social media strategy for a month and got a 12% increase in website sessions and a 16% boost in website users coming from social media. 

This proves that by following standard social media tactics, you can surely produce positive results concerning web traffic. 

Use the best-suited social media platform

If your sole interest is to increase website ranking through social media, you should be meticulous about which platform to use.

This is because the research of Search Engine Journal, Growth Badger and The Economist reveals that not all platforms might be advantageous regarding referral traffic. It really depends on the industry you are working in that makes any platform useful for your web traffic.

Growth Badger’s study shows that 18.05% of all traffic is derived from social media channels when it comes to the business and marketing industry, among which Facebook makes 74.95% share compared to all media platforms.

On the contrary, Facebook generates only 38.68% of traffic for the technology industry. 

Hence, be vigilant about targeting the audience of your social media platform and choose the right one to save time and energy. 

Make use of referral links

A very practical tactic to drive your social media traffic on your website is linking your website in your bio or about us section of the social media sites.

This will not only help your viewers gain more info about your business but will also support you in driving your web visitors. 

As per the head of social media of The Economist, their link-in bio feature has helped them to drive several million referrals to their website with a substantial boost in registrations and subscriptions.

Further, when creating social media posts, you can also link your website at the end. For an effective outcome, turn the link into CTA, increasing the reader’s interest to view more. 

Know when to post to boost web organic traffic

When you post and how much you post can be a significant factor in boosting your web organic traffic in an indirect relationship. It is important that you have a comprehensive understanding of social media platform algorithms to reach your intended audience with positive outcomes. 

From Twitter to Facebook and from LinkedIn to Instagram, formulate a strategy for posting your content so that it reaches the right audience at the right time, leading to enhanced referral traffic.

For instance, on Twitter, you should be actively posting your top-quality content throughout the day as its users tend to act that way, and the platform favours it, whereas, on Facebook, the algorithms work for your content best when you post quality articles in a small frequency. 

Connect with well-matched groups

You can further increase your reach and referral traffic by reaching like-minded people in groups that support your cause or are linked to your industry anyway.

By sharing your content in such groups, you enhance the potential of click-through and web visitors.

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